In a workout slump!

Tuesday’s Dinner

Yesterday I cooked some chicken in my crock pot to make shredded chicken tacos for dinner.  They were pretty good, but I was out of salsa which would have made them even better.  I have some leftovers for lunch today, which is always a great time saver!

chicken tacos + a side of roasted potatoes and broccoli


After a 40 minute walk with my pups, I was ready for some grubbin’ and I was in the mood for a hearty breakfast.  My hearty appetite may have been from the sprinting I did with my dogs on the last part of our walk.  How crazy do you think I look running with two large dogs down the road?  I imagine pretty darn loony! 😉

Today’s breakfast included:

  • 1 egg
  • 2 whites
  • splash of almond milk
  • chopped onions (frozen)
  • chopped green peppers (frozen)
  • mozzarella cheese
  • whole grain english muffin
  • strawberries
  • black coffee
  • lots o’ water

Veggie Omelet with Cheese, English Muffin, and Fresh Strawberries

This breakfast definitely hit the spot and kept me full until lunch time

Workout Slump

I’m having a serious workout slump.  I was really not in the mood for exercise today and only managed 30 minutes of easy cardio.  Hmm.  I think I need a goal.  I’m just kind of aimlessly working out at the moment, and while that’s fun to do sometimes, I find myself very bored and not excited to exercise (which I usually am).

Also, I am in that “time of the month” and sitting here fantasizing about chocolate...I may need to hit up a Walgreens or something and get me some M&Ms!


What do you do when you hit a workout slump?

Do you crave chocolate during that ‘time of the month’?

19 responses to “In a workout slump!

  1. I’m in a workout slump, too…so glad I’m starting a boot camp class Monday! I’ve never done it before, AND it’s outdoors, so I’m sure it will spice up my workout life a bit!

  2. I ge tin workout slumps all the time. I just try to change it up somehow and that usually helps.

  3. What did you throw in the crock pot for your shredded chicken tacos? I think my family might like those and I’m getting bored with making them the same dinners all the time.

    As far as workout slumps go I don’t usually get them. I am always doing lots of variety (at the moment I am doing Insanity, kickboxing, bootcamp, and Zumba). Soon I am going to start running again because I have missed it so much! The most important thing is to find what you love to do most : )

  4. I try new workout routines- that’s why I got the New Rules of Weightlifting book the other day..and why I’m doing the Making the Cut workouts now..
    I like reading about new workouts & how they affect your body differently.

    As for that time of the month…I do crave more sweet things!! I’m all about sugar sugar sugar- especially cereal! (hahahaa- Honey Bunches of Oats anyone??! 🙂 )

  5. I think that having a goal would be best for workout slumps- I try to always have a race or something of the sort in my mind to keep me going through tough days…

    And I crave chocolate every day. Not a lie. But it seems at that time of the month, the sugar fix gets even worse (not just chocolate, but any form of evil in general…).

  6. I crave chocolate for sure! I crave almost everything greasy and fatty that I can imagine at that time. I’m in the same boat as you right now. It’s so hard to fight the temptation!

  7. I think I am the only female who doesn’t crave chocolate during that time of the month. That being said I am taste testing (for blog purposes only) those pretzel M&M’s soon. haha.

    Also check out my new blog!

  8. When I get into a workout slump, I try to change it all up. Lately I’ve been splitting up my workouts into 2 30-ish minute sessions. The thought of doing one more 50+ minute step workout made me want to jump off a cliff. So, I started running 30 mins then later doing my weights or a kickboxing, or short step workout. Just for variety. Sometimes if I am in a major workout funk – it’s b/c I’ve been over doing it.

  9. I”m totally in a workout slump. I just can’t seem to get excited about it.

  10. goals are always fun when i dont feel like exersizing! or I also love downloading some new tunes to get my ready to go!!! sometimes if I just got to the gym and see others workout, this will motivate me to workout as well!!!

    those enchiladas look So good! salsa def next time…gotta love leftovers!

  11. Yes I crave sweets and carbs in general during that time!

    When I was in my last running slump I decided to sign up for another half marathon. It was just what I needed to get me running more with an attainable goal in mind.

  12. I crave EVERYTHING when those hormones kick in, but mostly sugary carbs, and, yes, chocolate!

    Something that has recently gotten me re-excited (not a word, I’m sure) for working out is actually twofold: 1) making a specific weekly plan (cardio days, strength training days, this-part-of-the-body days, rest days) and 2) writing down the workouts I complete in a monthly calendar. It’s so motivating to look back and see what I’ve already done!

  13. I am in a work out slump too : ( I think that they seem to be seasonal for me. I really try to completely change up what I am doing for exercise when I feel “slumpy.” Now that the weather is getting nicer I feel like I am itching to run outside more and being in the gym is feeling “blah” to me.

    You know, of ALL of the exercises that I do or have tried, yoga is the only one that I never get bored with : ) Maybe because every class is different? Love it!

  14. I’ve had workout slumps before, but I noticed that I usually experienced them when I wasn’t eating really good. Not having enough healthy foods daily caused my body to feel so lethargic that I just didn’t feel up to do anything that required sweating. To get myself out of it I would clean up my eats and then maybe do a class at the gym on a day that I typically wouldn’t go. Like Fridays were usually my off days, but since I was slacking in my workouts I just decided to get up early and hit an intense class. It really motivated me to get back in the groove!

  15. seriously, i need you to make me food! hands down- im left in awe! look at that wrap and omelet!! ❤

    i crave chocolate everytime of the month! lol.. umm i think more so like a week before tho.

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  17. I don´t really crave chocolate but just am more hungry in general the week before. Like, STARVING. And I usually want pancakes and cereal and muffins and cake. Chocolate is fine, but that is never the craving. Weird. And going along with your post… ironically, that is often the time I feel like I am in a slump. My energy is low, I am lethargic and unmotivated to workout. I usually make myself do it, but I want to pay more attention to my body, maybe I need to be fueling myself differently during this time or something.

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