My Home Away from Home


This morning started out with a Indoor Cycling class that I teach at 6:30AM. (FYI, it’s the same as a “Spinning” class.  We do not have official “Spinning” bikes, therefore you can not call a class that.  So, we just call it Indoor Cycling). For the class I did a combination of rides including endurance, rolling hills, and interval/speed work.  Was a nice class, sweaty class!

After class I came home to walk my two little monsters. We did our usual 2 mile walk.  They were quit rambunctious today!

Sophia was not feeling so hot and when I got out of the shower I saw that she threw up in about 5 different places (why 5 and not 1?!) Her and Boo have started eating grass when I take them outside (weirdos! They apparently think they are cattle) There will be no more of that! I believe that was the culprit.   I have to go grocery shopping after work, so I will need to pick up some carpet cleaner.

Those of you with dogs…do they ever eat grass?

Sorry, Mom….

Dreaming of grass 🙂


After cleaning up Sophia’s mess, it was time for some grub! I was in the mood for some dippy eggs!  While I cooked the eggs, I toasted a light whole grain english muffin and microwaved some frozen strawberries.  I made some Southern Pecan flavored coffee as well.   This breakfast hit the spot!


My Home Away from Home

So today at work I snapped some pictures so I can show you all where I spend the majority of my time! I literally feel like I live in a gym!  It’s my home away from home.

A little background on what I do: I’m the Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness for a University Recreation Center.   I oversee the student fitness center and manage my staff of about 6 student workers (who work in the gym) and about 8 Group Exercise Instructors.   I’m in charge of hiring staff for the fitness center and Group Ex program, training, scheduling and evaluating them each semester.  When I am not managing the fitness center I also teach a couple of academic classes each week: Lifetime Fitness and Weight training.  And finally, I come up with different incentive fitness programs for the college campus to participate in.

Since I workout at my work, this is really the main reason I don’t workout on weekends.  I need a break from work!  Once in a while I do come in to exercise on weekends, but it’s rare.

My Office, which is located in the Fitness Center

I have no excuse not to exercise….I have treadmills staring at me all day! 😉

The Fitness Center

Oh, hello there


Free weights, Medicine Balls…

Group Exercise Studio…My Favorite Place!

Hi Again!

One of the perks of working in Fitness Center is dressing the part!

I wear swishy pants and T-Shirts daily!

Here is some of our Group Ex equipment….

Weight plates and barbells for “Body Pump” style classes

Steps and Risers

Indoor Cycling Bikes and Stability Balls

Kickboxing Bags

So there you have it! My home away from home…At least until June when I move back to Cleveland, OH.  Then I’ll have to find a new home which hopefully still be fitness and wellness related!

What do you do for a living?

Do you enjoy what you do?

5 responses to “My Home Away from Home

  1. I loved seeing your work area. I still think any job where you can wear comfy clothes is the best job. 😀

  2. your work environment is awesome..and i agree with tina, wearing comfy clothes=major perk! lol

  3. oh man jealous of the comfy schools! thats oh so nice. and poor sophie–eddie does that too though..throws up in 5 places. he poops like that too…he literally walks and poops–its very weird!

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  5. I wish I could go to work in workout clothes! That would be my idea of heaven 🙂

    My dog (who sadly died last year) used to eat grass all the time, as does my cat. They both vomit from it, but apparently it must taste good because they keep going back for more!

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