Welcome to Yoga Flow Part II

You can see Welcome to Yoga Flow Part I here 🙂

Here are a few more Yoga poses you can do on your own to create your own practice.  You can do them as a flowing series or you can hold the poses, allowing yourself to relax in the stretch and focus more on slowing down your breathing.  I personally like doing a combination of both: flowing and holding. Click on the pose to see a detailed description from Yoga Journal’s website.

Welcome To Yoga Flow

Good Morning 🙂

We’ll start with Forward Fold

A great stretch for the hamstrings and a relaxing pose for the upper body

You can bend your knees during this pose if that is more comfortable for your body.

I think the key to enjoying any Yoga pose is to adapt it to your body and work with in your body’s limits.

Next, we’ll take the original chair pose and add a twist to it for a nice variation

Twisting Chair Pose

This pose is a nice stretch for the upper body.  I can really feel the stretch in my shoulders and upper back.  It’s also a great strengthening pose for the legs and really tests you balance! After chair pose, I take it back into a forward fold to transition to the next pose.

From a forward fold, we’ll take it to a high lunge, which is a great strength pose

High Lunge

You can leave your knee on the ground for a variation of this pose.  You can also keep your hands on the ground or resting on your thigh.  Remember, it’s about working with your body 🙂

Another variation of a high lunge is to add a twist to it

Twisting Lunge

From Lunge, we’ll go into a forward plank pose, which is a great for upper body and core strength.  Again, feel free to lower your knees down.

Plank Pose

From plank, we’ll rotate to one side to a side plank

Side Plank

Take it back to forward plank to lift up into Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

From Down Dog, we’ll take one leg back, bending the knee and draping it back.  Your eyes gaze under your arm.   This pose really opens up the hips.

Hip Opener

From here we’ll rest in Child’s Pose

Child's Pose

Standing Poses

Reverse Warrior

From Reverse Warrior, we’ll go into side angle pose. Notice I rest my forearm on my thigh.  You can also extend that arm down to the ground, depending on your flexibility.

Side Angle Pose

Balancing Poses

Half Moon

I love half moon, it’s like balancing in the first portion of a cartwheel!


Eagle is a cool pose, it’s all twisted and funky.

It’s a great balancing challenge!

Eagle: Side View

Back Bends

Definitely make sure you are warmed up for any back bend poses.  I save these for the end of the class, so we’re nice and warm!

Camel is a great back bending pose to add to any Yoga practice.  Make sure to modify it to your body.  For example, you can keep your hands on your hips and just do a slight back bend.



"The Light within me Bows to the light within You"


14 responses to “Welcome to Yoga Flow Part II

  1. you have great lines in ur body that is perfect for yoga. i love doing twisting chair pose the hip opener! loved the pics girl!

  2. So many of these poses make me feel absolutely wonderful when I finish a practice

  3. You look so graceful! Random obv, though. When you are in forward fold you have your weight shifted back into your heels – isn’t it supposed to be centered with your hips over your heels rather than behind? I know different people practice it differently, but as that increases the stretch through your hammies, I figured it was worth mentioning 🙂

    Wish I could take your yoga class!

  4. Love all of the pictures with the poses- definitely helps newbies to yoga- like me, understand how to properly do everything 🙂
    Oh, and I wrote you back on the comment that you left me- please let me know your thoughts on it. Maybe you have some good ideas 🙂

  5. Love this post! You have great form. I need more yoga in my life.

  6. Awesome post and pics!!

  7. pretty awesome pics here linds!! thank you for sharing them! i lvoe being able to workout at work too!!

  8. I’m doing yoga tomorrow and this got me excited for it!!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I need to memorize these. I tried a yoga class once and was a little frustrated because I didn’t know the poses, so I had to keep looking up at the instructor. I should just print these and keep them in my gym bag. Thanks girlie! xox

  10. Bookmarked!! These are all of my favourite poses. I never do yoga at home, only in classes. But maybe I need to pull out a few warriors in my living room more often 😉 Thanks!

  11. Oh, I love child’s pose. It always calms me down.
    Wonderful post Lindsey! And thanks about your comment re. cueing you left on my blog, I appreciate all your help & advice!

  12. hmm i just felt a little rundown at work so I did a few of those. Felt GOOD!

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