Ahh, my Teeth are Falling Out!

My teeth are not actually falling out (thank God!), but I had a dream they all did.  It was awful.

This dream is actually pretty common to me, and apparently it’s one of the most common dreams people have.  I found this out as I googled its meaning this morning.

Usually when I have a tooth dream, only one tooth falls out (usually the front one!), but last night they all fell out and my old baby teeth started to come back…and I was so uncomfortable in my dream.   I had horrible teeth before braces and I was overwhelmed with fear that I would have to get braces again! I was relieved when I woke up….

Here is what this dream could potentially mean:

Tooth loss dreams are profoundly disturbing and extraordinarily common. The dreams take many forms from teeth shattering like glass to crumbling away. But how they disappear is not nearly as important as the disturbing feelings their departure leaves behind.

Tooth loss dreams are symbolic of the deepest fears human beings have. Here is a guide to understanding the meaning of these dreams.

Fear of Death and Growing Old

Think about when teeth fall out in waking life — when children become adults and when adults begin aging. Therefore, losing teeth in dreams may be symbolic of fears of growing old or fears of death, and may occur when one is ill, nearing a milestone birthday, or preoccupied with mortality for some reason, such as during the death or illness of a loved one.

Symbol of Powerlessness

In many dreams of teeth falling out, the dream starts with just one tooth falling out followed by the rest. Dreamers often try to stop the teeth from coming out but to no avail. These dreams may signify a waking life situation that one feels powerless to change or stop.

Tooth Loss Dreams as Fear of Change

Fear of change is one of the top fears many people have and this fear is reflected in dreams of losing teeth. Given that waking life tooth loss is associated with transition, dreams of tooth loss may symbolize fear of change — especially involuntary change such as a job loss or a failed relationship. Lost teeth can be symbols of a loss in life representing the fear accompanying the change.

Fear of Failure or Embarrassment

In waking life, people often cover their mouths when they are missing teeth, usually out of embarrassment. Dreams of losing teeth can mirror the same feelings of embarrassment. They might point to something one has done that one wants to ‘cover up’ for fear of embarrassment if found out. Alternatively, these dreams may indicate that there is something one wants to do but is afraid of doing for fear of the embarrassment of failure. It may be the psyche’s way of saying that there is something one wants to do but fears doing because of the embarrassment if one fails.

Poor Health and Financial Instability

Accidents and aging are two reasons teeth fall out. Improper nutritional is another. Teeth fall out when one’s health is not being properly looked after. In dream-speak, this may take the form of not being nourished spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. Since nourishment is taken in through the mouth, losing teeth may also indicate fear of financial loss – the inability to put food on the table or in one’s mouth.


When one is abandoned one is involuntarily left behind, powerless to stop or remedy the situation. Feelings of abandonment can be likened to the feelings one experiences in tooth loss dreams. Feelings of abandonment may feel similar to the feeling of the hole left in the mouth in tooth loss dreams.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Dreams of tooth loss can have yet another meaning. They may be warnings that one is revealing too much information with the lost teeth standing in for the secrets one is revealing. Alternatively, dreams of lost teeth can symbolize lies or being lied to by another.

The most important thing to remember with any dream, tooth loss dreams included, is that they are not prophecies. Dreams are reflections of what is going on in the psyche and are meant as guide posts to help one be more successful in waking life. So despite the bleak meaning most of these interpretations carry, it is important to realize they are meant to help, not hurt.  Read more Here.

A number of these scenarios could relate to me. I have a HUGE change in my life at the moment.  I voluntarily resigned from my job (scary!) without having another one so that I could move back to Cleveland, OH to move in with my long-term boyfriend.   I am full of stress and anxiety right now as I search for a new job and I am constantly worried about the future. This dream actually always occurs when I have a lot of anxiety about the future.  Even though I logically know that I have little control over the future, I still worry about it.   I definitely need to work on this and letting go of wanting so much control in my life.  Do you ever have recurring dreams?

Now on to some fitness and wellness chat! Last night I made baked tofu for the first time! It was pretty good! I marinated the tofu with the following: Low sodium soy sauce, sesame seed oil, Agave Nectar, and hot pepper flakes. These flavors worked very well together and I really enjoyed it.  Since I have a TON of leftover Chinese fried rice, I put the tofu on top of that.

Tuesday's Dinner


This morning I taught a 45-minute Indoor Cycling class, followed by a 2 mile walk with Boo and Sophia.  They were a bit crazy this morning and wanted to attack squirrels and birds.  I probably looked like a complete loon to the neighbors!


I was craving eggs over easy this morning.  I cooked up 2 eggs and had a light whole grain English muffin and an orange along side.  Had my usual black coffee as well.  Was a delicious meal!

My mid morning snack today was Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries…I love when strawberries are in season, they are definitely my favorite fruit!

