Help Me Choose a Dress!

Happy Saturday!

I am going to one of my best friend’s wedding in two weeks and would love to hear your opinion as to which dress to wear!  Please let me know which one you like most!  I did a little fashion show in my apartment.  My dogs must think I am nuts sometimes 😉

First up, grey and white dress by Jessica Simpson (she has a great line!)

Grey and White Dress

Next, a floral print dress I got last year at TJ Maxx

Floral Print

Blue Calvin Klein Dress

Blue Dress

Black dress from TJ Maxx

Black Dress

And finally, a yellow dress by New York and Company

Without Straps

With straps: I'm a bit small on top, so it helps to keep the dress up!

Which do you like the best?


29 responses to “Help Me Choose a Dress!

  1. I just clicked through from another blog and despite being totally awkward and probably a rude way to introduce myself I’m going to give you my opinion on your dresses. I vote for the yellow one b/c it’s cheerful like a wedding and very flattering. It’s also very classic in style which wins hugs points from me. However the ones ones are adorable too but hey don’t have a super cool belt! 😉 You’ll look beautiful no matter what you wear. Ummm….so it was nice to meet you….errrr…okay…I’m so awkward.

  2. I vote for the grey and white one or the blue one!

  3. I was going to say the yellow. But I looked them over again and think I like the gray and white one best. You look wonderful in it.

  4. hey linds!
    i like all the dresses.. my faves are the grey and white (i didnt know jessica simpson had a clothing line..i just thought it was shoes and bags!) and i really like the yellow… and also the one with the flowers too! lol.. that didnt help much i’m sure but you really look great in them all! 🙂

  5. I like the Jessica Simpson one because it’s kind of fun… but I also like the blue one because it makes you look long and lean (not saying that you’re not already that way- but you get what I’m sayin’). So I narrow it down to those two…

  6. Blue one! That color is stunning on you!!

  7. FLORAL PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jessica Simpson one is my 1st pick- SO cute!! 2nd pick- blue dress 🙂

  9. i LOVE the first one!! ADORABLE

  10. Hey lady! I think the Jessica Simpson dress would look gorgeous for a wedding!!

  11. love the jessica simpson one! i love her shoes too…i have like 3 pairs

  12. I vote for the floral one! fits your body perfectly!

  13. I like all of them but my pick would be the Jessica Simpson one! 🙂

  14. Oh my God – you are GORGEOUS !! The first one that hit me was the obviously the first pic – white/gray…but I adore that yellow one – the style with the belt is stellar…so either of those.

    Thanks for your advice…so you are still with the same job now though – a month’s notice?

    I’m toying with just giving the 2-weeks notice…and then deciding from there…but I can’t afford to take much time off…I don’t know if I should accept another job here though right away or actually move…

    It sucks this happened at the start of summer – because I can’t take any holidays over the summer if I start a new job…but I guess we can’t control these things can we? 😦

    • I know, I feel the same way about the holidays/vacation with a new job…but eventually you’ll be able to take some time off.

      I actually gave 3 months notice…so I told them in March and I am leaving in June. Obviously not that much time is needed, but I wanted to finish up the year.

      If you are planning on moving, I’d look at jobs where you’re wanting to end up.

      Good luck and thank you for your opinion on the dresses! 🙂

  15. I love the first one! (I am a sucker for a high waistline). Great site! Just added you to my blog roll! 🙂

  16. I love all these dresses; I cna see why you’re having a hard time deciding! They all look great on you of course, but I definitely like the first one the best (who knew J-Simps had such a good line?!), followed by the blue and then the yellow without straps. Have fun at the wedding and let us know which dress you choose!

  17. They all look really good on you, but I think either the blue or yellow are best. They seem the most flattering and wedding appropriate at the same time.

  18. Jamie (Food in Real Life)

    I vote for the floral. You are just too cute!

  19. The blue one! That color is stunning on you. 😉

  20. I vote either the blue or yellow dress. The colors are so pretty and bright!!!

    The JEssica Simpson dress is cute! Where did you get it?!?!

  21. the jessica simpson grey and white!!

  22. I just came upon your blog and figured I’d give my opinion on the dresses. I LOVE the yellow one, without straps. It looks great on your and really stands out. (Also, yellow is my favorite color)!

  23. either the grey and white or the yellow without straps…but i think you look great in all of them 🙂

  24. Jessica Simpson – hands down

  25. Oh I like the yellow one without straps!!! SO CUTE!!!!

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