Gettin’ into a Groove

Hello Blog World! 🙂

Phew, where has the time gone?! Let’s catch up!

New Job

Last week I finished up my job at the supplement store and started my new job as a full time Fitness Specialist.  This week is my first full week at my new job so it’s been taking me a little while to get into a groove with things.  I don’t know about you, but it takes me a good couple of months to really feel comfortable at a new job, so this time period is always a bit awkard! But, everyone’s gotta be new at some point 😉 

So far I really enjoy the job.  My co-workers are great and have a ton of experience in the field so I am learning a lot from them.  I’m also back to teaching a full schedule of classes and wow, is my body hurtin’…and it’s only Tuesday!  I teach 7 classes per week right now and have also been attending other ones to get ideas and to get a feel for the class participants.  It’s been fun, but exhausting.  It takes me a little while to get used to so much activity, but i’ll get there.  My appetite also changes…I’ve been extra hungry so I make sure to pack lots of snacks for the day so I can stay fueled and energized. 

My running has taken a back seat at the moment until I figure out a way to fit in a day or two with my teaching schedule.  But I am in no hurry to do so, as I don’t want to get burnt out.  I am hoping though to at least run once a week to keep my running endurance up and to run occasional races.

Weekend Fun

Last weekend I went to BGSU for my college’s homecoming with friends.  It was an absolute blast and I pretended as if I were a freshman again…ahh, the glory days! It was a great time, but each year it becomes more and more exhausting to party! Am I getting old and boring or what?!

BGSU Homecoming

Good times with Good Friends!

Boozin' like it's 2003!


As of late I’ve been a teaching machine, teaching Pilates, Cardio classes, and Total Body weight training.  I’ve also been doing a workout DVD here and there when the weather has been crappy.  Last week I did a Yoga video, which was actually pretty challenging.  It was a workout by Karen Voight.  She’s tough!

Cheesy Yoga Pose for the Blog 😉

Dog Update:

As you know my pup, Boo, injured the pads on his feet.  I am happy to say he recovered SO quickly and is back to his old crazy, happy self! Thanks for the well-wishes, he really appreciated it 😉

Happy Boo!

Well I pooped and so I am off to bed! I hope you all have a great night!


Do you like workout DVDs? If so, which ones are your favorite?

12 responses to “Gettin’ into a Groove

  1. I WISH partying was as easy as it used to be! It takes such a toll out of me now if I try.

    Glad you enjoy your new job. and holy hecks woman, you are a exercising machine now with all those classes.

    Hope to see you around here more 🙂

  2. Glad you had fun for the homecoming! And that you’re getting into a work groove. That sounds intense to be teaching that many classes!

  3. This is my first full week at work too!!! YAY for new jobs!

    I just want to hug Boo, he’s so cute!

    I have Bob Harper’s DVDs and I like those a lot, but I feel I need more equipment at home, so I plan on watching them and doing the moves in the work gym where it’s less crowded..since I’m currently not feeling my gym too much right now.

  4. I’m definitely a fan of workout DVD’s, depending on the situation. They’re so convenient, especially when there’s no time to make an early morning trip to the gym.
    Lately, however, I’ve been totally hooked on Exercise on Demand. I’ve been switching through about 5-6 different videos that are all totally awesome! I love having all the variety right in my own TV! 🙂

    Looks like you had fun with your girls!

  5. hey linds!
    glad to see you updated and the new job is going well!..

    love the pics of your homecoming, i was just thinking the other day how i used to be energized all weekend and could’t wait to party and now i’m like a grandma when it comes to it! haha.. funny how things can change in just a few years.

    oh and i like doing fitness dvd’s fact this morning i did one off exercise tv and it was killer!

    hope to see more updates from you now! 🙂

  6. Glad you are back! Missed ya!

    I totally can’t hang like I used to. I get so tired and hungover! I still try my absolute best though when I’m up for it!

    Glad Boo is better too!

    I don’t really do workout videos but my husband loves P90X. I’ve done some random on demand yoga videos that haven’t been too bad either.

  7. from supplement store worker to fitness specialist, my oh my, someone is getting legit!! about time id say, u totally deserve more recognition!!!! ❤ GOOD JOB BEAUTIFUL!! ❤

  8. That’s ALOT of teaching! I’m tired just reading it…is there one you prefer over the other? Are you happier now with this job?

    Sending good vibes…and some pizza-eatin’ 😉

    • Pizza eating was successful this weekend! 🙂

      Definitely love this job more! I love the interaction with people and being surrouned by fitness/wellness.

      For teaching I like both Yoga classes and cardio. They’re completely different but I enjoy both equally!

      I hope you are doing well!

  9. I love pilates and yoga workout dvds so much! I usually like to do them at night and wouldn’t want to drive to classes at that time. I am horrible with cardio and strength dvds though.

  10. Congratulations on the new job! And I love the pics of the dogs – I have a dog too and remember when he injured his foot when he was younger. Not fun:(

  11. i learned all my yoga skills just by watching yoga videos online and just immitating what they do ~::

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