Fitness in the News

Those who read my blog know I love the Today Show and I love watching the interviews on health and Fitness.  Even though I don’t always agree with everything that is preached, I still love to watch!

Today’s interview was with Dana Torres, an Olympic athlete.  The book is called Gold Medal Fitness.

Gold Medal Fitness

Dara claims that if you follow her 5-week program you will start to see results which will in turn encourage you to continue on a path of fitness.  I think that is a fair message.  She’s not saying that after 5-weeks you’ll have abs like hers.  She actually says that her body is her job and her abs have a lot to do with genetics (along with hard workouts and and a good diet). You can see her interview here.

The one thing I wish celebrities would talk more about is the strict dedication that they put into their bodies.  I want them to talk about how it is tough work to have abs like that all of the time.  I think many people would look at this cover and assume, “Ok, all I have to do is follow this workout and I can look like that”.

Firing up your Metabolism with Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

Master your Metabolism Cookbook is Jillian Michael’s new book.  Some of the key points Jillian makes is:

  • Remove processed foods
  • Restore nutrients
  • Rebalance your eating lifestyle

Example meal plan:

  • Steel cut oats, pecans, cinnamon apples with organic maple syrup or honey
  • Spinach salad with avocado, pomegranate, sunflower seeds and homemade dressing.  Chicken satay with almond sauce
  • Organic skirt steak with homemade sauce
  • Pear sorbet

While I think Jillian helps many people, I think her fitness approach is too “all or nothing” for my personal taste.  I don’t have the money to buy everything organic nor do I want to.  I also think processed foods do not have to be totally eliminated.   Jillian has even said in interviews that it’s a daily struggle to keep her body where it’s at.  I know I certainly don’t want to struggle every day of my life with food!

This is why you’re fat!

This is why you're fat

Jackie Warner from the show Workout has a new book called This is why your fat.  She claims that these are the reasons why people are fat:

  • Sugar addiction
  • Hormone imbalance (she claims people are too “estrogen dominant”)
  • Toxic liver and organs

She says that 80% of what you look like is based on what you eat.  She also says that “less is more” when it comes with exercise and you can get a great workout in 20 minutes (but it has to be intense).

She wants you to add the following foods to your diet:

  • Lean Proteins
  • 2 fruits
  • 3 vegetables
  • Water with lemon juice (3 L)
  • Oatmeal
  • 2 eggs

I am not a fan of any of this to be honest.  Sure those foods are all great, but what if you hate eggs? What if you hate oatmeal or lemon? I do not agree with forcing yourself to eat anything just because it is “healthy”.

I also don’t know where she got her facts from, so I am not so sure I believe the whole ‘toxic organ’ and ‘sugar addiction’ reasons as to why people are fat.

Celebrity Fitness Role Models

With that, I’ll leave you with who I personally think are good fitness role models in Hollywood:


Giada seems to have a great healthy attitude towards food, cooking, and her body

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks I feel is a body image advocate! She really sticks up for women and embracing our bodies

Michelle Obama

The First Lady not only preaches about fitness and eating healthy, she actually practices it!


Who do you think is a good celebrity fitness role model?

Do you agree with any of these key points or anything they say in the interviews?

Would you buy any of these books?

21 responses to “Fitness in the News

  1. I LOVE Michelle Obama!!! Honestly, I have a hard time finding celebrity healthy role models. Even fitness “so called pros” because I think in the end they are all about making money and typically will be sell outs…like Julian and her diet pills. I mean really…doesn’t that kind of go against everything she preaches about?? But I guess if I had to pick somebody I like Alica Silverstone…

  2. I’ve read the Master Your Metabolism and it’s almost like Jillian makes you feel bad for not following her way, so I competely agree with you.

    as far as Jackie Warners message, at least she does say that less is more with exercise and you can get a good workout in 20 minutes! Thats a good message to people who feel like they have to work out hours and hours to get the body they want!

    • peanutbutterfingers

      agreed! i also agree that 80% of your body has to do w/ what you eat. working out is fantastic, too, but you gotta eat healthy!

  3. i saw part of that on the today show this morning too..but i agree with you, i feel like celebs never admit to working seems for most of them say it’s genetics or how they are naturally..sure maybe some of them are naturally like that but i am pretty sure the majority are not. kinda annoying but i have to agree and say tyra seems to have a pretty healthy attitude towards health and i also like kate winslet a lot too..both are pretty good role models i think.

  4. I like the approach of Dara Torres too. I actually have a post coming tomorrow about abs and the unrealisticness of having them all the time. I have had it in mind to post for FOREVER and now I have it ready. 🙂

  5. how freaking gorgeous are these women!! omg and dara torres’ abs!! KILLER

  6. I read one of Jillian’s book and even though she says she did her weight loss a another breath she says she found out she has a thyroid issue…so she has to take meds which help with the weight loss! I definitely think celebs should really say what they eat. The last awards show I watched showed celeb interviews on what they ate before the event. A lot of them said a burger and fries..yeah right!

