Strawberry Love

I love strawberries and I even think the gorgeous, red fruit wins the award for my favorite fruit of all times!

I don’t recall a time where I have ever gotten sick of strawberries.  I’ve gone through phases where I really like apples, bananas, or oranges only to get burnt out on eating them.  But not with strawberries! I have some serious strawberry love goin’ on!

Strawberries made two very special appearances in my breakfast and lunch for today.


The trend for the week has been veggie omelets, and today was no different.  Since I am moving in 2 weeks I am plowing through food that I have in my fridge and freezer.  Frozen veggies have been the star of my breakfasts this week!

My breakfast included:

  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • stir fry veggies (frozen)
  • mozzarella cheese
  • whole grain english muffin
  • strawberries
  • black coffee
  • lots o’ water to drink — it was a HOT walk with the dogs this morning!

Friday's Breakfast


I knew I wanted to incorporate strawberries into my lunch, so I measured out a cup of 2% vanilla bean greek yogurt and sliced up some strawberries to mix in.

Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt + Strawberries

I absolutely love fresh fruit in my yogurt but I despise fruit flavored yogurts or the ones that come with fruit chunks.  Bleck! I have never been a fan of those!  I usually just buy plain yogurts (and sweeten myself with real sugar or agave nectar) or vanilla flavored.

Along with my yogurt and strawberries, I cooked up a pizza meatball quesadilla.

My pizza meatball quesadilla included:

  • 1 whole wheat wrap
  • pizza sauce
  • 5 veggie meatballs, cut in half
  • mozzarella cheese
  • basil

Quesadilla cookin' in the pan


Simple, yet delicious lunch!

Weekend Plans

I have no big plans this weekend except to keep getting ready for the big move which is only TWO weeks away!

Tonight is PIZZA FRIDAY, so I will be ordering my beloved buffalo chicken pizza from Dominos.  It’s the best!!

Now I am off to get a workout in for the day! Have a great Friday! 🙂


Do you have a favorite fruit?

Do you like fruit flavored yogurt?


25 responses to “Strawberry Love

  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ah that lunch looks sooo good!!! I’m with you on flavored yogurt, i like the ones taht are already flavored though. I just hate the ones where it isn’t mixed in- like the fage fruit flavors, yuck.I love strawberries too, especially in the summer! I think apples are my favorite fruit though 🙂


  2. I agree on super sweet flavored yogurts. They always taste so fake. Yuck. I do like the pineapple Chobani though!

  3. That meatball quesadilla looks awesome! I don’t like flavored yogurts…I like to buy them plain and then make my own flavors! My favorite fruit…apples…hands down! Happy Friday pretty!!

  4. I’ll have to keep that meatball/quesa idea for my Husband..he LOVES meatballs!
    I love clementines and can eat them by the dozen. When it comes to strawberries..I can INHALE apple-berry salsa (the recipe is on my’d LOVE it!). I just love fruit in general I think!
    I’m weird when it comes to yogurt..I can’t eat it straight. It’s a texture thing. I love to use it instead of milk for cereal, and love mixing it into smoothies though!

  5. I looove summer berries! I love the combo of strawberries and banana in yogurt, just plain ole’ yogurt, though! Flavored yogurt gets too sweet for me 😉

    Happy Friday!

  6. I am obsessed with strawberries too! LOVE them!! 😛
    I really like the idea of your quesadilla there…I may just have to try one of those soon!
    I gotta ask…what brand is your vanilla bean greek yogurt? That sounds fantastic!
    AND finally…my Friday is also including some PIZZA (and some wine too) 😉 My husband LOVES buffalo chicken pizza…he’d be jealous!

  7. okay i NEED to pick up tortillas this week and girl i will have to try something like this. i usually feel this urge to make everything from ur site because of how yummy it looks. and i like how its not complicated either!! ❤

  8. That’s like my meals today- they have included a lot of strawberries..well, actually my meals for the last week. Love that they are so tasty & on sale!!! Woohoo!! 😀
    Love you wrap/ quesdilla idea! Might have to try that for a dinner recipe one night.
    Favorite fruit..probably kiwis or apples.
    & I do like the fruit flavored yogurts, but only the ones with chunks, NOT the ones where it just has the yogurt flavored.

  9. I’m with you on the strawberries… and the omelette… but ESPECIALLY that meatball quesadilla! When you move back to the CLE, we might have to hang out and consume a few of those together 🙂

  10. Love strawberries! They are probably my favorite fruit too. I’m like you, I never get sick of them!

  11. I’m like you – I stick to plain or vanilla yogurts and sweeten them myself with fresh fruit and/or honey. I like it much better that way!

  12. I think mangoes are my favorite fruit ever! Strawberries are definitely one of my top five, though. I always ate them with a sour cream/brown sugar dip as a kid.

  13. I’m a HUGE sucker for pineapple! Love the idea of the meatball quesadilla!

  14. Everything looks SO good.
    I would say that oranges are my favorite fruit. I love almost everything though. Wow now I want to change my favorite fruit to watermelon. IDK…it’s too hard. LOL.

  15. Your breakfast looks awesome – such a good balance of nutrients! My fav fruit are probably berries – I prefer adding fresh or frozen fruit to plain yogurt, not sure why!

  16. YAY FOR PIZZA FRIDAY!! love that!!!
    your breakfast looks great-and so does that’dilla!1

  17. Girl, your breakfast AND lunch look so good! Hmmm favorite fruit? Gosh, I’d say either berries (of all kinds) or apples…love ’em all, though!

    And I’m a lover of all yogurts!

  18. I just bought some strawberries yesterday! I plan to make a strawberry truffle with layers of cool whip, sliced strawberries, and crumbled cake pieces. I actually don’t prefer strawberries, but I was asked to bring a dessert to an event and it seemed like a great idea. haha.

  19. My BF loves the Dominos Buffalo Pizza! I’m a cinnastix addict myself lol (wait, that doesn’t count as dinner?!?). I am with you girl, I could NEVER get sick of strawberries. That is my favorite fruit as well. I do like fruit flavored yogurt (I hate it plain) but I love to put fresh fruit in there as well. ]

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