The Truth Is…

I am finding it really difficult to keep a consistent blog schedule.

I know, I know, it’s just a hobby and I am in charge of how often I blog, but I can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt for not posting as much as I once did.  I love the blog world and I am so glad I discovered it.  It’s such a great place to “meet” and “chat” with other like-minded people who share similar interests.  In my “real world” I don’t have many people around me who enjoy taking pictures of food (ok,  I don’t have ANYONE around me who enjoy that!) or who like to exercise as much as I do.  So it’s nice to come to my blog and connect with those who do.

When I was living in Georgia on my own for a year, I had a LOT of time to blog.  I worked in an office and could even blog at work.  Andy and the rest of my family were back in Ohio, so I didn’t really have much else going on besides working and blogging.  This allowed me to spend more time coming up with important blog topics that allowed for discussion and debate.

When I decided to move back to Ohio to move in with Andy and be closer to family and friends I thought it would improve my blog by having more exciting material since I would actually have more of a social life.  However, I have found it not to be the case.   Because I am back home and have more things to do, I am finding it a lot more difficult to carve out blogging time because, well, I am enjoying living my life! 

Natural Moments Vs. Real Moments

I am beyond happy being back in Ohio and living with Andy.  It’s everyything I wanted and more! We have a great time together.  He knows I blog, and respects it, but he did tell me that he’s not a fan of me taking a picture every two seconds.  He said he’d much rather have something be a “natural moment” rather than a “forced moment” for a picture on my blog.  And that really struck a cord with me.  How natural can moments be when you are constantly capturing them on a camera? Are you really living in the moment or are you trying to make the moment look more exciting than it really, truly was by taking a picture? 

This is not a post to say I am not going to blog anymore, because I am.  I really do enjoy it! It is however a post saying that I am having a much more difficult time than I had thought I would with finding time to blog since I moved back…And I am still trying to find a balance and really not sure how long it will take me to discover that.  


If you blog, do you feel you have a balanced blogging schedule? If so, how do you do it?


19 responses to “The Truth Is…

  1. Oh man, I hear ya on what Andy had to say.

    That’s why I don’t take pictures of everything I do just for the blog–it DOES start feeling forced and “posey” and that’s just not the way I want to live my life.

    I love that you are enjoying and living life–every few days that go by and I dont see a post from you, it doesnt bother me bc I know you are doing something and being with people that you didn’t get to see for a whole year and it makes me smile!

    Now that I started school, I know I won’t blog as much. In fact, I have decided that I won’t blog at home much at all. I can blog at work so I may do a post or two here and that’s it. The evenings with Sean go by much too fast and I dont want to waste an hour that I could be spending time with someone I love by blogging and commenting on blogs.

  2. It can be hard to keep it regular and remember everything you could possibly want to write about each day. For me, if I think something would be good, I’ll write it down. Or start a post early and have it all ready to go before the next day when I hit publish (maybe just do a few changes here or there). It can be hard if you sit down and try to write everything all at once- timewise and topic-wise. Goodluck!

  3. Like you said, I blog at work most days. I try to blog once a day during the week and once during the weekend but if I don’t have something to post about I don’t worry about it.

    I don’t capture every single meal/moment on camera, it’s just too tedious.

  4. I had this back in January and quit blogging for 8 months, now I’m back and love it even more. Sometimes you just need a break to realize it’s really what you love or don’t love.

  5. I just started so I’ll have to let you know later. I do very much enjoy your blog!

  6. I’m struggling with the same exact things! And my boyfriend, who actually started my blog, is getting frustrated with the blog. He has a love hate relationship. He loves that it is a hobby I enjoy, but hates that it requires so much attention. Sometimes I feel the same way. Right now I’ve limited my posts to early in the day, and I’m no longer blogging every meal. I think for me this is a healthy balance, but everyone is going to have their own schedule. You shouldn’t feel guilty about the frequency – more important is the quality and right now you put out great posts.

