Sure…I'll Stay!

Hi Everyone! Happy June! 🙂

I had a wonderful mini vacation in St. Augustine, FL.  I loved it so much that my friends asked me to stay another day, so I said sure, I’ll stay! Why not? I do have vacation days to use up before I move at the end of the month! 😉

St. Augustine Beach

I went to visit one of my best friends, Kelly.  We have been friends since we were 12! It’s crazy to think that much time has passed.  There are a group of us who went to high school together (some of us went to elementary school together too!) who have remained very close friends, even when we all separated to go to college.  We still keep and touch and try to make regular visits each year.  I am so blessed! 🙂  Our other friend from high school, Heather, came to visit as well.  It was so great to catch up!

Heather, Me, Kelly

Kelly and I

We spent the weekend eating a lot of great food.  I didn’t take any pictures (to be honest, I’m not into taking pictures of my food in restaurants.  I guess it’s not for me!).  Some of the best things I ate this weekend were quesadillas with a delicious baha sauce, crab cakes, a big salad with fried goat cheese (incredible!), and a bowl of she crab soup.  I was in heaven! I love seafood.

Doing random poses

Another random pose

Other than eating (and a whole lotta drinkin’!), we had a nice time going out on the town each night to some local bars and beachin’ it during the day.  I made sure to slather on the SPF 45 so I wouldn’t get burnt.  Mission accomplished!  I do miss being tan in my bathing suit, but to be honest, the sun damange is just not worth it!

Heather and I

Beachin' it

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!


Do you take pictures of your food in restaurants? Why or why not?

Are you still friends with people you went to high school with?

21 responses to “Sure…I'll Stay!

  1. Lucky you doing your thing on the beach!! I’m way jealous!!

    As for taking pics in restaurants, I rarely do it. Mostly because I don’t go out to eat that much so when I do I just want to enjoy it!

  2. No, I’m not into taking pictures of food, period! Just because, it’s not my thing! Unless omething is impressive, than, nah, no food pics!

    I DO still talk to high school friends, as well as nursery school friends!

  3. I am totally with you on the spf. I use 50! I usually don’t take pics in a restaurant. I sort of just feel weird about it. I am definitely still friends with people I knew in HS and even much earlier than that. One of my dearest friends I have known for over 30 years!

  4. I do get some weird looks when I break out the camera, but I’m more concerned about my fellow diners. I always ask if they mind if I take photos so I can include it on the blog. Normally people are cool about it!

    I too hung out with some high school buddies this weekend: SATC2 and dinner at a local italian joint. It’s been almost ten years and I still love getting together with them all.

  5. I would love to be on the St. Augustine beaches right now….work always gets in the way!

  6. I don’t really like many people I went to high school with. Terrible, I know. And, I take pics at restaurants sometimes, but not all the time. I’m not really “into” it either, but sometimes feel obligated.

  7. Aww you and your girlies look so beautiful! 🙂

    Do you take pictures of your food in restaurants? Why or why not? Sure! I have no problem doing it.

    Are you still friends with people you went to high school with? Yupp – just saw my best friend from high school this weekend as well! 🙂

  8. I sometimes take pics of my food in restaurants- depends on who I’m with and if they know about the blog or not… I’m still a little weird about it! :p

  9. Aw looks like so much fun! I haven’t been to the beach forever. 😦

    I usually don’t take pictures in restaurants, but that’s mostly because I either don’t have my camera with me, or don’t feel like taking it out in the middle of conversation. I kind of want to start doing it more, though. I usually don’t have a problem explaining the blog to people…

    Def still friends with people I went to high school with! I went to a really small school, and everyone knew each other…a lot of us have stayed somewhat close.

  10. What a fun fun fun vacay! I am still friends with a lot of my highschool pals. My best friend and I have been friends since we were four. It’s so funny to look back at 24 years of pictures!

    I usually take pics in restaurants if it doesn’t require a flash. I’m still pretty cautious if it requires me to blind those around us!

  11. Looks like so much fun! I’m jealous!

    I take pics of my food at restaurants if A) the food is really pretty/interesting/delicious and B) if the people I’m with know I have a blog.

  12. why didnt u pack me in ur suitcase girl!!! wow id stay another day and pray to god they asked me again the next day haha. your such a beach goddess. enjoy the sun and ur new glow! xoxo

  13. I would’ve stayed too!

    I got burnt this weekend and I put on SPF 50! GUess I didnt reapply enough–so frustrating!

    When do you leave for Ohio for good?!

  14. How fun! And I love your bathing suit! Too cute!

    I don’t take pictures of my food in resturaunts…honestly I am just not comfortable with it. I feel like it makes the people I am with uncomfortable too…

  15. As you well know, I do but I try to do so as quick as possible. I mainly do because food in restaurants is much prettier and more delicious than anything I would ever make at home! Plus it can be good blogging material if I don’t have much else to mention. I DON’T take pictures of all my regular food though. I reserve food picture taking for special meals or new recipes/food finds.

    Glad you had such a great time! I look forward to seeing you again soon. 🙂

  16. Awww, it looks like you guys had such a fun time! I feel a little weird taking photos in restaurants, but I do it anyways. I figured, hey, I don’t know these people, who cares? 😉
    I’m still friends with about 2 people from high school, but we’re going to be “lifers” 🙂

  17. my BEST friends are my friends from HS!! yes I take pics in restaurants, sometimes…it depends on teh mood and who I am with, but most of the time, i just snap a quick shot (or try to at least!)

    love your pics and of course I would want to stay another day in FL too!!!

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  19. YAY!! Glad you are back. I JUST saw this post- I missed my blog reading the last couple of days 😦
    Looks like you had a ton of fun- you look so cute in all of your pictures.
    The beach looks beautiful!! Glad you were able to enjoy some time with your friends 🙂

  20. love the beach photos! makes me want to go on vacation! fun Qs~ yep i take photos EVERYWHERE. and i am only friends with a couple high school buddies, one is my M.O.H.!

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