You are doing Enough!


I’m sitting outside on this lovely evening in Cleveland.  My dogs, Boo and Sophia, are playing with their toys while I relax and blog with the nice breeze 🙂  Ahh, this is the life! 

The past few weeks I have not stepped foot in the gym.  The main reason is that I am waiting to hear back from a job opportunity (and it would involve fitness so I would not need a membership else where).  Until I have definite job plans, I am saving my money and doing no gym workouts.

These past few weeks have been odd, considering I have always worked out in a gym.  It’s almost been challenging and in the past I would have felt like I am not doing enough physically.  However, I know that doing other activities like walking and jogging are just as good for me and are quite honestly “enough”. 

Here’s what a typical exercise schedule has looked like for me over the past few weeks:

  • Sunday: walk the dogs, 40 minutes
  • Monday: jog, 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: walk the dogs, 40 minutes
  • Wednesday: walk the dogs, 40 minutes
  • Thursday: jog, 30 minutes
  • Friday: walk the dogs, 40 minutes
  • Saturday: walk the dogs, 40 minutes or jog 30 minutes

That’s it! No gym on top of my jogs or walks.   Walking has become my new cardio.   I am beginning to let go of those feelings of “not doing enough” and realizing that I am doing just enough.

In the past a typical day of working out could look like this:

  • Lift heavy 40 minutes
  • 30 minute high intensity cardio
  • Teach a spin class in the evening

I no longer feel it necessary to workout like that.  I still do teach (and enjoy it) but don’t feel obligated to do my own workout before teaching.  

The one thing I’ve learned about weight loss (even though I’ve never lost a significant amount of weight) is that it’s more about what you eat vs how much you exercise.  I could exercise for 2 hours a day, yet not lose a pound, which is fine by me because I am maintaining.  However, because I am maintaining I don’t want to feel like I need to exercise for 2 hours a day to stay at the same weight.  And I don’t.   My weight is actually on the lower end of my comfy weight range (which is between 138-143lbs) now vs when I am exercising more.  Imagine that!  My weight stays the same and I don’t have to physically exhaust myself each day.  

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying don’t push yourselves.  Even I like a challenging workout.  But you don’t have to over exercise each week for fear that you’ll suddenly balloon up.    The take home message is to be kind to yourself and to give yourself a break – YOU ARE DOING ENOUGH! 😉

This is what a quick 30 minute jog made me look like (granted it was almost 90 degrees, but I felt pretty good!)

Sweaty Swamp Monster!

Weekend Plans

Saturday I am staying the night in a haunted prison (crazy, I know!)….Andy’s mom and aunt are really into visiting haunted places.  I also am interested, but actually really afraid!  Good thing I’ll be in good company with Andy and his family. 


Do you feel as though you push yourself too hard, just right, or not enough when it comes to your workouts?

Do you believe in ghosts?

28 responses to “You are doing Enough!

  1. I would freak out staying in a supposedly haunted place. I don’t know how I feel about ghosts, but I do know things like that freak me out.

    And so true that you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to have a fit body. The diet is what matters most.

  2. I don’t know that I could handle the haunted thing – I am such a chicken!!!

    I am working on the balance between the gym and the kitchen : )

  3. i love this!!! amen to that- you dont have to KILL yourself to be fit. you are a true example that taking care of yourself does GOOD things for your body!!

    HAUNTED PRISON!?! lol that is HARDCORE girl!!

  4. Ohhh, wow, you haunted prison adventure sounds spooky fun!!! Tell us about it later!!

    Good luck on the job opportunity! Hope you get it if it suits you well 🙂

    I think I have a good balance of balls to the wall one day, and just enough pushing the next, and then a one or two slow/recovery type days…I like to varu intensities–keeps boredom in check. Now, from personal experience, I definitely agree it’s mostly what you eat..definitely 🙂

  5. haha i LOVE ur post sweaty pic! embrace ur sweat glands!

    plus its nice that uve been letting urself take a break and trying ur best to just relax and not push urself! a lot of people need to take that tip! i havent been doing cardio or exercise nearly as much as i used to but im happy with that. i usually workout when i feel stir crazy and have built up energy… otherwise im taking it easy 🙂

    i really hope u get the job btw!!! it seems like one that will suit you so well! ❤ crossing my fingers and toes 😛


  6. Though I’ve always been hardcore about working out, I’ve definitely come a long way with eating well, but still have a ways to go. That’s such a great reminder about eating well vs working out & something I’ll have to learn to embrace.

    I hope you get the job! Love your blog, BTW!

  7. Oh! And no thank you to the haunted house! I’m SUCH a scaredy cat!

  8. I’m not doing any exercise atm! My routine is all out and i just got so unmotivated! However, i start a new job in about 3 weeks and i have to get the train, then walk. It will be about 20-30 mins walking each day but i want to buy a treadmill and get in some extra HIITs!

  9. Great post! I often feel like I’m not doing enough but lately I’ve really tried to cut myself some slack. There are really more important things than how many days I worked out this week, you know?

    I would love to stay in the haunted prison as long as there were people with me. I love things like that!

