Pet Peeve

OUCH! My legs are so sore from yesterday’s weight workout.  Those walking lunges really did a number on me! I have to move very slowly each time I sit down in my work chair or on the toilet (sorry to paint you that  picture!) My lower body feels like one big bruise!

Luckily though, when I do cardio the day after a tough workout, the soreness does not bother me and actually makes me feel better!


This morning’s 2 mile walk with the dogs was quite nice since it was squirrel-free! It makes for a much more enjoyable walk when my dogs are not lunging at every creature!


After the sweaty walk (it was already 80 degrees at 7am!) I cooked up a typical, yet always delicious, breakfast of 2 eggs over easy, a whole grain english muffin, fresh strawberries, and almond milk to drink along with some black coffee and lots o’ water! The temperatures have been 100+ this week…it’s pretty awful!


Today’s workout was cardio-only to work out some soreness in my bootayyy. I started with 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer and finished with 15 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill.  I cooled down for 5 minutes and foam rolled my legs a bit.  Felt good!

Pet Peeve

I have such a pet peeve with Special K cereal commercials. One in particular shows a very thin girl eating special K cereal. The premise of the commercial is to say that when you are losing weight it’s great to have variety when it comes to your food.

Sure, that is true.  Who wants to eat the same thing every day? However, do they have to use a stick thin woman who clearly has no weight to lose for this commercial?

Here is a clip of the commercial. I could only find it in another language…but, you get the idea 😉

Drives me nuts! It’s like we as women are expected to be miserable and to always be on a diet, no matter if we are at a healthy weight or not.  It’s a terrible message to send…shame on you Kelloggs!

Unfortunately, “thin is in” (especially extreme thinness in the media) in our society and I don’t know when or if that will ever change. Personally, I never will strive to be too thin.  I like looking healthy and fit by treating my body with respect.

Remember this crazy looking picture?!



Do you have any pet peeves with the media?

Do you workout if you are really sore?


26 responses to “Pet Peeve

  1. OMG that picture on the left is gross – so unhealthy!!!

    I try to workout when I am sore because it always makes me feel better. Usually I do a yoga or stretch video. Nothing too intense just enough to take away some of the pain.

  2. I love Special K cereal- really really love it. But yeah, their marketing tactics blow. Totally agree with the tv commercials. I also don’t like their Special K Challenge- if I ate 3/4 cup of cereal and a Special K bar as two of my meals, I’m sure I’d lose weight, too. But it’s not a “challenge”- it’s called starving yourself to death…

    • totally agree girl. if you do the math, that has to be like 1,200 calories a day or something. anyone would lose weight on that. duh.

  3. I remember when that photo first came out! Act!!

    Can’t think of any pet peeves right this second..

    I DO workout if I’m sore, but lightly. I feel it helps and I actually feel better.

  4. I love cardio after a day of strength training! And the media seriously sucks. I truly believe it is the main reason so many people have body issues.

  5. hey dont hate on the squirrels lady! ahha no i know what ur saying.. those little guys dart out in every which way!! lol

    god that photoshop photo always scared me. how could anyone think that was real right! WOW

    xoxo ❤

  6. Pet Peeve: typically only seeing super skinny models, actresses, etc. I have to admit it has gotten a bit better over the years…but it’s still a huge issue. You have people like me, who look @ these people as fitness role models, when they are just skin & bones. Gross. I don’t want to look like that…but then I think that’s what people want to look at- b/c you see everyone drooling (well, guys) over those actresses…so it makes you think. (me @ least) And then people also don’t realize that they spend THOUSANDS & thousands of dollars on personal trainers, certain procedures, etc. It’s just SO fake in Hollywood. It’s hard to remember that all of the time though.

    As for working out when I’m sure…yes. But I try to work different muscles.

  7. I definitely hate the whole special k commercial. Of course you will lsoe weight if you substitute 2 meals a day for 2 bwols of special k, but are you going to do that forever? When you start eating ‘normally’ again, the weight will go back on. Urgh, it annoys me!

  8. PLEASE tell me the picture on the left is photoshopped! Scary!
    I much prefer the ‘before/after’ Jenny Craig/Subway/etc.
    I like Special K, but not enough to devote an entire diet er um, ‘lifestyle’ to it.

  9. Hi! Just want to say i love your blog! As for me having any pet peeves with the media, i would have to agree with you on this stick thin image they have for women. With all these picture perfect women they have in movies and pics it can do a number on women and young girls self image. i really dont watch much of tv because of that, its so depressing. And i also find it does help to workout when your sore. My runs always seem to be better than ever when i am sore. I dont know why but it always is.

