Naked Oats and Some Serious Bloat!

This morning my oatmeal was almost naked! Since I am moving a week from Friday, I do not have much food in the house.  However, today I need to get more essentials, as I am completely lacking in eggs, fruit, milk, and bread.    I think today will be my final grocery store trip until I move into my new house in Cleveland, OH!

My breakfast this morning consisted of:

  • 1/2 c oats
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • cinnamon
  • almond milk
  • 1 egg and 2 whites on the side

Although tasty, this breakfast was seriously lacking! I needed some fruit to spruce up my oats or maybe some salsa to top my eggs.

My lunch today has a bit more color, which always spruces up a meal!  I had a half box of pasta I needed to use up, so I boiled up some whole wheat spiral noodles for my lunch today.

To the pasta I added some mixed frozen veggies and some shredded parasean cheese.

Whole Wheat Spirals

My Pasta Lunch


This is the word of the day for me! I am retaining some  some serious water weight this week due to my lovely time of the month.


Each month I retain at least 3-5lbs of water weight.  It doesn’t sound like too much, but I can feel it and I feel very uncomfortable!  This morning I hopped on the scale, knowing that my weight would be high, and yep it was higher than my ‘normal’ comfy weight. It was actually higher than the high end of my comfy weight (a number that I have not seen in long time!), so I feel double bloated this month.  I. feel. gross.  The joys of being a woman 😉

Instead of sulking about my water retaining body (which I have been all morning), I decided to look up some tips on ways to combat this.

Beating the Bloat


  • “Many herbs act as diuretics-that is, they help your kidneys remove water from your body,” says Michael DiPalma, N. D. a naturopathic doctor and director of natural medicine at the Village at Newtown Medical Center in Pennsylvania. (
  • Drinking two to four cups of dandelion leaf tea a day is a good remedy for temporary bloating. If you don’t like tea, you can also try one or two capsules of dried dandelion leaf, according to Dr. DiPalma.
  • Lack of potassium can raise a person’s blood pressure and potential for fluid retention. Consuming potassium-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables will help minimize bloating.
  • According to Dr. Pratt drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is another way to safeguard against water retention. This ensures a proper balance of minerals in your body and removes excess salt that may cause water retention from the body.
  • Carbonated and alcoholic drinks may also trigger bloating. So try to limit your consumption of them. You also want to try to avoid gas-producing foods like fried and fatty foods, eggs, sugar and sugar substitutes, wheat, and many pre-packaged foods.


Do you have any tips to relieve bloating?

What are some of your favorite foods to add to oatmeal?

24 responses to “Naked Oats and Some Serious Bloat!

  1. ahhh the bloat! it’s the WORST. I think just drinking lots of water is the best thing I can do for myself..that, and patience 🙂

  2. Ugh. I totally know that feeling… I’m sorry! It really is uncomfortable. But I am a big believer in laying off the coffee on those days and hitting up tea… lots of it.

  3. Sorry you’re not feeling so well 😦 I hate that time of the month..oh the joys of being a girl!
    I take Midol or tynolol to help with the pain & bloating…always seems to work for me.
    My favorite thing to add to oatmeal are bananas, strawberries, cinnamon & some peanut butter.

  4. I actually LIKE naked oats sometimes. I just like the pure taste of oats. Some fav add-ins though are yogurt and some dry cereal.

  5. I had read that bananas help with bloating b/c of the potassium. Speaking of, I love bananas with PB and sugar-free strawberry jam on my oatmeal. Or cinnamon apples with PB. Cinnamon and blueberries is another fave. I’m getting hungry again.

  6. I am constantly bloated. 24-7. I just try to deal now. Bananas though contain potassium and are supposed to “beat bloat”. Pump your oats up with lots and lots of fruit, dried fruit, nut butters, nuts, maple syrups, chocolate chips, etc.

