The Great Outdoors is my Gym

Good Morning!


Good news! I have my own computer again since Andy was nice enough to get my ol’ laptop up and running again.  This means no more sharing computer time with Andy and will equal MORE frequent blogging! 🙂 I’m a happy gal!

Breakfast for the past few months has been cereal…I am not sure if I’ve had anything else but that in quite some time.  I am on a cereal kick! This morning was no different, as I combined two Kashi favorites: Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax and Honey Sunshine with a mixture of strawberries and blueberries topped with 2% milk:

I love cereal 🙂

My life in the past week has been quite busy (as usual these days!) But when I am not super busy, I am finding time to have a good laugh with Andy at my dogs’ expense by dressing her up in T-shirts. Sophia has quite the stocky body and we think she looks like she hits up the gym and pumps serious iron:

'the gym is that way'

What a good sport she is! Although she is probably cursing us in her doggy language when we’re not home.


For the past week I have not made it to the gym.  I’ve yet to commit to a gym membership either. I’ve gone to some gyms for free but have not been too impressed with anything around here.  Also, I just have not been feeling the indoors!

So I’ve just been using the great outdoors as my gym!  I’ve been doing a mix of running by myself and walking the dogs.  I’m trying to increase my milage slowly, so it’s been fun to get outside and just go! Since I twisted my ankle last winter, I have not been going on regular runs for almost a year.  It feels great to be doing that again!  I’ve been foam rolling the heck outta my legs though, it keeps em’ nice and stretched and keeps my IT band happy 🙂

In the News

In the news yesterday, I heard about the new “dirty dozen” supplements that consumers should stay away from (According to Consumer Reports).  They are supplements that I had not really heard of, so I am glad my fish oil and multivitamins are still OK! 

 The dozen are:

  • aconite
  • bitter orange
  • chaparral
  • colloidal silver
  • coltsfoot
  • comfrey
  • country mallow
  • germanium
  • greater celandine
  •  kava
  • lobelia
  • yohimbe

From Consumer Reports:

More than half of the adult population in the U.S. have taken supplements for a variety of reasons—to stay healthy, lose weight, gain an edge in sports, or to improve their performance in the bedroom.  What consumers may not realize is that the supplement manufacturers routinely, and legally, sell their products without first having to demonstrate that they are safe and effective.   The Consumer Reports investigation states that the FDA has not made full use of even the meager authority granted it by the industry-friendly 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).  The FDA has only once used its power to ban a supplement ingredient (ephedrine alkaloids) outright.

“Supplements are marketed with very seductive and sometimes overblown sales pitches for increasing your performance in the bedroom, slimming down, or boosting your athletic prowess.  And consumers are easily lulled into believing that supplements can do no harm because they’re ‘natural.’  However, some natural ingredients can be hazardous, and on top of that the FDA has repeatedly found hazardous ingredients, including synthetic prescription drugs, in supplements,” said Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor, Consumer Reports.

Here are some steps consumers can take to make sure the supplements they use are safe and beneficial:

  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist. Even helpful products can be harmful, for example, if you’re pregnant or nursing, have a chronic disease, taking a medication that interacts adversely with the supplement, or are about to undergo elective surgery.
  • Beware of these categories. Supplements for weight loss, sexual enhancement, and bodybuilding have been problematic, the FDA said, because some contain steroids and prescription drugs.
  • Look for the “USP Verified” mark. It indicates that the supplement manufacturer has voluntarily asked U.S. Pharmacopeia, a trusted nonprofit, private standard-setting authority, to verify the quality, purity and potency of its raw ingredients or finished products. USP posts a list of verified products on its website at
  • Don’t assume more is better. It’s possible to overdose even on beneficial vitamins and minerals. Avoid any product that claims to contain “megadoses.”
  • Report problems. Let your doctor know if you experience any symptoms after you start taking a supplement. And if you end up with a serious side effect, ask your doctor or pharmacist to report it to the FDA, or do it yourself at  or by calling 800-332-1088.
  • Research in the right places. Be skeptical about claims made for supplements in ads, on TV and by sales staff. If a claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Consumer Reports provides several online links for assessing supplements at

Read more here

My Thoughts

I still don’t know what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to take.  I don’t understand how to tell what brand is good or not because it’s hard to trust where the supplements are coming from.  I personally think that the supplement industry needs stricter regulations.  I also think consumers need to educate themselves and discuss supplements with their doctors.