  7. Hey girl – I think it’s ok to not have a strict schedule. Life comes first. I think I have mine pretty balanced (for now). I typically try to write out my post in pieces throughout the day when I have time. I add the pictures and final thoughts, edits, etc before posting in the eve. I have changed my M.O. for the weekends though and don’t wait around to post dinner. I do a follow-up post the next day that way I can post early and be done.

  8. It seems like every time I establish a blog schedule, my “real world” schedule changes and I have to rework everything! I don’t whip out a camera when I’m around my boyfriend, but anything else in my life is fair game. It’s a hard balance to strike :/

  9. I am a blog slacker! I am lucky if I post once or twice a week : ) My life just does not allow for it.

    Everyone is different. It all depends on how YOU feel about it. If you are feeling like something is “off” or unbalanced…then it probably is.

    I am totally with your man on the “natural” moments vs. “forced” moments. It is kindof like photoshopping your life for a blog. When we look at pictures on peoples blogs is that what life/food/fun is “really” like for them – or was that take 25 of that photo???? Interesting.

  10. There seems to be a common theme in the blogworld right now. I just wrote on this yesterday after my good friend Kelly from My Healthy Passion decided to call it quits and i noticed how irregularly I’ve been posting lately. I am going to try to make sure I treat it as a hobby, like you mentioned. I love it and don’t intend to quit, but it can’t consume my life. Live life, don’t just write about it. I’ll write when I like and about what I like and not get too wrapped up in a schedule. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  11. To be honest, I blog once a day Mon-Fri. And I don’t feel pressure for it to be the most fabulous post ever-made (maybe because I don’t have a huge crowd of followers). My blog started because I live far from my family and my boyfriends family – cooking is one of our favorite things to do and when I would say “We cooked ______ last night” someone would ask for the recipe. So now, my blog is a way to keep my family up to speed with my life. I keep them short, to the point and they’re me. And Big Guy loves the blog – he thinks it’s cool. But probably because I don’t blog during “our” time – blogging is done either before work starts or during my lunch break. Try to remember the reason you started the blog – and do what makes you happy – that’s what matters!

  12. Hey girlie! I totally understand where you are coming from. It’s so hard to find the time to blog consistantly while dealing with every day life especially when you’re enjoying being back with your fam and your love! I blog whenever I can. This week it may be four times, but last week may have been once. I was beating myself up over my lack of posting, but I recently became okay with life has to be priority to me. You’ll figure it out girl. XOXO

  13. This is an all-too common theme lately – and I wrote on it myself. When I had to take time away, horrible situation with moving , etc. no computer, etc. – WOW – what a difference. There is SO much I want to DO and explore in life!!

    Unfortunately, my debt/finances don’t allow that, so I can’t just go on weekend trips or leave my job…or go shopping, or…okay,I’ll stop there 😉

    But yeah, I think it can be silly and overwhelming. I still don’t get the whole posting what you ate thing. I’ll post pics of food – but not what I eat all day – that would be monstrous…

    I’m often conflicted because I feel that the time spent/wasted (?) blogging could/should be just on reading or watching a movie or just doing something for myself with the computer completely shut off.

    Finding a new job? lol. Actually writing if that’s what I say I want to do…because honestly I don’t even know…considering that I suck and wouldn’t even know where to begin…

  14. I just started blogging and I’m very interested in what everyone has to say. I’m trying to figure out how big of a priority I want it to be in my life. I love reading all of the healthy living blogs, but I can see how easily it can take over. Thanks to all the commenters for providing different perspectives on this topic!

  15. This is why I like forums…

  16. I totally agree with the “natural moment” versus the “forced moment”. I love taking pictures as much as the next person but I would like to think I know when to just put it away and let things be. I find balance by not putting pressure on my blog. I blog when I want to, don’t when I don’t. I don’t take pictures of everything I do, because I’m not sure if that would even enhance my blog. Good luck trying to find balance, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it!

  17. I feel the same way! Sometimes I even wonder why I do it… haha.

    But don’t feel like you have to post every day, you know? It’s your blog, your rules 🙂 We just enjoy reading it when it happens!

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