A Busy Sunday

Good Morning!

Today is a busy one, filled with lots of errands.  Some fun (ahem…shopping for clothes!) and others are not so fun (a new phone..it broke this morning!).  I really dislike phone shopping…it always seems to take forever.  Hopefully the insurance that I pay each month will cover the cost.

My morning started out with a nice 2 mile walk with Sophia and Boo.  It was pretty uneventful except for an altercation with some other dogs and both of them trying to chase squirrels. 

Just try and catch me!


Sophia, the smaller white dog, is the aggressive “protector” of Boo.   Boo, on the other hand, loves every dog and wants to play.  They’re quite the odd couple, yet are the best of buds!  The both love people though, so at least I can walk by other walkers/joggers without issues.


Now the dogs are wrestling (they’re daily activity) while I blog. 

Pretty soon they’ll look like this:

And This…

And I’ll be smiling like this….

By the way: Today’s workout clothes are brought to you by: Walmart (top $3) and Target (bottoms, too old to remember price!)

I am sure I’ll come home with some new workout outfits today…I can never resist TJ Maxx!!! Alright, it’s time for me to get some breakfast before I head out~ I’m thinking Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, strawberries, almond milk and coffee….yum 🙂

**Where do you get your workout attire?**

Have a great Sunday!


One response to “A Busy Sunday

  1. I adore walking with my pups! Something nice and relaxing about it! As far as my workout stuff–Im a t shirt kind of gal and never buy anything really workoutish ya know?

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