I'm a Clevelander

My morning started out bright n’ early! I was up at 4:50am (YUCK!) to get ready for work.  I was on opening duty at the Fitness Center I work at and we open at 6am.  Although I hate getting up anytime before 7am, I do enjoy the fact that I’ll be getting outta here by 2:30pm! I can finally watch Oprah and Ellen 🙂

Lolly the Trolley

This past weekend I had my work holiday party at a local bar in the Cleveland area.  It was really fun to get to know my co-workers outside of work as I am still the newbie (I started working at my current job in October).  I thoroughly love what I do and I really enjoy the people I work with! I feel so blessed to say that!

We stayed at the bar for a couple of hours eating (pasta, lemon chicken, salad and bread…all delicious!) and drinking (we received ‘drink tickets’ for some free drinks…I had two blue moons).

After eating we went on “Lolly the Trolley”, a trolley that does tours of downtown Cleveland.  It was really cool to see all that Cleveland has to offer.  I am fairly new to Cleveland (I’m a Cincinnati gal!) so a lot of things were  new for me to see.  There is actually a lot more to do in Cleveland then I had originally thought.  I think there will be some definite future dates with Andy in C-town! I’m beginning to feel more like a ‘Clevelander’ now 🙂


Andy and Lolly

Andy and I take 1

Andy and I take 2 🙂

We passed Quicken Loans Arena, where Lebron James used to play…such a sore spot with many Clevelanders still!

The Q

We also drove by the house that is in the “Christmas Story” movie, which was really neat to see!

I apologize for this completely awful picture…

Christmas Story

It was a fun holiday work get together and I’m glad I am working at a place that I truly enjoy!

Today I have another work get together where we are doing a secret gift exchange and having a potluck lunch.  I love the holidays!

I’ll leave you now with some pictures of my pups, Boo and Sophia:

Sophia in her "room" aka the guest room

Boo sad b/c Sophia would rather sleep then play at the moment

Boo in the snow...Cleveland weather for the next few months!

Snow dog


What is your favorite thing about the holidays? Mine is getting together with friends and family 🙂 I really could care less about the gifts!


9 responses to “I'm a Clevelander

  1. I get up at 4:50 M-F and it never gets easy! I love how cheerful everyone is around the holiday! Also, spending more time with family and friends!

  2. I am totally with you on getting up and going in early, but the perks of getting out early are sort of nice actually. Glad you had a great time with your co-workers outside of work.

  3. My favorite part is defintily getting home to spend time with my friends and family!

  4. I still love seeing pics of your babies!

    Ellen is on during the day in cleveland? it comes on at 9am here!

  5. I love coming up with good gift ideas for my family that I know that they will love.

  6. I love your blog! Just randomly came across it!

    my parents went to the christmas story house this past july and RANDY was actually there and my mom got a picture!! I was so jealous!

    I lived in Toledo for a year and loved it!!! I got to actually see the 4 seasons!!! (in Texas we have two – hot and mild)

  7. Ahh, I LOVE being able to watch Ellen…even though it’s been awhile. I also LOVE watching Regis & Kelly on holidays 🙂
    Cute pics of you & Andy. It looks like such a fun tour to go on. I have always wanted to see the Christmas Story house!
    So glad you like your job!! I hope it only gets better 😀

  8. You and Andy are just so cute! My favorite thing about the holidays is just that “feeling”. I can’t describe it. I just love the x-mas carols and the way there is an anticipation in the air. It just brings me back to being a kid. LOVE IT!

    Also- there is a big hotspot bar in Miami that I went to called the “clevelander”

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