Exercise Guilt

Good Morning!

I apologize for not having a regular blogging schedule right now.  Not only am I adjusting to my new work hours, but my computer also decided to stop working so I am sharing Andy’s.  Luckily he is really good with computers so I hope to get it fixed soon so that I can blog more reguarly like I previously did.

New Gig’

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I started a new job at a store called the Vitamin Shoppe.   I work full time, 40 hours a week (which is great!) on what’s called a “rotation schedule”.  Since I am in retail, we’re open 7 days a week.   To make it fair to all managers, we have a rotating schedule so that we can all have a weekend off every few weeks instead of having a fixed schedule (like 8-5pm Monday-Friday).   Basically, my schedule changes weekly.  It’s actually not so bad and I like that I get random days off during the week sometimes.  I always get at least one weekend day off each week as well.   This weekend I work Saturday but I am off Sunday.

Yesterday was my first closing shift, which is from 1-9:30pm.   I’m definitely a morning person, so working later is an adjustment.   I did, however, enjoy having the morning to myself, spending time with my dogs, and being able to work out, blog, and have lunch at home.    So far I am enjoying the job and I love looking at all the products we have, there are so many!  I also enjoy the employee discount and I am still deciding on which multivitamin to get, as I am all out!

Since I worked the closing shift yesterday, I was able to eat lunch at home. I finally used up the rest of the cookout food from the weekend and enjoyed a chicken sausage on a bed of fresh lettuce and slice onions, with broccoli and apple salad and fruit salad

Last night I brought my dinner to work with me.  I packed a turkey sandwich (turkey, bread, lettuce, tomato, onion, laughing cow blue cheese wedge, mustard), fruit salad, a mocha flavored yogurt  from Trador Joes, and a Hershey’s Kiss.

I was hungry after work, around 9:45pm and had quite the odd pairing of food: spicy hummus with pita chips, a string cheese, and a small bowl of Puffins cereal with almond milk.  My belly was happy 🙂

Living with Andy

Along with my new job, I am also adjusting to living with Andy.  So far, I am loving it!  We have a lot of fun together and it’s nice to come home and have someone to talk to about the day.  I was living by myself for the past year, and while I can be quite the loner, it did get a little too lonely from time to time.   Another perk to living with Andy is that we both love ice cream.  Andy was nice enough to get us blizzards the other night because I am about to start that ‘time of the month’ and I couldn’t stop thinking of blizzards!

DQ Blizzards

Andy got the pecan cluster blizzard (which was amazing and I actually liked it better than mine!) and I got my typical oreo and reese cup blizzard.  We polished these off with no problem! 🙂

Becoming a Domestic Goddess

I’ve also become quite the domestic goddess.  If you would have asked me years ago if I would enjoy cleaning and straightening the house and cooking dinner and packing lunches, I would have laughed and said ‘no way’!  However, my thoughts have changed and I actually enjoy doing these simple things.  Funny how things change as you get older.  I also love watching the news and HGTV, two more things I would have laughed at in my younger years.   Now I look forward to it!  House Hunters has become my go-to show! I can’t get enough of it!   I can’t say all of my habits have changed though.  I still love trashy TV like Keeping up with the KardashiansThe Real Housewives, and The Real World (Is it just me, or is the cast starting to look like children? Or perhaps it’s me getting older? ;))

Exercise Guilt

Today I wanted to talk about exercise guilt. I admit it, I sometimes suffer from it.  That feeling you get when you miss a workout, either because you are too tired, over exercised, too lazy, or just not feelin’ the gym that day.


Today I am having one of those days where the gym is not appealing to me.  I’m also feeling overly tired.  Excuses? Sure.  But what I have learned over the past year or so is that it’s OK to feel this way and it’s even more OK to act on it.  I am not going to the gym today.  

In the past I have felt it was necessary to get in 5+ workouts a week or else I was a failing at my healthy lifestyle.  I also thought I had to work out as intensly as possible or it was pointless to even attempt to workout.   A few years ago, HIIT (high intensity interval training) was my exercise of choice.  While this form of workout can be beneficial, it is not something to do numerous times per week.  It’s exhausting and taxing on the body.   I did this form of exercise a lot more than I should have and I would wonder why I was so exhausted throughout the week.  I thought exercise gave you more energy? Why am I more tired than my friends who don’t go to the gym? Because they’re not beating themselves up!

