Welcome to Yoga Flow

As I’ve mentioned before, I teach a Yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7am for the University Girl’s Soccer team.

I call the class “Yoga Flow”.   I keep the same format (which I’ll go over) each time, but do change up some of the poses to give variety and allow them to challenge themselves a bit more each time.

What each 45 minute class consists of

  • Relaxation/Breathing Technique – 5 minutes
  • Core Warm up- 4-5 exercises per class
  • Sun Salutation Series- 7-10 exercises per class
  • Standing Poses – 4-5 exercises per class
  • Balance Poses- 1-2 exercises per class
  • Seated Poses- 2-3 exercises per class
  • Lying down Poses- 2-3 exercises per class
  • Relaxation/Mediation- 5-7 minutes

I like to take the first 5 minutes of class having the participants either lying down or seated with their eyes closed.  I do this so they can begin to calm down their mind and body and get into a “yoga” mood.

This is also when I explain slowing down your breathing and different techniques to help enhance their relaxation.  It’s amazing what taking deep, full breaths can do!

I then go into a spinal and core warm up.  I do a series of stretches including “cat” and “cow” pose, “child’s pose” and a spinal balance exercise.

Then we move on to the sun salutation series.  This is my favorite part of Yoga.  I love to “flow” from pose to pose.  This form of Yoga can be a really great workout as well.

Let’s get started with a sample of the Yoga Flow workout!

Hello there and welcome to Yoga Flow 🙂

Here is a typical Sun Salutation sequence I would do:

FYI: I do not wear shoes when teaching!

From Mountain Pose (standing at the edge of the mat)

Forward Fold

Chair Pose


Plank (can do modified plank on knees)

Four Limb Staff Pose or Chaturanga

This pose is not about how much arm strength you have.

It’s about balance and strength from your core

Up Dog or Cobra

Downward Facing Dog (I think this is my favorite pose!)

Then you start all over again, from the beginning at Mountain Pose.  You can repeat how ever many times you want and add on more exercises to the flow.

I typically do between 6 and 10, depending on how long the class is.

Standing Poses

I do approximately 4 standing poses per class (on each side)

Warrior II

Triangle Pose

After a series of Standing Poses, I go into balance poses

I do one or two each class and hold for 5-7 deep breaths or so.

Tree Pose

Crane Pose

This is another pose that is not about arm strength.

It’s all about balance and strength from the core 😉

After balance poses I go into seated and lying down poses and stretches

Such as…

Seated Forward Fold

After a few seated and lying down stretches, I go into the final relaxation and mediation.  I always end this way.  It’s nice to relax and clear your mind!

For more Yoga information check out Yoga Journal. If you are interested in becoming certified, check out Yoga Fit! It’s a great certification to have if you would like to teach in a fitness-based setting.  I have the Yoga Fit Level 1 certification.

**Do you take or teach Yoga?**

**What’s your favorite type of Yoga?**

**What’s your favorite Yoga pose?**

7 responses to “Welcome to Yoga Flow

  1. I enjoy practising ashtanga vinyasa yoga. The flow from a pose to a pose as I breathe is something I find very soothing and relaxing.
    I like your studio – so spacious and bright!
    My favourite ‘pose’ is really the whole sun salutation – I really enjoy the whole sequence and I do it several times every morning to celebrate the arrival of the sun. 🙂

  2. there’s only one thing better IMO than yoga flow… HOT yoga flow.


  3. I like the yoga at our gym. It seems very similar to what you have set up. For some reason I never knew you did yoga classes and that you were that flexible. It is definitely something I have to work on.

    • Yeah, I’ve been teaching Yoga for about 5 years now. I’ve always been genetically very flexible too, so it helps!

      P.s. I’m making your enchilada recipe tonight, I can not wait to dig in! 🙂

  4. definitely the child pose

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