Hottest Bachelor in Cleveland, OH!

Good Morning!

I’m happy to say I did not have another tooth dream! Yay! I actually slept great!

So, last night as I was watching one of my trashy entertainment news shows, “Inside Edition”, there was a segment called “Hottest Bachelors in Cleveland”.

Cleveland is where I am moving to in June, so it was funny that a national show would want to find hotties there!  As I am watching it, I actually recognized an old co-worker of mine when I worked at a University in the Cleveland area…how random?

I just think it’s funny that I know someone who would want to apply for something like that…it’s so cheesy!

If you want to vote for your favorite hottie, you can do so here! Just scroll down on the article to the bottom.   For the record, I voted for Tyler (I don’t know him) for the hell of it.  However, if my boyfriend Andy were on there, he’d be the hottest guy in Cleveland in my eyes 😉


This morning I opted for the Arc Trainer for 30 minutes of cardio before teaching a Yoga class to the girl’s soccer team.  I have one more session to do for them.  So that means my mornings will free up a bit and I can focus on strength training, which I have been majorly slacking with!!  After Yoga I took the dogs for their daily morning walk.

**Do you strength train regularly?**

I used to be so good at keeping up with a regular strength training program and it was actually my main focus of my workouts…but for the past year I’ve been more into doing whatever I wanted to do that day and not having a set schedule.  I just go with the flow. I am actually more happy this way, but I do think I need to train my muscles a bit more!  Stay tuned next week when I add in some more strength workouts!


I went to one of my go-to breakfasts again today: 2 eggs over easy, an english muffin and an orange with black coffee.

Thursday's Breakfast of Champions!

**How do you drink your coffee? **

I usually drink mine black at home, but I do occasionally use creamer at restaurants or at someone’s house. It depends on my coffee mood. I don’t like sugar or sweeteners in my coffee though. I am just not a sugar-in-my-coffee kinda gal! Plain and simple please! 🙂


I packed up my lunch for work today.  Sometimes I eat at work and other days I eat at home.

For lunch today I packed a chocolate almond butter spread sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries

Maranatha is Awesome!

Chocolate Sammie 🙂

I'm lovin' fresh strawberry season!

Later today (AKA now!) I will be snacking on more of these babies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Almond Bars

**Do you pack your lunch daily?**


16 responses to “Hottest Bachelor in Cleveland, OH!

  1. LOL about the people who enter these contests…it IS cheesy, yet funny.

    I’ve just gotten back into my routine of strength training regularly-love it!

    Not a coffee chick…can’t stand the smell of it!!

    When I was working, I would buy food for the week. If I needed to, I would pack lunch or something for lunh daily. I never wanted to waste my money by giving it BACK to work (cafe).

    Those PB chocolate almond bars look amazing!! My tummy growled when I saw those!

  2. Hope you’re soccer girls were much more awake today than last week 🙂

    I do strength train regularly..but I kind of feel like I always work the same muscles/ do the same kind of exercises- but I was talking to my friend today & asked him for some new exercise ideas b/c he’s really into all of that. He’s supposed to email them to me, so when he does I will share them!

    I LOVE coffee- with splenda. No cream – and REALLY strong!

    I pack my lunch for work everyday– saving $$! 🙂
    & those bars look yummyy! Might have to try that recipe 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day!

  3. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!

    btw if u look at how ur eggs are placed.. looks a bit like a ‘yin yang’ .. see it? hehe


  4. I almost always pack my lunch. But I’m not sure if it’s more for health or if I’m just really cheap? Either/or. 🙂

  5. Too funny to know one of the “hottest bachelors”. I wouldn’t understand entering something like that either, unless he was nominated by someone else or something.

    Anyways, I haven’t been as into strength training recently either. At first it was because I was burnt out after comp prep, but now I just like not having to think about doing my workouts so I do the classes. I can only handle the Power class 2x/week so that’s all I do. I agree its best to go with the flow and do what youre in the mood for.

  6. Yes, I pack my lunch almost everyday! A lot of the time I have leftovers from the night before.

    Your workout plan is kinda like mine. I go with the flow but still try to keep in mind what I want to accomplish each week. Since i’m training for another half marathon i’ve got to follow my program a little more closely.

  7. So funny you recognized someone on one of those shows. It’s so odd to me that people feel they need to do that! 🙂

    I always take my lunch. It saves me so much money and the food in the caf at work is pretty gross.

  8. I looove black coffee but lately I’ve been adding cinnamon + honey 😀

    Bahah that’s amazing that you recognized someone, I’ve never had something like that happen before! I would’ve been shocked!

    Happy Thursday!!!
    Meg 🙂

  9. Hey girl! Lovin’ your blog. Anyways, yeah I pack – :(…I wish I could buy – but jeez even a small sandwich or salad is like $5 each :0…bah. I love your sandwich!!!
    You are sooo inspiring. You are a yoga teacher?? I just finished my teaching…but am not teaching even though I had some awesome opportunities to do so :(…i don’t know – i just couldn’t “do” it yet…i’m just not into it mentally yet…although it could be an avenue out of my current job – but realistically i cannot pay off $100,000 student loan debt on teaching yoga anyways…blah – can i just write or market for a living??!! 😉

    • You could even just teach Yoga on the side until you find out what you want to do next. Places are always looking for more instructors!

      The best way I learned how to teach was to actually teach….I was scared my first year, but just throwing myself out there (along with a lot of preparation) and doing it really got me over that fear and now it’s like second nature for me.

  10. DARK chocolate almond butta sounds AMAZING!!
    i LOVE COFFEE!!!! i put almond milk and truvia in it!

  11. haha I just went to that bachelor website to check themout, that guy with the tattoo’s WOWZA hes hot in his work attire OMG i wanted him to jump off the screen hahaa

    thse bars look SO good!! I am so bad at baking it is rare for me to come up with my own recipe! but i will follow anyones at the drop of a hat!

    yum that maranatha AB loooks aaaammmazing!

  12. I’m drooling over your almond butter spread sandwich.. Where did you find the spread? Lol, I could probably eat that everyday 🙂

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