My Latest Obsessions

Hello Blog World! How was everyone’s Holiday weekend? 

Mine was great!  My parents came to visit Andy and I for the weekend from Cincinnati.  Saturday night we went to a minor league baseball game and had dinner at Red Robin (I love this place!).  Andy’s parents came along too, so it was nice to have everyone together.  For dinner I had a big ol’ Blue Moon beer to drink, a cup of the chicken tortilla soup and split a BBQ chicken wrap with my mom, which came with fries.  I also had a few onion rings that my dad ordered as an appetizer for everyone.  Ahh, greasy pre-game food! Love it!

Sunday I made us all veggie omelets before we went shopping for the day.  My parents bought Andy and I new stools for our kitchen and a little table for our patio outside as a house warming gift. 

Thanks Mom and Dad 🙂

Sunday night we relaxed as we ate DQ Blizzards and watched “Date Night” (very cute!).  Dairy Queen has new mini blizzards, which are definitely a great idea.  However, when I eat a blizzard I want the real deal.  Mini just aint’ gonna cut it for this girl.  Medium all the way for me! 😉

My Latest Food Obessions
Sometimes when I try something new, I get really obessed with it.  For example, I used to eat oatmeal and egg whites every. single. day.  I think I did this for 3 years straight.  I was obessed!  And lately I’ve been obessed with eating cereal every day.   I just can’t help myself!
Since I am currently working at a supplement store I see so many bars that are on the shelves, ranging from the typical monsterous protein bars that I could use as a dumbbells to Atkins Bars (does anyone still follow this diet?), to the Organic bars.  Organic bars are definitely my favorite at the moment as most have a very short ingredient list that I actually understand. The other day the Raw Revolution bars went on clearance and I decided to buy one. I ended up buying ALL of em’ once I tried the first one. I loved the taste and the flavor.  I definintely recommend trying these!! I’ve had the Cashew Agave and the Chocolate Cashew flavors. Yum!

Cashew Agave

Chocolate Cashew

 Chocolate Ovaltine

I feel like I’m totally kicking it old school with this one! Since living with Andy I’ve developed a lot of new habits.  One being his Ovaltine habit.  At first I laughed at him because he’s a 26 year old man drinking Ovaltine.  But then I had a taste of his ice cold glass and I just had to make my own.  This stuff is amazing! I’ve been drinking it almost every night mixed with 1% or 2% milk.  Heaven!

"More Ovaltine Please!"

Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood

I know a lot of bloggers use this already in their smoothies and I have to say I am a fan.  I like the fact that I am getting some of the same nutritional properties and benefits of superfoods from scoop of powder.  Sure, it’s always best to eat a variety of veggies and fruits, but I like this as my ‘back up’ for those days I don’t get my 5-9 servings.

Green Superfood

I’ve been drinking this stuff every morning with the rest the supplements I take (Multivitamin, Fish Oil, supplement for joints, and probiotics) and feel better over all.  Is it the Amazing Grass Superfood? Who knows, but all I know is that I’ve been feeling great for the last few months since I have been consistent with my vitamins and supplements.  I used to just take them when I remembered, but now it’s a habit. 

Mother’s Natural Peanut Butter Bumpers Cereal

I found this little gem of a cereal at my neighborhood Marc’s grocery store.  Marc’s is a discount store, so the cereal there is always a lot cheaper vs the regular grocery store.  I tried Bumpers a few weeks ago and now I am completely addicted.  These lil’ guys are great! I like to mix them with a higher fiber cereal and fruit for breakfast, which makes for a filling meal.   I’ve tried the chocolate kind too, but the peanut butter are definitely better!  

PB Bumpers

Non-Food Related Obessions
The Real Housewives
I’m completely addicted to this series! I love the drama, cat fights, and watching the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous.  I’m so glad that a brand new season and cast is starting in October!  Hello Beverly Hills!   Read more about the cast here!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

And of course I am always obsessed with….
My two lil’ ones! 
Even when they think the guest room is their own room.  I had to kick em’ out when my parents were here!  They have such a tough life 😉

Boo and Sophia

Well I’m off to bed! I hope you all have a great night! 🙂


What is one thing you are currently obsessed with?


15 responses to “My Latest Obsessions

  1. I totally went through a major ovaltine phase last year after eating it all through my childhood and rediscovering it…now I’m in a massive Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate obsession!

  2. I’ve NEVER had ovaltine–can you believe that?! Crazy, I know.

    I love the pb bumpers! YUM!

    Im obsessed with Dexter, Larabars, and thai food!

  3. What breed of dogs do you have??? They are so adorable!!!

  4. Oh I just wrote about those raw revolution bars the other day but couldn’t find a working web link. I think I’m obsessed with PB in my oatmeal. I get really sad when I eat my last bite of oatmeal each morning.

  5. I just developed a new obsession with oat bran. As an oatmeal lover I don’t know how I could have made it through 26 years without ever eating oat bran. I love the texture and nutritional stats. I’ve also recently become obsessed with HIIT, so effective. And one more fun obsession is Mad Men. I’m just starting season 1 and it’s awesome!

  6. OMG I just saw my first episode of Real Housewives yesterday and ended up watching trash tv for like 3 hours!!! What the heck?!?! It’s like a disease haha. So awesome.

  7. Currently I’m obsessed with nectarines, running, and cinnamon. Not all at once. And ditto on the housewives. DC is awful but I’m psyched for Beverly Hills!

  8. I LOVE Chocolate Ovaltine! It brings me back to childhood when my cousins and I used to watch movies with some homemade popcorn and Ovaltine milkshakes!

    And currently I’m obsessed with anything pumpkin!

  9. Great stools!
    I’m currently obsessed with apples! In every form!

  10. Oh my goodness! YES – mini blizzards? – pshwh! Full-size please! What kind did you get? I love the PB Cups and Smarties, but OREO is the ultimate 🙂 I have a thing for Cookies & Creme ice cream 😉

    Ovaltine? I’ve heard of that…is it supposed to be a supplement? Good for you? Like a cocoa powder…or Ensure or something?!

    • I get oreo with pb cups added! I love this combo, it’s amazing!

      Yeah ovaltine is chocolate powder drink mix that has added vitamins…it’s like a Nestle’s Quick, but I think it tastes better!

  11. hey linds!

    you know i’m obsessed with trash tv as well – esp NJ housewives..sad it’s over but i can’t wait for beverly hills either!.. don’t like D.C. at all-so boring! (i think OC needs to come back though!)

    oh and those PB bumpers sound like something i would like..need to keep my eye out for them!

    hope you’re enjoying the weekend girly 🙂

  12. Right now I am really obsessed with banana and peanut butter ( I always love it but I get these cravings) , also vanilla soy milk, and eggs of any kind

  13. ahhhh blizzards!!!! Gods gift to dessert…

    I am currently obsessed with… gosh, I dont know. I have no food variety where I live but basically I have been spreading peanut butter and this really crappy “mixed fruit jam” (the only kind i can really get which is basically just pure sugar but delicious…) on pretty much everything. Back to basics!

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