  10. omg that girl in the RL looks ridic!! is she really that thin or was that photoshopped??

    my pet peeve w/commercials is the aim towards kids and junk foods and fast foods. i never realized it until i watched a documentary and it’s CRAZY how much they use kid characters to promo such unhealthy things. like one minute, shrek was doing a PSA for getting active, and then he’s used as an endorsement to sell twinkies with green filling. UGH!! kids dont know any better and it’s sad. (the statistic said kids cant tell the difference between a commercial/advertisement and a tv show until they are like 8 years old or something like that). TOTAL PET PEEVE!!

  11. My pet peeve with the media is how whenever they have a female/male couple in a tv show or a movie, it seems the male can look super AVERAGE, but the female is always stunning. I really noticed this in the movie Couples Retreat. 4 average men, 4 gorgeous and tiny women.

  12. I have nothing to add to your pet peeve, but I 100% agree. It kills me. Imagine how much happier the world would be if we would eliminate those standards?!

  13. SERIOUS, hi, I’m only going to have two bowls of cereal for two meals a day, totalling under 600 calories. That’s repulsive. The minute people stop that diet, their bodies go out of store mode. I think that’s such a sick campaign.

    I do like, however, how Kellogg is trying to promote 30 minutes of daily activity on all their cereal boxes now — even the kids ones. At least they got half the message right.

  14. I agree with you that cardio helps loosen up the sore legs muscles. It might take a minute (or 10) to get going of course LOL. I also think it’s sad that people believe you have to be on a constant diet rather than changing eating habits and making lifestyle changes. The word diet has come to mean “being on a diet” not this is how I eat every single day.

  15. That is really annoying, I know I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day. And you are right, if they are gearing it towards people who want to LOSE weight, why use a skinny model (unless she says this is how she lost weight) which isnt the case. Annoying!!

    I don’t work out if I am really sore (except for maybe some light Yoga).

  16. Ughhhhh Special K. Isn’t it made of white rice anyway? “Lose weight by eating only nutrionally-devoid white rice cereal.” <– dumb.

    Call me crazy, but pictures of women in the media don't really affect me. I think it's because the super-skinny look isn't sexy to me…muscles are. 🙂 I struggled with an eating disorder, and I wanted to be thin, but I never wanted to look skinny/lanky like most of the women in the media today. I truly believe the media had nothing to do with my eating disorder.

    I guess my pet peeve with the media would be all the seemingly false advertising for "healthy" food, just like the Special K commerical. So many Americans have no idea what eating healthy really means; these advertisements certainly don't help.

    And yes, I sometimes work out when I'm sore, but I scale back the intensity a lot.

    Or I use sorness as an excuse for a rest day. Either way. 😉

  17. Oh I have tons of pet peeves with the media. But I think what I HATE most is that models on magazines (even fitness magazines) are airbrushed. That makes me so mad because it gives such a wrong impression about what a real woman’s body looks like! Oh…I can’t even get started on this! 😉

  18. I would say those types of things are my biggest pet peeves with the media too. It is ridiculous the messages that are sent. I always say something similar to what you did – “I would rather have a body it looks like I WORKED for instead of a body it looks like I STARVED for”.

  19. If i’m crazy sore I’ll try to just walk. It always always seems to help my soreness.

  20. I could not agree with you more about those Special K commercials!!! I get so irritated every time I see them. I have a major pet peeve with how much they airbrush models in magazines (good example you put up there) and I especially hate it when actresses talk about staying so skinny by “eating whatever they want and not exercising.” Granted, not everyone says it this way, but I’d bet my right arm that the majority of these women feel pressured to stay thin, DO watch what they eat very carefully and exercise more than they say they do.

    Yes…I generally do workout when I’m sore, but sometimes it’s just cardio and I figure it will loosen up my muscles! 🙂

  21. You hit the nail on the head here. I’ve gotten better, but I still look at women in magazines and think that I’m not working hard enough because I don’t look like them. Realistically, I just know that I have a completely different body type. Not everyone looks like Cameron Diaz – even when they’re in shape! As far as working out, I do the cardio thing too. It helps move around that lactic acid!

  22. Oh, I have a lot of media pet peeves – all those commercials promising: ‘quick and easy’ way to lose weight. And all those nonsense ‘diet’ bars. I always have to cringe when I hear ‘easy’ and ‘tone’ in the same sentence. I don’t watch TV much these days or just record my programmes and fast forward though those commercials as they really, really annoy me. 😉
    Shame about your pups, my kitty is also starting to put on weight and I had to reduce his food intake. He is now verbally abusing me every night telling me how cruel I am! 🙂

  23. I like the cereal, but I think it’s an unrealistic “diet.” I think..correct me if I’m wrong..that there push is to replace two meals with a bowl of cereal. That is very few calories to function off of. Not to mention you’d be cutting out lots of food groups.

  24. I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at
    Cheers, Sheila

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