Blog Style, Random Thoughts, and Maintenance Weight

As I have started blogging, I have been thinking about my blog style and what I like to convey to others.

My main purpose is to inspire others to accept themselves, no matter what stage of fitness they’re at.  I also want to educate others on health topics, which I find important to bring up amongst the health blog world.

Another purpose for this blog is to let people know that you don’t have to eat a certain way to be healthy.  I mean, sure, it is important to eat with nutrition in mind (you know, fruits, veggies, fiber, etc, etc) but it is OK to eat other foods that you enjoy that don’t have an ounce of nutrition to them. 

Repeat after me: It is OK to eat non-healthy foods!

And I don’t mean that I only eat ‘non-healthy foods’ on a so-called “cheat day” or in moderation.  I sometimes eat junk all day.  Take Friday night for example.  I ate half a pizza and almost an entire box of cinna stix.  Why? Because it tasted so darn good and I wanted to.  That is why.  And for me, I was OK with that decision. I don’t go out and run 10 miles the next morning or eat like a bird the next day to ‘make up for it’. In fact, I ate the other half of the pizza the next day and I didn’t workout.

A Perfect Reputation

I often get the reputation in my life for being the healthy one or the fit one. While it’s nice to know that that is how I come off to those around me, it’s certainly not all of me.  People often think I eat only clean foods and that I am a perfectionist.  Since when does fit mean perfect? I am so far from being a perfectionist, it’s not even funny.

Yes, fitness is a huge aspect of my life.  So much so that I get paid to do what I love.  But I don’t like that people often times assume I am some health-crazed freak.  I’m not! I love all food: the good, the bad, and the extremely delicious. I am also the laziest fit person I know! Sounds strange, huh? Well it’s true.  While I love exercise and it’s truly a hobby for me that I enjoy, I also love to sit on my couch and be a lazy bum.  I am not a person that likes to be on the go all of the time.  I crave downtime like no other!


I like to keep my blog basic with fitness and wellness stuff, but from time to time I do want to give insight on how I am feeling.  I want to be honest, as I think that when bloggers are honest about how they are feeling it can help others out.

While I do appreciate blogs that just showcase their daily meals, workouts, and weekend adventures, I really enjoy the ones that can admit they have flaws and have struggles.  It makes people more “real”.

My not-so-amazing Weight Journey

I don’t have an amazing story like some other blogger do.  I’ve never lost a significant amount of weight nor have I done anything really amazing with my body in terms of fitness.  I’m pretty boring!

I’ve always been an active person and have always enjoyed exercise.  I’ve also never been overweight.  Not one day in my life.  I was always thin and had a huge appetite and really ate whatever I wanted with no thought involved.  I did not struggle with an eating disorder as a teen nor did I binge eat.  I just ate like a “normal person”.

I never felt particularly skinny though, I always felt “average”.  However, when I look back on photos of me in junior high and high school…I was a skinny minny.  Just shows that sometimes our self image is a bit skewed.

So what the heck do I know about struggles with weight? Well, unfortunately, I have experience with the ‘mental’ struggles with weight.

I often wonder if people that are overweight look at me or others my size and think ‘life must be good since they are at a normal weight’. What if I told you that I have looked in the mirror with utter disgust. Yes, I have done that. I’ve stared at my thighs and held a mirror up to look at the back of my legs to see my cellulite.  And I didn’t like what I saw.  I’ve turned to the side to see my stomach was not as flat as it was when I was 17 and wanted to cry. I now have a ‘pooch’.  Yes, that is how I have felt before. Even skinny people feel fat. It sounds ridiculous, I realize this.

So, even though I may look healthy and I may not physically struggle with my weight, I still “mentally” struggle. What I have discovered is that no matter what weight we are, women are going to have thoughts in their heads to be even thinner because then ‘life will be perfect’.

Even for someone like me, just maintaining my weight and living day to day, I still have days where I feel lousy about the way I look.   Luckily, those days are fewer and for the most part I feel OK and know that ‘hey, I’m not so bad’. But they are not completely gone and who knows if they ever will be.


