Hello! Happy Friday! 🙂

I am SO glad to have a Monday-Friday gig’ again! I have my weekends back and it feels so good!  Retail was just not my thing…

My new job has been going very well and I absolutely love it.  It is the right mix of desk work and fitness.  I also love the environment and the people I work with.  I am very  happy with where I am at!

Quick picture from last weekend at my God Son’s baptism in Tennessee.  Isn’t he a cutie?!


My God son and I



I know I know, I’ve only been posting once per week (if that).  I do apologize and I hope to get to posting more.  I guess I just don’t force myself to do so at the moment as it is a hobby and I don’t like feeling stressed to do something if it’s just for fun. Make sense to anyone? I hope so! I do LOVE the blog community though, so I am still lurking around and posting when I feel inspired.

This brings me to today’s post on confessions.  I would consider my blog a healthy living blog as one of my biggest passions in life is fitness and wellness.   So much so that I am able to make a living out of it! (not my blog, but my actual job…gosh if I were getting paid to write this thing I’d be fired already with my lack of posting! 😉 ) But half the time I don’t really feel like a healthy living blogger.  Sure, I love fiber, fruit, and running but there are so many things that I do that are not so ‘healthy’ in terms of being a ‘health blogger’. And I am OK with that!

I must confess!

1.  I am not a big fan of vegetables.

I am such a veggie slacker and I am not the best example of someone who gets in their 5-9 servings a day.  Heck, I am lucky if I get one serving of vegetables a day!

  • I do not like raw veggies unless I dunk them in a delicious creamy, homemade, fatty dressing.
  • I DO like onion rings however…and any other vegetable deep fried.  Deep fried mushrooms anyone?!
  • I’ve tried brussel sprouts because so many bloggers were eating them…and well, I hate them.
  • I am not a complete veggie hater though.  I love a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and onion.  I also like chopped, sauteed veggies in pasta sauces or chillies. And of course veggie pizza is always a winner! I’m a work in progress!

2. Fried food is my weakness

I love french fries, cheese sticks, cheese cubes, fried calamari, you name it.  I’d eat just about anything if it’s battered, greasy, and delicious.   I do, however, try (key word is try!) to limit my intake…but it’s definitely a weekly indulgence!

3. When I go out to eat I usually eat like it’s my last supper

There is just something about going out to eat.  I love having someone else cook my food.  For some reason it always tastes so much better than what I make at home (probably the added butter and oils!).   I can’t help myself when I go out to eat…I love creamy soups, appetizers, large dinners, and of course dessert.  I am definitely not a cheap date..sorry Andy! 😉  So much for ‘moderation’…

4. I am the “Laziest Fit” person I know

Sound confusing? Well, basically I love going for a nice run or pumping iron.  But I also love sitting on my butt all day watching trashy reality TV and eating pizza or ice cream.  I live for my days off. I love relaxing and I am not the type of person who likes to “go-go-go”! In fact, I am the opposite.  I like to “go-relax-go-and relax again”.   Down time is an absolute must for me and when I don’t get it, everyone notices because I can be a raging grouch!

5. I drink alcohol

I love me a good margarita (and no, not a “skinny” margarita, although I am sure they are tasty), a martini, or a nice, dark beer.  I do not drink every day, (although I did drink a lot in college…), but I do like to unwind every now and again and get a nice buzz (or I’ll confess, sometimes it’s fun to get totally drunk!).

So how the heck can I call myself a healthy living blogger?

Because I define those terms myself. Healthy living to ME is being able to enjoy all sorts of things while maintaining good health.

Sure, I like greasy food and I like to a drink here and there, but I am able to still include healthy aspects into my life such as eating a high fiber diet, supplementing my diet with vitamins and minerals, eating a diet that includes all sorts of foods, not just sticking to ‘safe foods’ (think grilled chicken, veggies, egg whites...bleck!), exercising most days of the week, getting plenty of sleep, being passionate about my job, having good relationships with my family and friends, taking time to relax, and having a positive outlook on life.

And above all I never feel an ounce of guilt for the decisions I make regarding food and exercise. (Remember, I don’t follow any food rules!)  I feel no guilt because I am in charge of what I eat and how I treat my body and therefore I choose not to feel guilt for the decisions I am making.

I have also accepted myself for who I am.  I can’t change my face (well, I could, but I don’t have the money nor do I want to!), I can’t change how tall I am, and I can’t change my bone structure.  I am ME.  It’s taken me some time to get here, and while I am not always 100% positive in my outlook, I am definitely a lot closer to being completely content.

**Now it’s your turnwhat are some of YOUR confessions? (If you want to share!)


13 responses to “Confessions

  1. I could not agree more. I feel that sometimes people aren’t able to maintain a healthier life because they stress out about it so much. No wonder they give up..because it’s not fun. Great post. 🙂

  2. My confession: I’m an “all or nothing” workout snob. If I can’t get a solid sweat on, I get lazy and cranky about getting my butt in gear! I have to remind myself that not every workout needs to be a marathon!

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve had some major life changes lately, so it’s completely understandable that you might not feel like you are posting enough. I think one important thing about being a “healthy balance” blogger is that sometimes you have to recognize that you don’t have the time to sit and write a post b/c you have too much living to do!

  3. You sound healthy to me. I’m starting to believe mor eand more than health is an attitude. I realize not COMPLETELY, but a lot of it is.

    I have a fun confession–I had two donuts for breakfast one daiy this week!

  4. I loved this post. This describes healthy to me. A little bit of this and a little bit of long as you are happy. 🙂 Congrats on the desk job. That’s awesome you’re not working on the weekends anymore. I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to either. It’s hard to fit it all in sometimes. Enjoy your!!

  5. I’m totally a lazy active person too! There’s nothing I love more than a sunday on my couch in my pjs allllll day watching bad tv, eating whatever I feel like and not moving unless I have to!

  6. I’m with you on a lot of these – specially the being lazy active, the alcohol, and the fried food – AMAZING! I’m with you though – still feel like a healthy living blogger regardless of what some may consider fails. 🙂

  7. Confession? I eat ice cream EVERYDAY pretty much! ahaha

    Dana xo

  8. I love love love this post. I really think you are just fabulous for being so strong and confident in yourself. I always feel so judged for eating (gasp) ice cream – that’s store-bought and with sugar(!), or pizza, or late at night..etc, etc…BUT I still love veggies (haha – although I agree a dip is awesome – or spaghetti sauce 🙂 ), I try to do it right most of the time…

    But to be frank, I just eat. A lot. I like reality TV. A lot.

    So. What.


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  10. I completely agree with you. I love the healthy lifestyle because of the way it makes me feel about myself, BUT I am human. I ❤ cake, burgers, and all foods that cause cardiac arrest bu everything in moderation! I just started my blog and it sure is hard to keep up with but I like sharing my experiences, life sometimes takes over.

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