Running Mojo!

Hello my Blog Friends! 🙂

Yes, I’ve been slacking…I feel as though I’ve lost some creative mojo in the past couple of months in regards to my blog…and I’m still working on getting it back!  One good thing that has come back is my running mojo!

I’m thrilled to be running again.   About 4 years I ago, I was running consistently and felt great.  I was in great running condition, and a 5 or 6 miler was simple to me.   Unfortunately, I began to run too much and I ran myself down.  I gave up running for years and was afraid to get started again.  See, when I had to stop running, it was as if I was mourning it.  I literally would cry because I didn’t have my morning run.  It was pathetic, yes.   Slowly, I got over it and realized there were other ways to stay fit and active.   But in the back of my mind, I have always seen myself as a runner and have always felt like running was something that was missing from my life…and I would eventually get it back.

Since moving back to Ohio from Georgia and not joining a gym (holy expensive!!), I decided to make the ol’ outdoors my gym.  And I began to run.  Or I should say jog, because well, it had been years since I had ran and I needed to start slow. 

The first week back to running I started with a 1 mile run.  After I felt comfortable running a mile a couple of times a week, I took my distance up to 2 miles.   Then I added a third day in.  So I was running 2 miles at a time 3x a week.   Slowly I’ve gotten to the point where a 3 mile run is my comfortable workout and each week I try to add on to my long run.   So far, so good!  I’m up to running 5 miles for my “long” run and this weekend I am shooting for 6. 

I’m only running 3x a week because I feel that gives my body the recovery it needs.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be the type of runner who can just get up and run daily.  Plus, I don’t want to risk getting an injury.   On my off days I just walk with my dogs and Andy…it’s our lil family time 🙂

After a run on a very hot day

P.S. Andy calls my hat in the picture my “retirement hat” because he says it looks like something a 90 year old man would wear…I on the other hand think it looks great 😉  Workout gear is the one time I don’t care how ridiculous my outfit is…as long as I can get sweaty in it and keep the sun outta my face, its’ alright with me!

So other than running each week I’ve been having fun going out on the weekends with friends and enjoying my time with Andy and the pups! I’ve also been going to that pesky little place called work…gotta pay the bills! 😉 

A night out in Cleveland with girlfriends

Grillin' out at the house

The pups 🙂

Before I go get ready for bed, here are some blogs posts I’ve found interesting today (And I wish I had time to read more blogs daily because I would have a TON more to post! These are a few I got to tonight!)


Did you read any good blog posts today? If so, feel free to share! 🙂


9 responses to “Running Mojo!

  1. I am always so excited when I see you pop up in my reader! I miss you!

    I cant tell you how happy I am for you that your running mojo is back! I remember you talking about running at 02 and I always figured it was your first love, but I always wondered why you never got back into it.

    Also–you are inspring to me right now for this reason. You got into heavy lifting for a while and enjoyed it–and now you hardly do it all. I still get a bit of anxiety if I dont lift at least 2 days a week!

    Anyhoot–love you.

  2. Thanks for sharing my blog post! 🙂

    I’m actually currently taking a break from running b/c I got a little burnt out on it. When I get back into it someday, I hope to take the same approach you’re taking – start off slowly and add a little bit more distance here and there. There’s a part of me that will probably feel bad for not jumping right back into the same running shape I was before, but that’s just ridiculous! I need to squash that part of me. 😉

  3. As Lisa said, I always get excited when I see something from you!

    Glad things are going well and you’re getting back to running. I know you love it!

    I wish we could have lunch again. I miss those few times. 🙂

  4. Thanks for thinking my post was interesting…I think the opposite all the time. I’m a bit of a mess.
    I admire you.
    I used to be a runner long ago. I had to give it up over a year ago because I could barely crawl anymore. Now my body is wore out me (everything is literally just “blown” out), so I can’t even run if I try.
    So I walk.
    Its been 1.5 years so far…and I might never run again, who knows.
    I try to live in the moment, it gets overwhelming otherwise, but its really really hard to deal with.
    If I could jog for 5 mins and feel “normal” it would be a wonderful gift.
    But I can’t even stumble for 30 secs, my body is just not having it. At all.
    I admire you though. Way to go.

  5. lindsey!! i agree with the other girls, i also get excited to see a post from you!

    glad to see that you’re back to running and doing it because you like to and want to.. not because you feel that you have to. i think that’s the best type of way to exercise! love the pic of you in the running gear, you look like you’re ready for a marathon, lol 🙂

  6. Good for you girl!!! I am totally inspired by this post. I was in the best running shape EVER up til just relatively recently, and I got injured yet again. I have been taking my time off and am worried about getting back into it but cannot wait to rediscover the “mojo” again 🙂 good for you!

  7. I just started increasing up my mileage lately but yesterday really hurt my knee during a run.

    I’m a little scared because running is my feel good medicine. Running is such a great drug haha.

  8. its always good to play it safe with injuries. its hard to get back on track but it feels good when uve rested it up and u can feel more confident getting back on track without worrying about re-injuring urself again. running is totally a drug like the above comment mentioned! thats why its so hard for people to trust that their body needs that little rest in between to heal 🙂


  9. Favorite blogpost of the past few days? theemptynutjar’s one on living in the present.

    I miss your journal updates!

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