"SkinnyGirl" with the Scoop!

Happy Thursday!

Cardio Pizza got a little make over last night. I think this new layout looks much better. It looks more neat and organized. Or maybe that’s just one of my OCD thoughts (I am obsessed with organizing and straightening things!!)

In case you missed last night’s post on my thoughts about strength training, please click here!

It seems as though I am not the only one with a nibbling habit at night time when alone. Thank you for sharing your input! Last night I didn’t listen to my cravings…I wanted something sweet, but opted for another slice of chicken pot pie simply because I don’t want food to go to waste.  Well, after eating the pot pie, I still had a sweet craving and made a big bowl of cereal.  That satisfied me.  I just should have listened to my cravings in the first place! Lesson learned…

A woman who knows a lot about listening to craving is  Bethenny Frankel from the Real Housewives of NYC (I am a big fan of this show!)

Bethenny Frankel...what a beauty she is!


On the Today Show she talks about curbing cravings with healthier alternatives: View HERE! I love Bethany, She has great food ideas and I love her witty sense of humor!

**Have you read her book Naturally Thin?

If so, what did you think?**

I have read the book and I  liked it.  While I do think she eats very little (she takes about 3 bites of food and is done…eh, I can see that with some foods, but not for every meal!)  But,  I like the basic concepts she has in the book, which is listening to your body and honoring your hunger and cravings.

Thursday’s Workout and Meals

This morning started out with a 2 mile walk with the dogs.  A woman that I usually see on our walks told me I should be a dog trainer because my dogs were so well behaved…hah! They had her quite fooled today! 😉  The little monsters hammed it up for her, but a few minutes later Sophia darted at a bird and Boo picked up what looked like a small tree to carry in his mouth during the walk.  But,  I love my pups anyways!

Here they are pretending to be angels




I wish I were more creative with my breakfasts, but I just know what I love and don’t want to sway from it!

Today’s breakfast consisted of...

Thomas Light Whole Grain English muffin...8 g of fiber! wohoo!

A delicious Orange

Two Extra Large Eggs

Breakfast + Coffee Cake Flavored Coffee


Today was a cardio day, which I always enjoy.  I started with 25 minutes on the Arc Trainer and then switched to the treadmill for another 25 minutes.  I did 20 minutes at a 3.0 speed and a 10% incline and cooled down the last 5 minutes.  Was a nice cardio session!


Lunch today is a vegetarian stir fry! My stir fry included the following:

  • Brown Rice
  • Chickpeas
  • Broccoli Stir Fry Mix (frozen veggies)
  • About 1 tbsp sesame seed oil
  • Drizzle of Agave Nectar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic seasoning
  • Red Pepper Flakes

First, I cooked the rice according to the directions.  Then I sauteed the veggies and chickpeas in the sesame seed oil and seasoned em’ up.  Once all cooked, I drizzled everything with a bit of agave nectar for a sweet finish.

Sauteeing the Veggies and Chickpeas

Veggie Stir Fry

Fiber-Filled Lunch!

Well, I’m off for a lunch time walk with a co-worker! It’s beautiful here in South Georgia! 🙂


What are you having for lunch today?

20 responses to “"SkinnyGirl" with the Scoop!

  1. Sophia looks kind of like my Molly! ❤

    I've heard how little Betheny eats so I discounted even reading the book. Maybe I should pick up a copy to learn about listening to my cravings.

  2. More salad for me today… I swear I’m going to become green and leafy soon…

    The stir fry looks amazing!

    And I’m not a huge housewives fan, but I do appreciate Bethany! She’s just awesomeness…

  3. ahh betthanny! love her 🙂 did she have her baby yet?! yeah, I have seen her on talk shows, she does eat very little which is concerning, but some of what she talks about does make sense & I do agree with!

    your breakfast looks delisssshhh

  4. Love the new look for your site!! 🙂
    Bethenny is my favorite from NY..but I watch all of the Housewives series..haha! I have not read her book yet though- but I might have to check it out if you liked it. I don’t see how she can only eat 3 bits of a meal though! That’s crazy- maybe 3 bits of a dessert…to @ least try it..but for a meal- no way!
    Lunch was leftover spaghetti squash 🙂

  5. Ok, loooove your breakfast and lunch. I love fried eggs on english muffin! And I firmly believe that the more veggies, the better- so your lunch sufficiently made me hungry!

    I’m going to have a big salad, I guess>?

    Bethany Frankel is really beautiful- especially in that blue dress! I haven’t read her book, but I”ve read her column in Health magazine many times. I think she makes some good points about how to achieve a balance and to be moderate about eating. But I agree- not everything can just be a few bites!

  6. Jamie (Food in Real Life)

    I love that you eat whole eggs 🙂

    For lunch today I had an awesome salad-
    greens, (romaine, arugula, spinach) orange bell pepper, carrots, grape tomatoes, topped with tabbouleh, hummus, lemon and olive oil.
    On the side I had baked tofu. (Just drained blocks of extra firm tofu, spray with pam, add salt, pep, and garlic powder and bake on 350 until browned and yummy. I like it a little crispy).

    Greek yogurt and fruit too!

    I guess I was a vegetarian for lunch today too! 🙂

    • Jamie (Food in Real Life)

      ETA…that I slice the tofu into thin slices before baking..(kind of sounded like I bake the whole block)

    • I’m making baked tofu for dinner! I’m really diggin’ it lately!

      The egg yolk is my FAVORITE part of the egg! Plus, it has tons of nutrients. I don’t hate on the yolk! haha

  7. Ah…don’t hate me but I can’t stand Bethany. I think she is dangerously thin and looks sickly.

  8. She does have a very pretty face. Too skinny looking for my tastes, but she is gorgeous. And I have never read the book so knowing you think there are good tips I bet they actually are useful ideas. But I don’t quite get how someone who touts listening to your body can only eat a few bites and say she is satisfied. Something wrong there.

  9. Hey girl!!!!
    LOVE that lunch! oh my goodness! eeeh 3 bites and done ? she could afford some pounds on her, not gona lie!!!
    for lunch i had deli meat, hummus, yogurt, pb, and pb pretzel bites! haha!

  10. mmm chickpeas! yum!

    I had some minestrone soup my mom made for lunch!

  11. is she naturally thin tho? ,, ive heard some rumours about her..

    im having stirfry for lunch.. ermm.. i mean i just had one hehe.

    xoxo love ❤

  12. Wow 3 bites? No wonder she stays so thin. Today I had left over french sorrel and mushroom quiche with sliced cucs, it was perfection 🙂

  13. i love bethany too! she’s my fave NY housewife. i haven’t read her book but it seems she has some good ideas from what i’ve heard about it. (although i can’t imagine having 3 bites of my meal and being done..lol)

    love the new blog layout too!

  14. Wow – she is thin in that pic. I’m not familiar with her and have only seen her pregnant…unfortuntaely I usually just eat whatever + my cravings which leads to a super full tummy every night…
    Love the new layout for sure!! That pizza on the bike is super-cute! 🙂

  15. I have no idea who Bethany is but she looks fine to me.

    I don’t get that 3 bites of food thing? Am I reading that right? How would she survive? That is just not normal, IMO.

    • I should have said that differently in the blog, woops!

      She doesn’t usually finish everything she eats. She doesn’t feel like she has to ‘clean her plate’ so to speak. So it’s not literally ‘3 bites’. She does sometimes only take a few bites of something really rich, like desserts. To each his own! I do that sometimes at events, but that’s about it. For the most part, I finish my dessert haha!

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