Possible Reasons Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

Happy Friday!

I just have to say I had an amazing night’s sleep last night! I don’t remember waking up at all during the middle of the night, which was awesome  (I usually wake up once or twice to pee!).   Ahh, I love some good sleep! 🙂

The food in my house is certainly dwindling down.  For the next week I will be consuming a lot of peanut butter sandwiches 😉

Luckily, I have a few packs of pizza crust mix that I can use to cook up pizza in a flash.   I also have a lot of cheese to use up, which I am certainly not complaining about!

I included 4 different kinds of cheeses on my pizza last night:

  • Mozzarella
  • Taco Blend
  • Parmesean
  • Goat

Along with cheeses, I added the following veggies:

  • Green peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms

Ultra Cheesy Pizza!

I enjoyed two very large slices for dinner last night

After dinner I enjoyed some more home baked cookies 🙂


Breakfast and Lunch today are repeats from yesterday:

2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, organge slices, almond milk, coffee

Smile, it's FRIDAY 🙂

Turkey Sandwich + Mustard + Tomato Slices

Juicy Green Apple

All together now: Turkey Sandwich + Yogurt + Apple

5 Reasons Why Women Can’t Lose Weight


On the Today Show they discussed some possible medical related reasons women might have when trying to lose weight.

1. Sluggish Thyroid:

  • Symptoms: fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, joint pain, feeling “off”
  • Ask for a thyroid stimulating hormone test
  • Treatment is available

2. Hormones out of whack

  • Symptoms: irregular periods, excess facial hair and body hair, acne, weight gain
  • Get levels tested for an imbalance in testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen
  • Treatment is available

3.  Food Intolerance:

  • Lactose and gluten are popular food intolerance in people, which can cause bloating and water weight gain
  • Try eliminating certain foods to see how you feel; keep a food journal writing down how you feel before and after eating certain foods

4. Medication:

  • steroids, anti depressants are known to cause weight gain
  • See your DR

5. Unexplained weight gain for no reason:

  • Could be rarely a sign of something very serious with the kidneys or heart
  • X-rays and checking blood and urine by a DR is a good idea if you are experiencing unexplained weight gain

Family Portrait

Today I’ll leave you with a few pics of me and my lil’ family. I tried my best to take a picture of myself and my dogs this morning for a family portrait before our big move.  We have only 1 more week before it’s on to our next adventure (with Andy!) in Ohio. Here is how they turned out:

Take 1

Take 2: look at the camera guys!

Take 3: Almost got it!

And Take 4 🙂

I’m off to to do some cardio! Have a great day!


Do you wake up often during the middle of the night when sleeping?

Have you ever experienced any of the above weight loss problems?


24 responses to “Possible Reasons Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

  1. With as much water as I chug throughout the day, I never seem to get up during the night to pee! The only exception is maybe after I’ve been drinking that evening… but even that’s rare.

    I won’t complain. Getting up would be a drag…

  2. Ah 4th time’s a charm! I wake up often throughout the night. I’m a horrible sleeper – always have been. That pizza looks so good.

  3. hehe happy mustard sandwich 🙂

    my unexplained weight gain a few years ago definitely came in the form of food allergies, thyroiditis, and stress. its really amazing too how hormones play such a key role too. thats why when girls hit puberty we always expect weight gain to follow. such great info- im glad u posted because back when i was undiagnosed i ended up stumbling across tips like these that made me go to the doctors to get checked. and im so glad i did!

    xoxo ❤

  4. you make some mean pizzas—seriously.

    I am SO excited for you and andy to move. Since you and Andy are much like me and sean —been together 3.5 years, about to move in together, I feel so connected to you and him.

    Plus, I’ve followed you guys through ups and downs for like 3 years now so I feel like I know you.

    Awesome family portrait–cant wait to see one with Andy in there.

  5. Awww, love the family pic!!!!!

    Every once and awhile I get up in the middle of the night, but not too often.

  6. Aw, LOVE the family portait. So cute. And the pizza looks delish.

  7. I do wake up quite a few times in the night and it’s very frustrating. I didn’t start to do this until I started dating the current boyfriend. I blame his snoring!

  8. I always wake up to pee too, it’s so annoying! I love your breakfast, it looks so perfect like what they show on commercials for a “balanced breakfast”! And your dogs are adorable 🙂

  9. just caught up on your bloggie 🙂 thanks for the information on reasons why women cant lose weight. i am actually going in to get my thyroid checked next week because of this issue! LOVE the fam photos. so so so cute. happy weekend!

  10. flowyogilates

    I´m waking up two times every night and meanwhile I´m used to it and I go to toilet dozily and then I ´m going out like a light 🙂

    mmmmhhhh that pizza…..

  11. i ALWAYS wake up to pee!! almost always, darn water!! but usually I am in such a daze and just fall right back asleep! i have been known to even forget to flush !

    that pizza looks so good!!! i love that you added goat cheese, as it is my FAVORITE!!

  12. What a great family photo! I honestly don’t remember the last time I actually slept through the entire night. I usually have to get up at least twice to pee! UGH!

  13. Great read! I typically don’t wake up in the middle of the night. But I remember a few years ago all of the sudden I was waking up every night to go to the BR. I thought it was weird because I never did that. But then it just stopped and I was sleeping through the night again. I love the pics of you and your dogs! It’s a hassle to get mine to look at the camera too. 🙂

  14. no weight probs for me. if i eat right and exercise regularly i can get to where i want to be. i’ve done it before.

    love that you finally got a food family pic in that last one 🙂

  15. i always get up to pee…its really disrupting!

  16. I always wake up

    Can’t sleep through the night 😦

    Oh well

    Nice pizza – is that in the frying pan!?

  17. That pizza looks amazing! And great post! I have never had any weight loss problems, but my sister definitely does. I wake up a LOT in the middle of the night because I have a deviated septum so I don’t sleep very well but I really don’t want surgery. Nose spray helps a bit, but I still wake up often.

  18. I love your family photos! I wake up multiple times each night, but I roll with it and hope to fall back asleep with the quickness! Glad you were able to sleep through the night!

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  20. i’m really glad you posted the article from the today show.

    my thoughts?
    as someone who has had more than a few diseases that influence weight, it really, REALLY bugs me when people assume they are heavier because of something they can’t control. i know that they happen (obviously, i am proof), but even WITH these diseases, you are ABLE to lose weight. it’s just more difficult, so people give up.

    it frustrsates me that sometimes, we just want a pat on the back and someone else to take the blame for our weight problems. if you need to lose a few pounds, so what? it’s not the end of the world, and not something you should feel certain you “have a condition” to justify. it’s SO SO SO rare to have one of these conditions.

    i think the real point is we should all love our bodies and treat them a little more gently, instead of trying to diet them into submission. weight is just a number! if you lead a healthy, balanced life, you will see results, regardless of what medical condition you have.

    thanks for posting this! hope this made sense…?

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