Food Bars

Happy Almost Halloween!

I am dressing up tomorrow night for a party but I still have no clue what to be! I am usually not one to wait last minute to do something but for some reason I’ve been putting off shopping for a Halloween costume. I actually love Halloween so I need to get a move on!  Andy and I have plans to go to Goodwill Saturday morning to get some ideas.  A couple of ideas I’ve thrown around have been going as farmers or people from the 70s.  We’ll see!

Working on my ConfessionsWell, some of them!

So ever since I confessed in my last post it made me much more aware of the lack of veggies I eat.  So the past couple of weeks I’ve actually *gasp* been eating a ton of veggies…and I like them! What has helped me increase my veggie intake is pre-chopping fresh veggies so that they are readily available.  I have a habit of throwing them in the bottom drawer in the fridge and forgetting about them until they’re rotten.  Having them ready to go has been quite the time saver.  I’ve been packing a big salad in my lunch to bring to work every day.  I’ve been using some olive oil dressings by Kraft which are really pretty good.  As for my confessions about loving fried food and alcohol…well, that’s probably not gonna change anytime soon 😉

Food Bars

Usually each week we have a “taco bar” or “taco tuesday” as I’ve called it before.  Well last week I have added a couple of more “bars” to my dinner menus.

Last week Andy made a huge salad bar for dinner.  He went out and got a ton of veggies and a couple of pasta salads from the store, grilled up some chicken, and had it all waiting for me when I came home from work (3 nights a week I don’t get home until 8pm).  What a guy!

Salad Bar

I'm actually eating my veggies!

Chicken, dressing, feta, bean salad, and pasta salad

It was a delicious and simple dinner which I am all about! Going with the “bar” theme for dinner we then made a “breakfast bar” a couple of nights later.  This went undocumented, but it included:

  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Hashbrowns (Frozen)

This was a great dinner and I highly recommend doing a breakfast bar sometime…for some reason I find it fun to have breakfast for dinner!

Doggy Sleepover

Last week we were dog sitting for Andy’s parents.  We were watching their puppy Sammy.  He’s a husky mix and full of energy.  I thought Boo and Sophia were high energy, but Sammy quickly showed me that puppies are a million times more hyper!

At night after a day of playing they were pretty tired out and just laying all over each other…it was adorable!


Sophia, Boo, and Sammy

Sammy and Boo

Well Hello There!

Blast From the Past….Halloween Costumes!

Here are some of my past Halloween costumes from college until now…

"Heidi Ho"...class, I know 😉


Daphne from Scooby Doo


Deal or No Deal Girl

Grease Cheerleader

I need Your Help!

If you have any Halloween Costume ideas please pass em’ my way!  Have a Happy Halloween!


4 responses to “Food Bars

  1. i wish i knew some last minute ones. the only thing ive done is take my dads work clothes and dress up as a “heating and air conditioning control tech” lol…

    maybe u know someone who has a work uniform?? or hit up thrift stores for cheap crazy outfits- thats how i found my gnome/wizard outfit this year haha! ❤

  2. you look cute as daphne! You should be the magic 8 ball–its easy and so fun! I just posted the pic from last night on my blog!

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