  7. I love swirling a bit of Nutella in my oatmeal. Nom nom!

  8. Ughhh! I suffer from bloat almost on a daily basis (yes, I know, I should really look into it more!)
    I actually had some pretty kick-ass oatmeal today! I love when I have baked goods, like muffins, that I can crumble on top!
    I also love a good scoop of PB, and definitely cinnamon.

  9. I have worked out that for me drinking less diet coke and other drinks with sweeteners or sparkling drinks helps best against bloating …. when I´m drinking more green tea my bloating dissapears ….
    My favorite oatmeal topping are quark and fruit spread / papaya and soyagurt/ and I really like to whisk an egg white into my oatbran….and cinnamon is a must

  10. Lapping up water! It definitely helps me fight the bloat. I can always feel it in my fingers at first.

    My favorite oats topper… Peanut butta 🙂

  11. raspberry tea helps pms!

  12. Poor naked oatmeal! And the drinking water thing really helps.. I never believed it but I recently started drinking water like a fish and it’s great! Other than having to pee 24/7… =P

  13. Ugggghhhhh bloating. PMS is so unfair, right? I don’t have any good tips, as I tend to just complain about how miserable I am. 😉 I do think lots of water and tea would help, though. And I’ve also read that calcium-rich foods, as well as whole grains ease bloat.

    Current fav oatmeal concoction: 1 tsp PB, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, 1 C mixed berries, 1/3 C sliced almonds. Heaven.

  14. UGH…PMS bloat is the worst. I actually think that Midol works quite well!

  15. URGH!! and i retain water SO badly girl! most ppl are like “wow ur really tiny.. but uve got such a buddha belly sometimes haha” but its true.. i get the dreaded bloat. the only thing thats ever worked for me was lots of dandelion tea and pineapple. seriously- i swear it works!!

    load up on the cinnamon too 🙂

  16. -eat asparagus
    -drink a lemon water (squeeze of lemon in some hot/warm water)
    -drink a lot of water

    And then I wait :/

  17. You’re are the second person I have seen speak of dandelion tea today! I will be buying some soon. I drink almost TWO GALLONS of water each day. Still retaining. blah

  18. That is the story of my life anymore, but it’s due to pregnancy and not PMS. 🙂 I try to up my intake of water because that usually helps even though it feels impossible because it only makes me feel more full! I also drink lots of hot tea and that usually helps keep me “regular.”

    I don’t actually put fruit in my oats but I LOVE nut butters!

  19. Drinking water has always been a good one that has worked for me when I feel “puffy.”

    My favorite oatmeal toppings are a sliced banana, big blob of peanut butter and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Delish!

  20. Ah, the lovely bloat. Usually drinking lots of water and trying to stay away from processed carbs helps me a bit. Just been though it myself recently and was wondering whether some people will let me sit down on the train as I could have probably pass for a mother-to-be. Hope you feel better soon!

  21. Katherine: What About Summer?

    I love sodium but it leave you with that bloat issue. Funny post!

  22. I don’t really have any tips. Usually I just spend the time feeling sorry for myself, having emotional episodes and whatnot. I avoid tight clothes, looking at my tum in the mirror, and the scale. Chocolate helps me feel better of course 🙂

    I like to put mashed up banana and cinnamon, with some sliced/chopped nuts in there. Also like apples and cinnamon, and I’ve been thinking lately (though have not tried) using mango and raspberries. I had pancakes with this combo before and they were excellent. Shredded cocont could also appear!! I have not had breakfast yet..pardon my over-enthusiasm

    I do have it plain sometimes, and I love that too.

  23. Ughh.. I’ve been there! I just try to drink a lot of water and do some of the things you listed above (avoid carbonated drinks, salt, etc). Feel better! xoxo

  24. as[paragus!! i heard its great for beating bloaT! i also heard that dandelion tea thing….i gottta get some because I have some serious bloat sometimes too!! i always stay away from anything carbonated (which I don’t have that much anyways)

    naked oats can be great once in a while!! but I know what you mean, they were lacking somewhat..yayyayaya for almost moving!

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