Spring Shopping!

I just love spring weather! (Although in south GA, it’s really summer weather…we hit 90 already last week!)  I especially love getting to wear flowy dresses, skirts and flip flops.  So comfy and cute!

Today I did some major damage shopping!  I bought some new spring essentials at Old Navy and the Gap.  I currently live in a very small town, so I have to drive 45 minutes to get to the mall. Having a mall close by is something I am looking forward to when I move back to Cleveland, OH this summer!

The boring beautiful scenary that South GA has to offer

While driving I snacked on a light whole wheat bagel with peanut butter…

Shopping makes me hungry, so I knew I needed fuel 😉

My first stop before the fun shopping began was to Verizon Wireless to get a new phone.  I dropped mine…darn! Well, it turns out I could not get a new phone right away, I had to file a claim so it’s going to be sent to me on Tuesday.  I have insurance on it because I’ve dropped my phone before and it’s so pricey to replace it!  Tuesday seems like forever without a phone…good thing Andy and I have a scheduled chat date tonight on gmail 🙂

Verizon Wireles

After Verizon, it was off to the mall! I hit up Old Navy first. 

They had some pretty cute things!

Before the fashion show….

Mini Jean Skirt…$6!!

I didn’t get the tank top, was not worth the $12! Plus I have 2 just like it

White skirt…so comfy! This was a bit pricey (for Old Navy standards)

$25, but I loved the way it fit

Brown Skirt…horrible picture! Woops! It’s cute in person though!


Bathing Suit… $33

After Old Navy, I hit up the Gap.  I saw a sign that polo shirts were $15 bucks each, which was a good price for Gap!  I tried one on and ended up buying two of them.  They’re very comfy and fit really well!

Navy and White Stripe Polo – I got the other one in solid black

Phew! After a few hours of shopping around, I was hungry again!  I wanted something quick so I hit up McDonalds on my way home and got two grilled honey mustard snack wraps.  Have you had these? They’re not bad for $1.50!

Snack Wrap!

The rest of my day is filled with cleaning my apartment, playing with the pups, and relaxing!  I hope you all have a great rest of your Sunday!

Have you done any new spring clothes shopping this season?


7 responses to “Spring Shopping!

  1. Hey Linds! Your last few days sound wonderful – it’s so good to hear you doing fun stuff for yourself!

  2. Thanks, Red! Things are going really well! I’m enjoying my time in the south before I head back to the coldd…..!!

  3. Love the new finds! And too funny…I ended up buying that tank top you showed from ON. It was cheaper here though. And I didn’t see any skirts like that white one. Otherwise I bet I would have ended up with one.

  4. hey linds!

    just dropping in to say hi and you know i will be following you along everyday!

    love the shopping spree! i need to do that SOON! 🙂

  5. nice finds! i love oyu how can walk away with tons of old navy stuff for not too much money! I need an old navy trip soon!

  6. I love Old Navy!! I always find cute stuff- although sometimes it is very hit or miss..but I just picked up two long summer dresses (the cotton ones) for only like $30!! I was so excited :)…sometimes it’s the little things in life 🙂

  7. Huh, I had no idea McD had grilled HM wraps, is that new?

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