Cardio Pizza Cereal!

This morning I had a bowl of perfect cereal. Only this time I had a bowl of “Cardio Pizza” cereal!  It was my own, custom made cereal.  Pretty cool!

Cardio Pizza Cereal

Cereal by Cardio Pizza 🙂

I was contacted by Me and Goji, a company started by two friends, that makes custom artisanal cereal. They asked if I wanted to create my own cereal to try out.  I was on board immediately, as I am kind of obsessed with cereal! It’s been my breakfast of choice for the last, oh, 8 months!  I can’t get enough!

On their website you get to custom make your own unique cereal. First, you start with a base layer of cereal.  I started with the artisanal cereal base, which consisted of multigrain oat bran flakes, raw spelt flakes, raw barely flakes, raw rye flakes, wheat germ and amaranth.


Then you can add any extras that you want, ranging from dried fruits, granola, cacao chips, nuts and seeds, and much more.

Cacoa Nibs

Chocolate Granola...Yes Please!


Below is a picture of my ingredient label:

My Ingredients

I had never tried goji berries or mulberries, so I thought ‘what the heck’ I’ll give it a whirl!  They’re pretty tasty!



My cereal is a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein.  It had a nice amount of fiber too, for a well rounded breakfast 😉

Cardio Pizza Nutrition Facts

Along with my Cardio Pizza cereal, I added some blueberries and blackberries for even more fiber and nutrition.

Breakfast of Champions

I also mixed in more of my other cereals (as I love to mix!).  I included some Flax cereal and some organic peanut butter puffs and topped it all with 1% milk.  I really enjoyed my Cardio Pizza cereal, it has a great taste! I really like the base layer flakes, delicious flavor.

The Gift of Cereal

Considering it’s the Holiday Season, I think this would be a great gift for someone who is into healthy eating or is a cereal fanatic like myself. They have a ‘cereal of the month’ club, which sounds amazing! Check out their website and try it out! I’m definitely a big fan and would recommend it!

Weekend Plans

Saturday is our Christmas celebration with Andy’s extended family.  We do a secret gift exchange too, which is fun! We’re having it at our house, so tomorrow morning will be spent cleaning the house, top to bottom! Then when everyone arrives we’ll be eating, drinking, laughing, playing games, and enjoying the day!

Have a wonderful weekend

4 responses to “Cardio Pizza Cereal!

  1. haha! I love it! I’m sure you being the cereal queen loved it too.

  2. I’ve tried that company’s cereal before. It is tasty!

  3. Oh to make my own cereal mix. I love cereal ALMOST as much as you do.

  4. That’s an awesome concept and they have so many awesome looking choices on their website!

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