  7. I read Master Your Metabolism and for a while it made me incredibly paranoid about eating organic food. In the book, she also talks about toxins from plastics, personal care products, cleaning products, etc. I got anxious and started freaking out that I was inhaling toxic chemicals and was helpless to stop it. Then logic set in. One thing I’ve learned in life is that extreme thinking is not good! I do think the book has valuable information, but the way it is written does not encourage moderation or leave any wiggle room. How could anyone be happy living their lives constantly worrying about this stuff?
    I love all your positive celebrity role models. One thing that they have in common is that they always seem happy, and to me, happiness is a big part of health.

  8. GREAT post! Totally agree with you about Jillian…did you see her on Access Hollywood yesterday though? The host was going through her fridge and found Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…and Jillian seemed so sheepish and laughing it off – and said she ate if for dinner the night before late…and then the host said (Maria Menuonoes) – “I knew it – your a closet pig!”…what the hell!!??? I don’t know who was worse – Jillian or Maria…

  9. I totally agree that I wish more actresses/models would admit how much time their bodies take. I hate when they say they just do yoga three times a week and crap like that.

    I love ELLEN! She’s the bomb.

  10. I find jackie and jillian almost TOO fit, if that is possible. They look very masculine and personally I like to have curves. It would make me slightly nervous buying one of their books because I get muscle pretty easily so I wouldn’t want to look like them. I love Kate Hudson, although I am disappointed about her boob job because we had almost identical body types before that.

    –k (

  11. I LOVE Giada! She’s definitely one of my favorite fitness role models because, well, I love food. Especially Italian =)

    The thing I tend to dislike about most “diet” books is that 99% they are all-or-nothing, like you said. If I had to buy one of those, I think it would be Jackie Warner’s. I tend to agree that the majority of society is indeed addicted to sugar! I also prefer short, intense workouts over longer ones; because, let’s face it, not everyone is going to want to turn into an athlete, you know?

    Great reviews, by the way! I definitely feel like I got an idea of what each book is about.

  12. I would not by any of those put out there by those celebrities. There are soooo many diet books that it is ridiculous! At one point in my life, I spent a lot of time following celebrity diets and trying to copy the. None worked for me! Developing a healthy relationship with food is the only thing that worked.

    I too love Giada!!

  13. I saw Dana’s book as soon as I walked into Barnes & Noble today- it was front & center 🙂 I have not heard much about it yet, except from what you have on here, but it seems like it could be a really good book.
    And, the whole Jillian Michaels book- I agree completely!! I ALMOST bought it when it first came out, but figured I would do some research on it first, and EVERYONE was saying that all she did thru out the book was talk about how we need to go organic, etc. etc. & so I decided that was NOT my ideal book. I did really like her Making the Cut book- since it is more fitness based, not food based.
    I really like Hillary Swank’s athletic body & I think Scarlett Johansson has a ‘real’ body which is awesome as well!!

  14. You always have such good posts.
    Hard to say…I find I feel guilty no matter what I do…like sometimes I eat so animal – 10 oz of chicken (oops) in just one meal alone…and i feel guilt cause i read about how veganism is so much better…or the opposite…i eat something vegetarian, then hear that is all wrong…all the stuff about carbs gets me down too…cause i like carbs and i hate the whole anti-carb thing…

    hard to say who is a good role model…i wonder what sandra bullock does, she seems kinda sensible…

    jennifer aniston looks so shapely and amazing…and swears by yoga ( i only walk!) but in the meantime she also lives on cigarettes and delivered meals…their all annoying 🙂

  15. Such great summaries on the books. I’m always intrigued by these celebrities, their endorsements, and their views on health/fitness. I too get tired of them not recognizing how much effort and energy it takes to have such muscular physiques. I don’t like the notion of these “plans” and the idea of losing weight so quickly, but I do think they all have at least one good point in their books.
    You are so right in your choices for great fitness/body image role models. I adore Giada and her belief in everything in moderation. I applaud Tyra for sticking up for women of any size, and Michelle Obama is working so hard to better the lives of our children.

    My body image role model is Kate Winslet. I like that she called out a magazine for airbrushing her to look too thin because she didn’t want women to get an unnatural and unreal picture of her. She is happy with how she looks.

    This is such a great post, as always. I love how much time and care you put into your blog. It really is a pleasure to read and I love your perspective. Thanks for the great material, my love!!

  16. I just found my way to your blog and it is great! I love that you have such a healthy attitude.

    I love this topic and I totally agree with your points. I think you could probably pick a few good things out of each of these books but they are no where near realistic for someone who’s body is not their job. I hope that I see the day when we are not bombarded with rediculious standards! How cool would that be?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Giada – she is beautiful and does have a fabulous outlook. I also love that she smiles and laughs ALL of the time!

  17. i bought Jillian’s book and really liked it. Sometimes I think she is a little harsh though…
    How crazy – Giada is one of my celeb role models too because she has such a pratical and carefree approach to life 🙂

  18. great reviews..i 100% agree with you that you should NEVER be forced to eat something because its healthy or any other reason…eat food you LIKE! i will never tell someone to eat eggs if they detest them! there is always alternatives!!

    I would also like to see where she got some of her info! i want to read it and see!

    I think Jessica Beil is a great role model with a real athletic body and great outlook on fitness! I also really like scarlett johannson and beyonce!!

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