I’ve also learned a thing or two about weight maintenance over the years.  Like I said, I never had to watch my weight growing up.  But when I went to college, I gained about 10lbs from my high school weight. I never weighed myself very often, so it was a shock when I went to my doctor and she told me my weight.

I clearly remember saying, “oh, it must have been that breakfast I just had, I can’t be that heavy”uh huh, sure… is what the doctor was probably thinking.   I failed to remember the nights of heavy drinking and the endless amounts of Taco Bell I consumed each weekend.  No, that couldn’t be the culprit! 😉

My weight did settle down that summer and I lost 5 of those pounds.  But I was never able to get down to my high school weight.  And I still can’t do it, unless I really watch what I eat.

There have been a few times that I have tried to “lose a few pounds”.  And I can usually maintain it for oh, a week.  And then I eat half a pizza.

So what I have realized is that unless I want to be more diligent with what I eat each day, than I will never be skinnier than what I am.  I can’t just magically be thinner without putting in the effort.

How did you lose weight? Oh, it naturally came off!

When people say that their weight “naturally came off” I think it’s bull…uh, yeah, can you explain that please? What do you mean naturally? Just admit you ate less intentionally. It’s OK to want to be thinner, it really is.  But for those of you trying to find the right “maintenance weight” for yourself, you have to ask yourself how much work you are willing to do.

My Happy Weight

I know for me, that I enjoy eating a lot and I am OK with being at my weight.  I may not be as skinny as I once was at 17 or 18, but I’m still healthy and I like the way I look.  And maintaining my weight is thoughtless and easy.  I am able to trust my body. I don’t fight it.  I don’t count calories, I don’t weigh my food, and I don’t keep a food journal (I probably show about 25% of what I eat day to day in this blog).  I also don’t have to exercise daily or for hours a day. I’ve taken weeks off at a time from any vigorous activity and can still maintain my weight. Do you know what this means? That this is the right weight for me. It’s my happy weight 🙂


Have you found your happy weight yet or are you still trying to find it?

What does a happy weight mean to you?

15 responses to “Blog Style, Random Thoughts, and Maintenance Weight

  1. Great post–come back it whenever you’re feeling fat-come back to remind yourself that you’re at your happy weight.

    I can’t answer the questions yet, as I’m going through this in my head lately–haven’t quite figured it out yet! That being said, since I haven’t figured it out–I’m still not 100% happy with my weight…but I keep thinking-it’s just about 10-15 lbs I want to lose…

  2. I love this post. And think you’re fantastic for writing it. I feel that my blog reflects quite a few of the same things. My friends think I’m such a perfect and clean eater- and i’m always like “you must not read my blog”. Because it’s filled with chocolate and baking and all things devilishly unhealthy. But food journaling isn’t why I blog, either- I blog more to show people it’s possible to have fun with your everyday habits and to make them work for you because everyone is different…

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post!

    For me, my happy weight is the place where I feel good and healthy but don’t have to obsess in order to maintain it. It’s the place where my body feels most comfortable because I am eating a varied diet (including both “healthy” and “non-healthy” foods), and because I am exercising moderately (not excessively). Basically, my happy weight is the weight that my body natural comes to when my over-analytical brain stays quiet! 🙂

  4. Your blog certainly conveys each of these so well. I think you are a great example to healthy, balanced living and being able to maintain it with ease physically. I also appreciate your honesty that you still struggle at times as well. Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

  5. i def. like my weight and feel comfortable in my skin. some days i feel great, some days i wish i was more toned, and some days i feel TOO skinny. but in general i feel good.

    happy weight is being able to flow comfortably in ur skin. and have no limits to ur life (ie. i cant go here cuz im too big etc)

  6. Great lil post about what your blog is and what you want to be. I love reading all your health issue topics.

    I too appreciate honesty in peoples blogs and conveying there real lives and real emotions. Its needed sometimes,bc it lets other people know oyu arent alone.

    And I love what you said about mainteance! The past couple years, Ive always lost about 10 lbs before summer started…down to about 115. And then I’d get mad every Winter after summer where I’d gain back the 10 lbs…but you know what, this summer I didnt lose those 10 lbs and I dont plan to b/c obvsiouly that 115 weight is not something my body wants to mantain, so I’d rather just respect its wishes.

