Lunch Time Walk and an Empty Fridge

Today at lunch time I met a co-worker of mine, Andrea, for a lunch time walk.  We are both not from the area and are around the same age so we instantly bonded during fall semester when we met.

Andrea is an Assistant Psychology professor here at the University.   We try to meet at least once a week to take a 30-minute walk on our lunch break to catch up. Today I really needed someone to talk to about a family issue I am having right now, so it was perfect timing.

Today’s walk was a nice one! Usually south Georgia is unbearably hot, today there was a nice, cool breeze that allowed us to walk without dripping bullets of sweat!

I even wore a hoodie! I guarantee I’ll never be able to wear this outside again this spring and summer at the noon hour!

Sweet posing skills I have 😉


Lunch today was a variety of ‘snacky’ type foods that included the following:

  • Dannon Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • An orange
  • A cup of roasted broccoli
  • A whole wheat wrap with hummus, spinach and cheese

Together, this made one filling lunch!

Thursday's Lunch

The brand of wraps I use. I get them at Walmart

Hummus, spinach, and cheese roll-up!

I’m thinking I may need to make a pit-stop after work to pick up some more hummus…I bought it on Monday and the package is practically gone! Sabra is probably my favorite store brand hummus! Every flavor I’ve tried is great!

More Please!

I may have to pick up a few more items as well.  Can we take a look at my pathetic fridge? This is what happens when you live alone and are on a strict budget! No food!

Beer and butter anyone?

Don’t worry, I don’t sit at home drinking a six pack.  This is beer for when my boyfriend, Andy comes and visits!  (although I DO drink some with him!) He’s coming next weekend as a matter of fact 🙂

I've got plenty o' condiments! But they don't make a meal!

Lonely food...they need some more food friends!

**How often do you grocery shop?**

I try and do a ‘bigger’ shopping trip at least once a week and then I may go once during the week to get some odds and ends.


14 responses to “Lunch Time Walk and an Empty Fridge

  1. I go grocery shopping once a week but I might have to run in for an odd thing during the week.

  2. “Lonely food”- hahaha 🙂 That made me laugh!
    Did not know you could freeze cheese- that is GREAT news! And I am going to have to try that wrap recipe- it looks delicious & I have some spinach that needs to get used up!
    As for grocery shopping- I used to go nearly everyday (I know- ridiculous) when I was still in school, but now with working full time- I try to figure out my list for the week & just go once, but sometimes I have to make a quick stop if I forgot something.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to go more than once! I hate going after work when I’m tired…but I just might today so I can eat more hummus 🙂

      I freeze just about everything lol! I stock up on cheese, breads, and meats when they’re on sale and freeze em’ up!

  3. You’re so cute in your hoodie! You say you live in south georgia? Hmm I may live pretty close to you. I live in FL but Valdosta is a little over an hour north of us….As far as grocery shopping goes, my husband and I make a date night out of it most of the time. We actually like to go grocery shopping together haha. We usually go at the beginning of the month and get all of our big supplies such as dog food, frozen meats, etc. along with regular food. Then a few times through the rest of the month I just make a trip to get whatever else we need.

    • aw, I can’t wait until I live with my BF, Andy in June! we love grocery shopping together too!

      I’m driving past Valdosta tomorrow! Im heading to St. Augustine…Valdosta is about 2 hours south of me.

  4. Hey! I still havent tried hummus–crazy! I guess I need to!

    i usually do once grocery trip a week!

  5. i grocery shop sporatically .. more on a daily basis getting little bits here and there

  6. Oh my gosh- my refrigerator looks very similar (single girl household as well). I go shopping maybe once or twice a week- and each time only get a few fresh things because I know otherwise I won’t be able to use it all before they go bad…

    But I’ve always got the beer and wine chillin’ on standby 🙂

  7. Love Sabra! My favorite is the roasted red pepper! I grocery shop twice a week. Usually I do a small one for the weekend and a small one for the week.

  8. hey linds! love the fierce posing you are great on camera 😉

    i go grocery shopping once a week! I almost wished my fridge looked like that sometimes! btwn me and my 2 roomies it is FILLEd to the brim, we all eat healthy and love to cook so there is an abundance of everything in our fridge and freezer!!

  9. I don’t think our fridge ever looks quite like that. We have so much M food and leftovers of tupperware always clogging our fridge. But I still end up at the store once a week for a big shop and at least one other time to pick some things up we need. How does that happen??

  10. I go grocery shopping once a week but buy fruit & veg throughout the week. LOL, your fridge looks pretty much what mine does when my hubby is away on a business trip… The lager in my fridge is for me though! 🙂

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