While on vacation the other week, I didn’t do that much activity.  In fact, the week before that I didn’t do ANY exercise (not even walking) because I was so busy with my move and honestly, just wanted a week off. Most people use their vacation as time off from the gym and may even ramp up their workouts before they wear their bathing suits on the beach.  Not me. I took a full 7 days off before my vacation.  Once on vacation I did get a few days of activity, but not much.  Nothing overly taxing.  I walked on the beach with my mom and rode my bike a couple of times through town.    Activities that I once thought of as “pointless” and not intense enough to count as exercise.

I’m not sure when the realization hit that just walking is in fact exercise.  Not speed walking.  Just plain walking.   Even if my heart rate doesn’t even reach 120, it’s still activity.  Just because my heart rate is not in the 170s or 180s doesn’t mean it’s pointless or that I am ‘failing’ at my healthy lifestyle.   In fact, I now think the opposite.  I’m more healthy now because of it.  I recognize the signs of exhaustion and know that it’s ok to take a day off, even if it’s a Thursday and I’ve only worked out a couple of times this week so far.  So be it.  

This morning I am going to enjoy a nice walk with my dogs outside.  And call it a workout 🙂


Do you or have you suffered from exercise guilt?  What do you do about it?

Do you still workout even if you are exhausted?  


22 responses to “Exercise Guilt

  1. I think there is a Blogger Blizzard virus going on because I keep seeing these puppies pop up! AND it’s making me crave one! 😉

  2. Did you read my post a while back on just trying to get activity in? If not, I;ll give you the link b/c I talked about this exact same thing…




    So, I’m moving in with Sean in two weeks. Any tips for living with a guy now that’ve done it for a few weeks?

  3. I used to be a hardcore exerciser in another life. For over the last year, a simple walk is my thing. I am not overly thrilled about it – at all..tons of guilt…but I deal with it and try to feel blessed just to go for one short and simple walk – even if lazy and short!

  4. I don’t mind the random post times. Keeps me guessing. 😉

    And I’ve gone through many days of exercise guilt. It’s hard to deal with when you feel like you’re letting yourself down (when really, you’re just helping yourself because sometimes you just need a rest!). Lately, I’ve missed a day or two from my training schedule to go easy on my leg. It really was unnerving to just “skip” part of my training, but I know it’s for the greater good of my race!

  5. Congrats on your new job! I’m looking forward to hearing about all the products you come across!

  6. Nice recap! Life sounds pretty sweet for you right now 🙂

    I used to feel exercise guilt in my early 20s…not anymore. I also do not exercise when I’m exhausted…I think it’s counterproductive. I believe is breaks now! 😀 haha

    A move and then a move in with a significant other is s huge, huge step. Give yoruself some time to adjust and then get back into the swing of things.

    Enjoy your walk with the pups!

  7. Great post! First off, congrats again on the job. I’m a morning person too and as a student I started working afternoon/night shifts (closing at 10pm) at the library. I thought I was going to hate it because I’m such a morning person but I actually liked it BETTER. This allowed me (like you did) to get up, go to the gym, relax and be productive in the morning when I am fresh and ready to go!
    As for exercise, I’ve been coming to a similar realization lately. I never really “felt guilty” about skipping a work out, but that may be because I never really missed a work out haha. Now I’ve barely been working out (or at least not pushing myself too hard) and there’s no guilt because I know that I’m getting in enough to be healthy, still eating healthy and I’m getting exercise in other ways (such as walking!) To address your other question, sometimes my best work outs are when I’m tired and didn’t feel like going. I feel like that’s when I get the most out of my work out. It completely changes my day and how I’m feeling. However, it’s important to not be TOO tired.. it’s a fine line I guess.

  8. I sometimes miss the rotating retail schedules. But you have to learn to be flexible that’s for sure. So glad you’re getting settled in. I hear you on the HIIT – I used to train at full speed all the time. I was literally tearing myself down though. Recently I started going for things like boxing/kickboxing rather than a balls to the walls workout. I try to listen to my body and recognize tired from life vs tired as in need to rest the body.

  9. Lindsey im gonna snatch that other DQ blizzard from you. id get my own but why, when u have two 😉

    i love the same trashy tv as you. the real housewives and keeping up with the kardash.. oh and khloe and kourt. take miami ..ahh so addicted!!

    exercise guilt is a really important subject. im sure everyone here can relate! its so aggrivating.. sometimes i cant sleep if i havent exercised in awhile because i feel like im cutting myself short and being lazy. i try my best to remind myself that there must be a reason i havent been doing it and to try to find out what those underlying issues are.. otherwise im just a ball of anxiety .. like a pent up dog who wants to go out and run lol.

    its true tho, exercise guilt hits you and really brings u down mentally and emotionally!

