A Cereal Kind of Day!

Good Morning!

Today was my last day of teaching Yoga to the soccer girls!  I thought it was last Thursday, but nope, I still had one more to do today.  They were not into it at all and I could tell they are just ready for summer break.    Although they may have been uninterested in the class today, I left feeling limber and relaxed 🙂 I did throw in a new pose, half moon, and they seemed to have fun trying it!

It looks like this:

Me + Half Moon Pose

Before Yoga class, I met my good ol’ friend Arc Trainer for a 30-minute cardio session

Me + Arc Trainer = Great Cardio Session!

*Note: These photos are a reenactment, not my actual workout 🙂 Although that is what I am wearing at work today!

After my workout, I headed back home to walk the pups (our usual 2 miles), shower, and chow down before heading back to the gym to work for the day.


Today was a cereal kind of day! Since my boyfriend, Andy, was in town for the weekend, I made sure to stock up on some more foods that he likes.  One of his favorite cereals is Honey Bunches of Oats. I have plenty of leftover cereal, so I added some to my beloved Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.

Kashi Heart to Heart + Cinnamon Bunches of Oats + Orginal Almond Milk + Strawberries

To drink I had a liter of water + black coffee.  I got some new coffee while shopping at Marshalls (I’m in love with this store!)

Coffee Cake Coffee!

This coffee smells absolutely heavenly! Definitely put a lil’ pep in my step as well!

Tuesday’s Lunch n’ Snacks

I packed up the ol’ lunch box with some yummy snacks and my lunch.  Today’s mid-morning snack will be vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and creamy almond butter

Greek Yogurt + Strawberries + Almond Butter = Delicious!

Lunch is an egg muffin sandwich with some veggies

Egg Muffin + Veggies

My afternoon snack is some more almond butter!

Whole Wheat Sandwich thin+ 2 tbsp Almond Butter

Dinner tonight will be a repeat of last week: Chicken Pot Pie! It was so good I wanted to make it again. I have some chicken cooking in the crock pot as we speak!


What is your favorite type of nutbutter? I think mine has to be almond butter!

If you do Yoga, what is your favorite pose? I love downward dog, I feel the stretch throughout my entire body and it’s so relaxing!


21 responses to “A Cereal Kind of Day!

  1. Almond butter wins my heart hands down! The coffee cake coffe looks so tasty!! I think I could start my day with that!

  2. work it girl! hehe. what a healthy afternoon snack too btw!

    i love downward dog too- stretches it all out and lengthens. XO ❤

  3. OMG I thought you were in my reader but you weren’t! No worries, you are there now 🙂

    I used to eat honey bunches of oats all the time when I was younger, it’s one of the family favorites!!

    I like childs pose because it stretches out my lower back and legs, meow.

    And my favorite nut butter is def peanut butter. Although I seriously LOVE all kinds (I have 5 nut butter open in my fridge right now, haha), PB has been with me my whole life and I couldn’t possibly turn my back now!! (I believe I had pb&j sammies every single day growing up for years. It’s not that my mom made me or something, I am a pb&j addict)

  4. I just can’t get ito almond butter! I don’t think it is sweet enough for me. I’m a peanut butter gal. 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness- you brought up my ULTIMATE downfall food- Honey Bunches of Oats!! (well one of a few ;)) I CANNOT keep those any where near me- I seriously will eat at least half the box without realizing it- I just keep pouring more & more into my cereal to ‘soak up the milk’- haha! More like to eat the WHOLE box 🙂
    My favorite type of nut butter is peanut butter, the only one I have tried 🙂
    And I don’t do yoga…although I will try it some day 🙂

  6. My favorite is almond butter for sure! But there is something to be said about sunflower seed butter when I’m getting cravings for something a little more savory…

    And I like a few of the warrior poses- I just zone and enjoy it!

  7. peanutbutterfingers

    honey bunches of oats is seriously one of my faaaavorites! my mom just bought me the “just bunches” variety of the cereal b/c i always pick them out! 🙂

  8. hey girlie! ahh Jasons fav cereal is honey hbunches of oats too! hebuys it at costco to make sure he ALWAYS has it in his house! its soooo good!!

    I should really do more yoga! that arc trainer is the best! I likeit so much more than the other elliptical machines

    favorite nut butter is PEANUThands down…or naturally more brand almond butter! BUT I havent tried the maranatha brand yet!

  9. Almond butter AND peanut butter run a close race in my book! I go in stages though. Sometimes I will ONLY want peanutbutter and the other times I will ONLY want almond butter! I am not a nut butter mixer either. Oh…don’t make me choose! haha! 🙂

  10. I haven’t tried any nutbutters aside from PB! I need to explore my other nutbutter options…hmmm…

  11. What good eats for the day girl! YUM! I used to be able to do half moon pose all day long… Not anymore! You reminded me I need to get back to yoga… My favorite has always been a wide forward bend. It just relaxes me the most.

  12. I really like cashew nut butter. Almond butter comes very close though. 🙂 I love it on oatcakes or in smoothies. Yum!
    I enjoy the whole sun salutation sequence. My favourite is probably downward dog as well.

  13. A fresh ground mix of roasted cashews and almonds. Yum! Had some this morning 🙂 Sometimes I’ll add in cocoa powder and cinnamon.

    I don’t do yoga anymore, but I used to love downward facing dog. Well, that and savasana after a nice long session of ashtanga.

  14. Almond and peanut butter put up a good match, I love maing the 2 together! My favorite yoga pose is plow. Once I get into that from a shoulder stand i’m all relaxed.

  15. I was about to ask who you have take pictures of you during a workout! LOL Makes more sense to take them after the fact. I have been really enjoying getting into yoga this past month. And I have to say downward dog is my favorite pose too…because of the stretch.

  16. mmm u got me wanting cereal girl!!!

  17. hey linds!

    my fave nutbutter has to be peanutbutter.. i have to have some everyday no matter what! lol…i’ve never tried almond butter but so many people seem to like it so i think i have to buy some next time!

    honey bunches of oats=amazing. have you seen the new one they came out with called just bunches .. good idea on their end because that’s the best part of the cereal 🙂

  18. I love love cereal. When I buy chocolate cheerios I practically have to force myself not to eat the whole box in a week. It’s so good with milk or just a handful of it dry. I’ve never done yoga before or any poses, but with all of my years of ballet training maybe I would be good at it?

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