  7. Girl this post rocks! I love how you told it like it is! 🙂 It’s so true that everyone struggles with their own appearance regardless of how they appear to others. I lost a significant amount of weight a few years ago when I went through a major life disaster..major. I wouldn’t say I had an eating disorder, I think when my world turned upside down I was just so stressed I didn’t really think about food. Sure I’ve gained back 10 pounds or so and yes I look at the smaller clothes I once wore and think WTF…but of course I eat regularly now..and I LOVE FOOD. This made me feel so much better from the mean thoughts I tell myself. You rock sister! XOXO

  8. What a fabulous post!! I love this! I haven’t ever struggled physically with my weight either but I will admit that I mentally struggle! Which I know is ridiculous! But really I am happy and I am at a happy weight! To me a happy weight means a weight that I can maintain without feeling a slave to the gym or by depriving myself of the foods I love. I don’t want to be hungry all the time and never have pizza. Who wants to live like that?!

  9. LOVE this post…as I always love your posts 🙂
    They always make me think about my own self, which I really like. I don’t know that I have reached my ‘happy weight,’ but, for me, I don’t know if I will ever find a ‘happy weight’ if that makes sense. Like you said, women always think that they need to look thinner. Which is SO true. I think for me, I need to still come to terms with my body- which I know takes time- but it is time I am willing to give. I know it will not be an overnight thing, that it can take months or even years. I have learned a lot thru the years about myself, and I will NEVER get down to the weight I was in high school- that was SCARY skinny & people were VERY worried about me. Looking back @ those pictures, I cringe because I look so sickly.
    I also have learned that I need to respect my body. I only have one, so I need to treat it right.
    I know that I am a lot happier with my body right now than I was a few months ago- I feel stronger & I love that feeling 🙂
    Thanks for a GREAT post 🙂

  10. I don’t weigh myself because I get way (weigh? heh heh) too obsessed with the numbers. I have a big issue with my belly fat. I am able to hide it with clothes and look like an almost-skinny girl who just needs to work on toning her arms, but the belly is the bane of my existence. I just read a piece in Marie Claire about a woman with the same problem, but she didn’t lose 120 pounds (though she had been pregnant twice). I have been saying for six months that my stomach looks like I’ve had twins .. maybe I’m right!

  11. This was excellent, girl! I see so many similarities in what we are trying to accomplish with our blogs. I feel like I have a partner in crime 🙂 I think I have reached my happy weight. My clothes fit comfortably and I feel confident in them. Of course, there are still things about my body that I don’t LOVE in my birthday suit, but I think I’d have to adopt a “diet” and revolve my life around food to look “perfect”. I just don’t have one of those bodies, ya know? I’ll always have a a big bum and the older I get, I’m okay with it 😀

  12. I think your blog conveys all of this so well, which is one reason I really enjoy it. I eat sweets and other foods all the time, and in fact, I don’t eat many of the foods that are blog-popular. I mean, I HATE veggies!
    I think a happy weight is the weight you feel most confident and beautiful at. It is not a certain number on the scale. It just ‘is.’

  13. What a great post!
    I hate when people look at me and automatically assume what I would and would not eat. The other day, some of my ex work colleagues were going to call for a take out and just looked at me and said: you don’t want any of that, you look like you don’t eat this stuff. Needless to say I was more than annoyed. 🙂
    I have been the same size for the last 10 years. I only weigh myself during my medical check ups and the weight has been the same though out the years as well.

  14. beautiful lindsey! love this post…its funny that you say you have always had the reputation for being the ‘healthy’ one because this is me to a ‘T’ yes, i work in the health and fitness industry and LOVE being healthy and active…sure I also enjoy ice cream sundaes and pizza! People get shocked when I eat these foods haha I think its funny! I just enjoy myself, life is al about balance!!

    my happy weight is more abotu ME being happy. If I am happy then tahts all that matters…if I know I put on a few lbs the great thing is that I know how to get rid of it! but If I am happy in my own skin thats all that matters!

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