  10. Sometimes I know I push myself too hard. I think I have done very good at moderating my workouts more recently though. I have stopped going all out, high intensity, all the time. I make sure that I include lower intensity days now…plan them in even. I feel so much better for it too. I’m still out on the ghost thing. Grew up in a house with very eerie things happening though.

  11. I USED to push myself way too hard, doing lots of high intensity workouts every day. now I do get a lot of activity, but most of it is either walking, running at a moderate/comfortable pace, and cycling (also moderate/steady state). not a lot of very heavy lifting or intense workouts in my life right now.

    I totally agree with you that it’s not necessary to do a lot of exercise to maintain weight, even to lose weight. If you workout less, you’ll just generally tend to eat less too. I know for me, cardio gives me an insane appetite. I’m generally at my heaviest when I’m doing a high volume of running/biking. I think if I had to lose weight, it would make more sense to do very little cardio.. walking only etc. as it’s so much easier to control appetite.

    Since I’m not trying to lose or anything, my high activity and big eating balance out fine for maintenance 🙂 But I know, when I take time off.. I don’t gain weight, so I’m not “afraid” of rest days/weeks etc. any more.

    I guess I believe in the possibility of ghosts. Since I’ve never seen/experienced one, I can’t say I believe in them. A first hand, fully awake experience with a ghost is what it would take for me to “believe”. i have a lot of doubt, BUT never say never 🙂

  12. Ah, great message to share.

    I know I’ve made a decision to cut back on cardio because soon, I simply wont ahve time for it and I dont want to stress myself out trying to get a workout in. It was a scary decision for me to make at first, because honestly, I dont want to gain weight but I know that’s an illogical thoughts so I now will only be doing cardio 3 times a weeks, plus all the dog walkage :).

  13. These past two weeks I haven’t been pushing myself at all. I’ve run maybe a total of two miles? I’ve been doing yoga every night, though. I haven’t been completely inactive, but it’s such a step down from all summer skating or playing football with the students, crawling around parks, a post-work run, and a pre-bed yoga sesh…it’s hard not to feel guilty when I know I’m capable of so much more.

  14. loved this post. i have not been going to the gym lately because i moved and, quite frankly, i HATE my new gold’s location. i have been walking and running with the dogs and doing a workout video here and there (super rarely) and i feel like it’s definitely been enough!


  15. What a great post! Do you mind if I link back to it at some point – I think it is one that many should read.

    Good luck with the job!

  16. I totally agree with your feelings on exercise. I love it, I do it everyday, but I know it doesn’t help me lose weight. Ironically it was the couple of weeks that I took off from exercise (but was eating really healthy) that I lost weight.
    I haven’t gone to a gym all summer and it feels weird! I totally a gym rat but while I’m just home from school for 3 months it doesn’t seem worth getting a membership. It’s actually forced me to be more creative with my workouts (hiking, rollerblading, 30 day shred, etc.) and I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

  17. God, I remember reading your updates back during those days and afterward feeling as though I deserved a postworkout treat 😀

    I’d cross my fingers for you on that job opportunity, but it seems wiser that I cross my fingers for the person doing the hiring. That is – in hopes that they can see how much you could bring to their department!

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  19. Its hard for me cause all I do is a simple walk a day. It never seems enough. Never.

    Thanks for this.

  20. It’s weird I don’t believe in ghosts, but am the first to freak out if I hear any kind of noise when I am by myself, and get terrified at haunted houses! I am such a baby it’s ridiculous.

    I am also glad to know that Im not the only one who majorly sweats after cardio of any kind! It has been at least 97 degrees where I live every day and w/ the humidity feels like it’s 120!!

  21. such a great post! i love that you give the reassurance that walking and just being active throughout the day is enough. i’ve had to back away from the gym and focus just on being healthy without killing myself for hours at a time exercising. youre amazing!

  22. I had the same experience last week. I go to the gym 5 days a week and practice yoga. I push way to hard to get to the gym and stress myself out. Last week my yoga teacher was in town and did a retreat 6-8 am every morning. THis is my usual gym time. I did not go to the gym ALL week. I felt great- energized, peaceful, happy, slept well, ate well, weight felt great…. I can’t get it through my head though. I working at it. I did go to the gym this morning but i practiced yoga and did only 30 min of cardio. I helps knowing people deal with the same things sometimes. THanks for the reminder. My fingers are crossed for the job.

  23. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Good for you!!! I find that when I lay off hardcore exercise sometimes, I end up losing weight, haha. It’s weird. I think I eat a whole lot more to sustain my workouts, and yeah, it is a maintenance thing. When I’m not exercising all intensely, I don’t eat as much as I need to when I’m running 6-7+ miles.

    Being injured doesn’t really help my cause either 😦

  24. sometimes I feel I push myself to much but then there are those days when I feel really lazy and I don’t do enough haha.

  25. I was just thinking about this the other, glad you brought it up! I typically love to workout everyday if I could because I love it. But ever since I had the scare of a stress fracture I have backed off a lot. But backing off has made me realize that it’s more about healthy eating than exercising your tail off everyday. In fact, when I exercise a lot, I eat more because my body needs more fuel. And that can lead to over eating. So I have definitely made the decision that working out every other day is enough for me.

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