  10. Ahh Exercise Guilt! I used to carry this with me anytime I didn’t make the gym!! I felt as if I was doing something wrong.. Then like you, realized if I am not feeling it there is probably a reason, and by NOT working out, but rather listening to my body, that it is OK! No reason to feel guilty! If I am completely exhausted, I will do something light such as a walk around the block with the dog or even some stretching.. it’s amazing the difference it can make!!

    That is great you are adjusting!! When I worked retail, I enjoyed the varying schedule.. it’s nice sometimes to have those mornings and week days off of work!!

  11. One – now I want a blizzard. LOL

    Two – I have certainly dealt with exercise guilt as well and thought if I didn’t do 5 intense days of exercise a week it was pointless. Now, I’m perfectly content if I get in only a few days. I just focus on being more active in other ways. It all counts, like you said. Although I admit I do feel bad if I end up with no energy and know getting to the gym would have helped give me a boost.

  12. I definitely suffer from exercise guilt. And, I do HIIT about 4 times a week…but I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t?
    I thought it was better for you than doing long runs?
    I always love your posts because you are SO honest. I LOVE that you felt tired & didn’t go to the gym. You’re so in tune with your body. You’re an inspiration!!
    & you’re VERY lucky to have a Trader joe’s near you 😀

    • Hey girl, for me doing too much HIIT really exhausted me and hurt my joints (I did a lot of running sprints on the track and treadmill). With any sort of exercise, you definitely need to figure in some breaks, especially with really intense workouts

  13. hey linds!

    you are def not the only one who suffers from exercise guilt..some days i am truly exhausted but still feel like i “should” do my planned work out.. and in the past I would’ve done my workout even if i was tired, but slowly i’m learning that we need days completely off to rest or days where we do light exercise, like walking for instance, or yoga..it’s hard to tell myself no sometimes, but i know it’s the right thing to do. why push yourself you know?!..

    oh and i also love hgtv (which i used to hate when i was younger) i’m always watching or reading the news too.. although you know i will not give up my trash tv either..and i agree, real world, they look so YOUNG. makes me feel old! lol

  14. No exercise guilt! I will NOT stand for it. You are not defined by how many times you step foot in the gym during the week. What matters is your final imprint on the world and people will always remember you as someone who was passionate about healthy living!

  15. I am so glad everything is going so well for you! Lovin’ the new job and living with your man! 🙂

    And I love your theory on exercise guilt. Sometimes you don’t need an excuse, if you (or your body) don’t want to – than don’t! This week I have it pretty bad, but I really should work out because I know that will help with what I am struggling with (stress), but the stress makes me so tired that it is a battle to get out of the bed in the morning.

  16. I have been drooling (literally) over that Pecan Pie Blizzard at DQ. Pecan Pie is my number one fave dessert! This weekend I am getting one and I am so excited! haha! It is the small things in life right?

    As for exercise guilt…oh I am the worst. I literally will not miss a workout unless I am on my death bed. I need to learn that it is okay…I am trying but I am just not there yet.

  17. For me, exercise guilt only comes when I skip a workout just because I’ve had a long day – if I’m physically exhausted or hurt I have no problem resting, but if I get it into my head that I wimped out or made excuses not to do it, that’s when I get really guilty.

    It’s important to remember that all those little activities really do count! Just because our bodies are used to/capable of more strenuous workouts doesn’t negate the fact that walking, cleaning, biking, taking the stairs, etc…still burn calories and use muscle groups!

  18. I completely agree with you on the exercise guilt and what to label as exercise. I used to get mad at myself if I missed an intense workout. But now I enjoy going on leisure bike rides with my husband in the evening or walking my dog around the block. I cut the yard the other day with a push mower and that definitely counted as exercise!

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  20. Hey Linds! Just getting caught up with your blog and this exercise guilt post really touched home with me. You know I’ve dealt with a TON of guilt this past year, but I have successfully overcome it. Like you, I used to do HIIT 3x a week on top of intense strength training(and SS cardi on top of THAT…sheesh!!) I couldnt wrap my mind around that low intensity exercise was okay or even MORE beneficial(simply because it’s not as taxing on your muscles, joints, etc). I’m completely fine with working out “hard”(which isn’t hard as I used to either) 2-3 times a week(IF that) and then just doing regular activity the rest of the week. Such a nice realization hey!!

    Loving your blog, keep it coming 🙂

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