I do take supplements and I guess I just put my trust in the company that it is what it’s supposed to be.  I currently take a multivitamin, a probiotic, fish oil, a greens powder supplement, and digestive enzymes. I’ve read up on some research on most of them and find them to be beneficial to me. 


Do you take any supplements? If so, what do you take and why?


14 responses to “The Great Outdoors is my Gym

  1. Honestly, I don’t take many supps. A multivitamin and a fish oil if I remember which usually only happens about twice a week.

    Oh, and I need an update on Sophe! has she lost any weight yet haha?

  2. Love getting in workouts outside! Yay on getting your computer back too. I hear you on all the supplements and foods and everything. One week you’re supposed to take or eat this then the next week it’s bad for you. It gets so frustrating.

  3. for me, it’s hard to know what’s good and bad in the health world. It seems like things are always changing. I know a couple years ago my mom was all about Soy Milk, but now she says that what she’s been reading is soy can promote breast cancer, so now I don’t drink soy milk very often, except for tofu and the occasional cafe latte.

  4. I bet not being in the GA heat makes outdoor workouts much easier, huh? LOL

    I don’t really take supplements except my prenatal vitamin. I never really think to add them in. Which sounds like its a good thing with helping avoid that list.

  5. I am jealous of your outdoor workouts! I have been getting so bored in the gym, but it has been super hot here. I am not complaining, I love the heat but I also like to get in a run every now and then!!

    I don’t take any suppliments. I used to take a multi but stopped because I just am a little uneasy about how unregulated it all is. One day you need them then the next day it is killing you! Scary.

    At least it motivates me to try to get everything that I need through whole foods : )

  6. I usually just take a good ol’ multivitamin like OneADay…

  7. I find it hard to get to the gym in summer too, I just prefer being outside! Sometimes I can’t even get in my 2x a week program, so I just go 1x ! I’m loving outdoor activities, running, biking or just strolling with my pup.

    I take fish oil and sometimes a multi vitamin. I also take a calcium/vit d supp when I remember.

  8. multi*
    vit d*
    fish oil*

    *when I remember

    Are you interested in teaching a class or two at any of these gyms, or are you too busy for that at the moment?

    Every time I notice my pup begging for more food (she is on a diet…vet’s orders), I think of yours and wonder how you are doing ❤

    • Hey Red!

      Sophia has adjusted to lower amounts of food (considering I was feeding her like a great dane the vet tech told me lol), so she’s doing well! Both pups get a couple of treats each day too!

      As for teaching, I’m actually waiting to hear back about a job at a University near by…I may have a great opportunity there!

  9. i heard about those supps! the only ones I take are fishoils and a multi! so I think i should be ok!! i have been working out outside alot lately too its awesome!!!

  10. Yay you’re back! I missed your posts! I LOL’d at Sophia in the t-shirt, that is so funny! I don’t take supplements, I just take a multivitamin everyday.

  11. Oh my!thank you for this info…Yesterday I was reading a magazine where they were talking about a new line of panties with colloidal silver to prevent germ and such (candida) that are now being sold in drug stores…and this morning I’ve just used for the first time a deo spray for feet with colloidal silver … Italy is always late, with new products AND with their side effects! 🙂

  12. Oh man, supplements, I take soooooo sooooo many… about 50 or so pills a day. I do this though because I cannot eat so many different food groups so I need to replenish myself some how. I typically buy all Life Extension branded supplements because I truly believe their science. LEF.ORG if you’re interested.

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