Running Exercises and Stretches

Soo glad it’s Friday! I thoroughly love my job, but I definitely crave my time off on the weekends 🙂

I just signed up for a local “Turkey Trot” race on Thanksgiving Day (which is 5 miles) and it made me think of today’s topic of good running stretches and exercises for the legs.

Gobble Gobble!


Stretching to me makes a world of difference in how I feel when I run.  I am not someone who can just get up and go run.  I have to prepare each and every time with proper stretching.

It wasn’t until I suffered from IT band syndrome did I take my stretching seriously.  If I don’t stretch, I get a nagging pain running down the outside of my knee (the IT band crosses the knee).  When I do stretch and keep up with my strength exercises for my legs, I feel great when I run. I also get very sore hip flexors if I don’t stretch, so doing proper stretching and exercises for them makes for a comfortable run.

Hip Flexor Region

The stretches I do are from PhysioAdvisor. I love this site and find it very helpful! I go through all of the hip stretches on this page. I also currently go through all of the basic hip strengthening exercises on this page.

I’ve been doing these stretches and exercises about 3 times per week. I do them before I run (which takes me about 20-25 minutes) and I also do the stretching portion after the run.   I use the foam roller before and after runs for a couple of minutes at a time too.  I have NO pain before, after, or during my runs when I maintain my stretching/strengthening routine (and when I don’t over train…I currently run only 2-3x per week).

Weekend Fun

Last weekend was a busy one for me, but very fun!  I went to the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland, which was awesome.  It was my 3rd time going and I always have a great time. I ate lots and lots of samples all day long…yum!  I saw Guy Fieri, who was hysterical.  I had no idea he was so witty!  He is very entertaining to watch cook.

Saturday night I went out with friends for someone’s 25th birthday. We got all fancy and took a limo, which was a fun surprise 🙂

My friend Lindsay and I

We went to a bar that had a mechanical bull.  At first I said, “no way am I doing that!”, but by 1am and plenty of alcohol, I was game!

Waiting for the ride to begin...

Holding on...

And after a total of about 5 seconds...I'm down!

It was a fun experience and I think with less alcohol, I would have had more balance and coordination to stay on longer!

This weekend is more low key.  I don’t have any plans except for on Sunday, which is Andy’s sister-in-law’s baby shower.  Other than that I am on operation ‘clean the house’!


What is your favorite stretch?

Any fun plans this weekend

6 responses to “Running Exercises and Stretches

  1. I have a small baby shower on Sunday too. Enjoy your low key weekend. I miss meeting up with you!

  2. I’m running the Turkey Trot also! I can’t wait!

    I love a good pigeon pose! Love the hip openers!

  3. I’m doing a turkey trot, too! Except mine is the next day… I’m soooo sleeping in on Thanksgiving!

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  5. Those bull things are hard!!

    I love streching my hip flexors. They always get so tight!!

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