Quick and Simple Dinner

After work today I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.  I was too tired after my day of clothes shopping yesterday to do it then, so I made sure to not make any excuses and to get some much needed food!  I really dislike going grocery shopping in the evening, especially at Walmart.  That places always seems to be overly crowded!  I usually go early in the morning on the weekends when most people are either sleeping or at church.  It’s amazing how dead the grocery store is then!

Before I left work, I made sure to have my afternoon snack.  It’s deadly if I go grocery shopping hungry…I seem to buy the oddest things that sound good at the time and then they usually just sit in my pantry.

Plain Greek Yogurt (sweetened with Splenda)

+ handful of unsalted peanuts

I picked up some essentials including hummus, cheese, fresh produce, and dog food.  I also picked up something to make for dinner. I decided I wanted something quick and simple, so  I picked up a frozen package of Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken, which is a chinese stir fry for two.  I’ve had this a few times before and it’s actually pretty good!  The Orange Chicken is my favorite flavor that I’ve tried so far.

Each package comes with chicken, rice, vegatables and a sauce

Frozen Veggies

For some added bulk,

I added some more frozen veggies that I had in my freezer

While I cooked, I snacked on some garlic hummus and crackers

This hummus flavor is amazing!

I just cooked everything, but the rice, on a pan over medium heat.  I microwaved the rice in the pouch it comes in. After the rice is done, I added it to the pan and then mixed in the orange sauce. So simple…and so delicious too! I definitely recommend these!

Dinner is Ready!!

I put half on a plate to eat and put the rest in tupperware for leftovers tomorrow

Sophia and Boo were occupied with the new bones I got them 🙂

They are still working on them 2 hours later!

And finally, for dessert I had some chocolate Greek Yogurt.

It was my first time trying this flavor.  It’s good, but not amazing

The rest of my evening will be catching up on blogs, doing the dishes, playing with my pups, and relaxing while watching Dancing with the Stars!

Doing some Blog Readin’ at my desk…

Have a great night everyone!

**What do you like to watch on Monday nights?**



13 responses to “Quick and Simple Dinner

  1. That is my favorite flavor of hummus as well 🙂 But, talk about garlic breath after!! lol!! SO worth it though!

    I haven’t been able to find the new flavors of Oikos yet (like the chocolate & caramel)…but, I’m hoping they have them soon 🙂

    • I thought that the yogurt would be all chocolatey, but the chocolate is actually at the bottom. It’s still decent though. That brand is not as thick as some of the others, like chobani, fage, and dannon which I like better!

      That hummus is soo good! I tried a “lemon” flavor and it was so delicious!

      • Hmm- have not heard of a lemon one- but I’m gonna search the grocery store next time I go 🙂
        Ya, I usually buy Chobani- it’s my favorite..but I saw that Oikos came out with the new ones, and figured I would try them…but I was thinking the same thing- like it would be really chocolately.

  2. ur so gorgeous and i love ur blog. i just started mine a few days ago @ http://www.snackingsquirrel.blogspot.com .. feel free to check it out. wow but im loving ur posts and pictures!!

  3. you are beautiful girl!! ahh LOVE your eats! i LOVED THE CARAMEL OIKOS!! but i havent tried chocolate!

  4. We usually watch the previous night’s Desperate Housewives on Monday night. Or like tonight Peter is watching random housework shows and I either read blogs or a book 😀

    That orange chicken looks delicious! I love me some easy meals.

  5. I usually watch the Australian Biggest Loser on Monday nights. I love this series – they are on the beach most of the time and I dream about warm weather and sunny outdoors. 🙂
    Dogs are so funny, I love the way they approach ‘bone chewing’ – it’s a serious business for them. 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you found my blog! I totally agree, shopping early in the morning over the weekend is the best. I went at 9am on Sunday and it was dead, way awesome.

    Have a great day!

  7. how was dancing with the stars last night? i didnt get to see it! school is taking up too much of my time!!

    • I caught only some of it…I have serious ADD and can’t stick to one show for 2 hours! LOL! I really like this cast and Kate Gosslin is really growing on me, I feel for her!

  8. I tried that Sabra flavor, but found the garlic to sometimes be hard and crunchy! I ended up making my own with some roasted garlic and pureed it – so delish! I am so addicted to the original Sabra. Literally, I just finished a 1lb container in 2 days!

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