Never Have I Ever…

This morning started out with a great 4 mile run.  I got up around 7:30am, got dressed, and stretched.  Stretching took about 25 minutes today.  By the time I hit the pavement, it was around 8:30am.  Today I ran before eating, which I typically do if I run early.  When I run the Turkey Trot on Thursday, I’ll eat before, as it’s not until 9:30am.  Plus, it’s 5 miles and I want a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in my belly before I trot like a turkey 😉

Sometimes while running, random thoughts come to me.  I began to think of things I have never done that some people may think of as odd. 

Here are some of those things:

Never have I ever…

Worked a typical “9-5” schedule.  My jobs have always had different hours.  For instance, at my job now I work either 11-7:30pm, 6-2:30pm, 7-3:30pm, or 8-4:30pm.  It varies throughout the week.  I’ve also never worn the typical “business attire” to work.  I wear sweats, fleece jackets, and workout clothes…it’s great!

Never have I ever…

Seen any of the “Toy Story” movies.  Andy thinks that is weird.  I have also never seen any of the “Ocean 11” movies (however many there are now!)

Never have I ever…

Been without a pet.  Ever since I was born, I’ve had a pet.  When they pass away, it’s extremeley lonely. Although no pet can replace another, I’ve gone out and adopted a new one shortly after one has passed and they have just as easily become part of the family as the rest.  Animals rock!

Never have I ever…

Had a pet cat.  I’ve always had dogs (and a couple of hermit crabs and fish).  I like cats, but I admit, sometimes they scare me!  I’m a dog gal’ for sure.

Never have I ever…

Had a date to prom or even been asked to prom.  I went stag with girlfriends.  We were so cool 😉

Never have I ever…

Taken the SAT exam.  I took the ACT exam instead…twice.  I really hate those standardized tests!

Never have I ever…

Played an instrument.  I’ve never had any interest, even though I love music. 

Never have I ever…

Been good at sports.  I love to exercise, but I am a lousy athlete!

Never have I ever…

Dreamed of my wedding day.  I have never been the type of girl who evisioned her wedding day.  I’m in no hurry to marry Andy, even though I know we will one day. When I do get married, I’m afraid I’ll have no idea where to even begin to plan the big day. 

Never have I ever…

Liked steak.  Blech!

Never have I ever…

Had a desire to travel to other countries.   I am not sure why…

Never have I ever…

Not rememberd a dream.  I wake up every morning trying to make sense of the madness in my mind when I sleep!

Never have I ever…

Broken a bone or been seriously injured.  *knock on wood!*

Never have I ever…

Owned a piece of cardio equipmentuntil today! Andy and I are buying an eliptical to have at home for the cold winter months here in Cleveland..brrrr! 



Have a great Saturday! 🙂


Fill in the blank: Never have I ever _________


8 responses to “Never Have I Ever…

  1. Never have I…

    Broken a bone (surprising, seeing how clumsy I am!)
    Had any desire to eat a hamburger.
    Given two seconds of attention to Nascar
    Understood the Audrey Hepburn hype.

  2. Never have I ever:

    Had sushi…no desire! Does not seem appealing..

    Been in a long term relationship that wasn’t long distance.

    Been into fantasy-Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings? Bleh.

    Blown a bubble with gum….I know, its weird but I can’t do it!! lol!

  3. Ok, when I play Never Have I Ever it’s usually in a drinking game (Circle of Death) and usually involves something dirty or illegal. Hmm…what can I think of that’s not the usual never have I evers that I give out?!…

    Never have I ever seen any of the Harry Potter movies. Just not interested!

  4. I’ve never taken the SAT or been good at sports either!

  5. Broken a bone too! I love random running thought… They make the time fly.

  6. Never have I ever
    …watched Star Trek
    …had meatloaf
    …been to a prom
    …gotten wasted at a kegger

  7. Re: your wedding. I never envisioned a big wedding either. Never had dreams of a dress, etc. So when my husband and I got married we had a VERY small and personal ceremony (only my parents, his parents, and our very best friends-my ‘maid’ and his ‘best man’) then a couple months (yes months) later we threw a big ol’ party. It fit us perfectly. There is NOTHING wrong with not being wedding obsessed. 🙂

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