Ice Cream and Dresses


I had the day off today (score!) so I’ve enjoyed having some free time to catch up on some blogs! I love it! I also had free time to bum around the house and relax…so nice 🙂

Today after a very hot and humid walk with the dogs, I hit up TJ Maxx to find a new dress for a wedding I have this Friday in Cincinnati, OH.  One of my best friends, Heather, is getting married.  She got engaged about a month ago and they’re already getting married! It’s definitely her style though, they’re getting married on a Yacht! I can’t wait!

The Happy Couple!

I tried on about 5 or 6 dresses and bought two.  One will be for the wedding and one is more casual that I just couldn’t resist 😉

Little Black Dress

The black dress is the one I am going to wear to the wedding, it fit great and was comfortable too!

Casual Dress

I bought this dress just for fun along with some dog treats and a cute dog treat jar for my pups…I couldn’t resist!

Wined n’ Dined

Tonight Andy wined and dined me!  What a nice treat!  We tried out a local Italian place where we each got pasta dishes.  As usual I was pretty much full before dinner with the bread and salad and took more than half of my entree home. Good thing I love leftovers!  Plus I was saving room for my nightly ice cream habit 😉

After dinner we hit up a local ice cream place, “Jerry’s Dairy” that we had not tried before.   Andy got a cone with two scoops of ice cream and I got a “flurry” which is pretty much a Dairy Queen Blizzard.  I am so predictable!   I told Andy that I hate cones and he thought I was crazy.   I’ve never liked ice cream cones and always enjoy ice cream in a bowl or cup.  No cones for me!!

Happy to have his cone!

Loving my ice cream in a cup 😉

It was a great evening and I love a nice surprise date night during the week!  After dessert we came home and played outside with Boo and Sophia who were full of energy.  We enjoyed watching many rounds of tug-a-ware and wrestling!

I hope you all have a great night! I’m off to bed!


Do you prefer your ice cream in a cup or on a cone?


21 responses to “Ice Cream and Dresses

  1. i LOVE that black dress girl! u look so hot!!

  2. i can tell you love the dress!!! clearly is loving you back and you look stunning as always. i should take my camera with me in the changeroom and snap some pics next time. it looks kinda fun lol ❤


  3. Have fun at the wedding! Love the dresses. They are perfect for you.

    Also, I’m a cup person. I like taking the time to savor my icecream and it always melts too fast in a cone.

  4. I really like both dresses. The neck line on the black one is so pretty! I’m a cup girl, but every now and then I’ll shake things up and grab a cone.

  5. Love that black dress too cute. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun wedding! I used to LOVE the cones, but now, I would go with a cup. I can eat more ice cream without getting full on the cone 😉

  6. Love love the dress! TJ maxx is the best! That’s so awesome that your friend got engaged a month ago and is already getting married (and on a yacht!), sounds like so much fun! have a great time!

  7. Cute dresses!!! I love TJ Maxx!
    I’m a cup girl…totally!

  8. ALWAYS a cup for me! I hate cones, eating ice cream in a cone just seems so awkward to me! I need to eat it with a spoon! My hubby gets cones too though, weirdo 😀

    Lovely dresses! you look great in them! Isn’t tjmaxx great, such great bargains.

  9. Love the dresses! I’m a dress fanatic!

  10. LOVE the purple & grey dress! Definitely reminds me of something I would buy. 🙂
    It’s so funny you ask that about ice cream. I was just telling my friends the other day that I swear I go through phases. For years, I only ate it in a cone. Then I switched to the dish (when I was more concerned about saving calories by nixing the cone…crazy!), then I went back to the cone, and NOW I’m back to the dish (I think you get more toppings that way!) 🙂

  11. Both of those dresses are super cute! You look great : )

    Cup for me, thanks!!

  12. Dresses that look like separates are so fun..both great choices!

  13. Ok the black dress rocks, and you rock it for sure!!! Ummm hello toned arms!!! Dang girl!!!!

    Congrats to your friend and her future husband!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh love that ANdy wined and dined you, us girls deserve that : )

    I cant believe you dont like cones!!!! I am a waffle cone girl all the way!!!!!!!! I love chocolate dipped waffle cones!!!! yum!!!!!

  14. the black dress looks so classy, I love it.

    and I definitely like the cone the best–Id rather eat the cone with a little ice cream instead of hte other way around.

  15. What awesome finds! That black dress is absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing what you can find at TJMaxx and Marshalls!

    I was always a cone person. Why should you have to be done eating when you’re done with the ice cream?

  16. A cup b/c I can savor it longer

  17. Both of those dresses are great and they look great on you too! Gotta love TJ Maxx.

    I’ve never really liked ice cream cones either.

  18. I am lovinggg that black dress! TJ Maxx has some awesome finds. And I prefer ice cream in a cone because I love eating the end of it 🙂

  19. Love the dresses….super cute!I love both cup and cones…I will take it any way! 🙂

  20. lindsssss!

    the black dress is so nice..cute and classy! 🙂

    cute pics of you and andy too! lol

  21. Those dresses are sooo cute!! And Ice cream in a cup is the way to go-cones are delish but I always make such a mess! eek!

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