A Little more Pizazz

Good morning everyone!

Cardio Pizza got a little makeover this morning!  I actually really enjoy trying to figure out WordPress. Although now I’m tired from staring at my computer screen for the past few hours.  I hope you like the new layout! I thought it gave it a little more pizazz 😉

I don’t have to work today or Monday..how sweet is that? I took today off and then the University is closed for Memorial Day.  I’m going to St. Augustine, Florida tomorrow to see some friends and celebrate the festivities. (Click here to view pictures from my last trip to St. Augustine!)

Today I’m just going to relax and catch some talk shows that I don’t get to see while at work, like the View and the Doctors (I”m a talk show junkie!)

The Feisty Ladies

The Docs

I’m taking some rest days off from the gym (4 to be exact!).  I’m just not feelin’ the gym today and I won’t be visiting a gym while in Flordia.  I”ll just be enjoying my mini vacation. I did, however, take the pups for their walk today because they’d be maniacs if I didn’t!

That’s all I have for today! I’ll be back on Monday so enjoy the weekend!


What are your weekend plans?

What is your favorite talk show?

27 responses to “A Little more Pizazz

  1. I like the new look!
    Have a great trip!
    I have a very low key and sunny weekend planned 🙂
    My favorite talk show is Ellen!!! I love her!

  2. Very nice layout.
    Honestly…haven’t watched talk shows in forever…I like Oprah and Ellen, but never really catch them.
    My new place has odd channels too and I don’t get much of that stuff at decent times.
    Oh well.

  3. YAY! Like the new layout!! 🙂 My favorite talk show is Mike and Mike in the Morning…does that count?

  4. Hope you have a good trip. Since I’m at work, I don’t ever really get to watch any talk shows. When I was able to watch it at the gym, I loved Ellen.

  5. Love the new layout!!! 🙂

    I like Ellen and Oprah, although I never get to watch them.

  6. I like the new look- especially the top with the tomatos!

    My FAVORITE talk show is Regis & Kelly…& I would have to say that I am also a talk show junkie 🙂

    Hope you have a nice time this weekend!!

  7. I love the tomatoes. They’re so bright and fresh. We haven’t made any plans for the weekend yet. It’s kind of nice! 🙂 Woot Woot for three day weekends! We’re off too!

  8. Oooh I’m jealous of your mini vacay. Sounds fab. I’m just hanging out at home, nothing major but still excited for the break from work!

  9. I like the Today Show and Dr. Oz…this is Tyra’s last week! 😦

  10. Lookin good! 😀

    Have fun on your trip. I’m taking a 4 day workout break too. It sounds so nice.

  11. i love the ladies of the view, i get so into that show and the drama ❤ GREAT MAKEOVER! just like humans, our blog needs sprucing up too every once in awhile.

    mm other than the view i really like the wendy williams show and dr.phil .. oprah too..


  12. flowyogilates

    Great new look… I love it.

    What are your weekend plans? shopping, running, go for a coffee with a friend and RELAXING!!!

    What is your favorite talk show? Don´t know a lot of Talk Shows

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  13. I’m a daytime TV junkie too! Even though I never have time to watch anymore. ha. But I LOVE the view!!

  14. I LOVE your new blog layout!! I didn’t realize these fancy things were available on WordPress. I guess I need to be a little more patient and play around with it.

    I tape “The View” everyday…as pathetic as that may sound? I enjoy watching it when I get home from work and I can fast forward through the crap I don’t like to watch and the commercials. 🙂

    We are leaving for Greece this weekend!

  15. fanTASTIC layout! love it!

  16. OMG yayy for the new layout – I love it!!! I hope your eyes are doing ok today after sitting at the computer all night LOL. Congrats on the 4 day weekend, I had the same! We are having a party at my house this weekend (so if your in CT stop by LOL). I don’t watch talk shows 😦 but I really wish I did. I used to in high school all of the time and loved it .

  17. Katherine: What About Summer?

    I LOVE the drs! If only I had been on the bachelor when Travis was the man… things would all be different and my ring finger would be a lot more decorated right now

  18. oooo I really like the new layout! It’s cute, but organized…looks great! 🙂

  19. have a great weekend girl 🙂 you deserve the week off – you work so hard!!

  20. First- I loooove the layout of the blog. Your site looks awesome. Second- you and I are soulmates. The View?? Seriously my favorite television show! Love that you love it too!

    Enjoy the day, my darlin!!

  21. Hope you’re enjoying St. Augustine! My husband and I hope to go camping there soon. I’m with you on the no exercise thing for the next few days. I got sick on Friday and although I’m feeling better, I’m not pushing myself to get back on my normal workout routine just yet. Usually if I jump back on the wagon too quick, I end up getting sick all over again. Oh and yesterday fr lunch my husband and I shared a pizza! Made me think of you!

  22. Whenever school gets out I spend a good week being lazy watching talk shows that I never get to see! Then I realize I need to be productive =( Your layout looks good!

  23. Yay for rest days! I took a couple rest days over the weekend and ended up loving my workout today even more than normal.

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