Greek Yogurt + Strawberries

*What is your favorite fruit?*


23 responses to “Ahh, my Teeth are Falling Out!

  1. That’s a common stress dream for me, too. And I love how their descriptions pretty much sum up almost any possible scenario! ha ha

    • I know! Some of them are spot on how I am feeling…I hope I don’t have the dream again tonight! I tend to have dreams over and over until I change something in my life that’s causing me to have so much anxiety…it forces me to deal with it!

  2. you’re not the only one who’s had that dream!.. i’ve had it more than once..waking up after it is such a relief. lol.. hope you have a good day darling! 🙂

  3. I had that dream a long time ago where I lost all my teeth. Totally freaked me out! I do think our dreams can have some subconscious meaning and yours definitely makes sense. I’ll be sure to say a prayer for you on the job front. 🙂

  4. I know that is stressful about your job- but whenever I have worry about something I try to step back & think, what is worrying going to help? It’s hard to remember that sometimes, but on occassion I try 🙂 And with your awesome personality & kind heartedness I’m sure you will find a job right away!! 🙂

    I don’t really have re-occuring dreams, well that I can remember- b/c I usually don’t remember them, but if I do, then they are usually REALLY vivid & scary. (weird, huh?!)

    & as for favorite fruit…I’d say bananas or apples (haha- I’m so boring!!)

  5. I have a few recurring dreams. The tooth dream is one of mine. I have had several versions. Sometimes a tooth will just be loose. Sometimes I will find out that they have been grinded away. Sometimes they all fall out. I have even had one where I chipped all my teeth! Another recurring dream is trying to punch someone that is hurting me. I can never ever punch the person. My arm just moves in slow motion. I have no idea what that dream means!
    Just found your blog. Great question!

  6. I just resigned from my full-time to move 1,000 miles to be with my fiance. You’ll find a job. A job is just a job. Love is what is important.

  7. What a great site!! I must add you to mine. I found you at Kelly’s…I’ll be honest – the name Cardio Pizza hooked me in…I am a pizza FANATIC!! Post it regularly on my own blog.
    And, uh, your job…can you hire me for something please 😉 ?

  8. Ugh, I’ve had that dream many times before, too.

    I have to say blueberries are my favorite fruit. I put them in my oatmeal every morning. However, I’m a sucker for watermelon. I haven’t seen them in stores yet, though!

  9. yes ive had tooth dreams and many recurrent dream. some scary some enjoyable. LOVE THIS POST! so interesting to read all the possible reasons. xo

  10. blackberries and watermelon! YUM!

    I have never had a tooth dream and Im not sure Ive had reoccuring dreams much either.

    Although, I know its a scary time for you, its also extremely exciting! its prob hard to have such strong emotions on both sides ya know?

  11. haha I just realized that you have a clip art of a pizza riding a bike! thast so cuteee 🙂

    I LOVE fresh fruit, any berries, mango, sweet honey dew (hate when its not ripe enough yet!!) red grapes, apples and oranges to name a few of my faves but i will eat ANY fruit!!!

    Your moving in with andy?! how exciting, Lindsey! try not to stress too mucha nd just think about how happy you will be! I know it is so easy to get caught up in the moment and whats happening, but just stay positive!!

  12. Yikes what a dream! I love that you researched what it could mean!! You are totally going to find the perfect job for you and you’ll have love by your side! Can’t ask for much more that that.

  13. My re-occurring dreams
    -a test I’m not prepared for
    -someone trying to kill me
    -(more of a theme, but..) me searching for someone

    I’ve never had the teeth one though. It sounds very disturbing!
    Linds – I wish a job would pop up already. You are obviously good at what you do, you are consistent, you have a passion for your field, and you are a wonderful woman. I just keep hoping that the reason it is taking a bit longer this time is because this one is going to be the *right* one and is worth the extra wait…well, at least that is what I hope to hear you say once it has found you…in the meantime I am pulling for that damn job to appear!

    • Thanks, Red!

      I also have dreams where I am not prepared, falling and someone trying to kill me….weird!! The killing dreams are the worst, I am always trying to run away and call the police and they never answer! It’s the most frustrating dream! I also think these dreams are all related to anxiety, worry and stress…naturally haha

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  15. Hi there,
    I just stumbled on your blog. The teeth-falling-out dream is a reoccuring one I’ve had as long as I can remember! It’s horrible. I was pretty surprised to learn that it’s the most common dream though. I can definately see how the interpretations can be related to me life though. Isn’t it strange how dreams don’t necessarily have a literal meaning behind them?

    • I know, dreams are so fascinating! When I am stressed to the max, it’s almost a guarantee I’ll have one of my recurring dreams!! I take it as a sign to work out the stress in my life so I can get some better zzzzs! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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