Life on the East Side

This weekend went a little too quickly for my taste! Who ever thought working 5 days per week with only 2 days off was a good idea was nuts!  I wonder who came up with the 40-hour work week anyways? Even just one more day off would make such a big difference.  Luckily I work for a Government organization and we have Martin Luther King day off on Monday, so I have a long weekend coming up!


Friday was the usual Pizza Friday at our house.  Andy and I ordered from Papa Johns and got a large veggie pizza with an order of cheesy bread.  Mmm, I am a huge fan of their pizza!  You can’t beat the $10.00 deal with getting as many toppings as you desire on a large pizza.   I called it an early night as I found myself exhausted by 9pm from being up so early that morning.


For my workout I practiced a new round of Turbo Kick that I just received in the mail.  As an instructor you get new rounds every few months.  It comes with the choreography, the music, and a DVD to learn the workout.  This round is very fun and I plan on teaching it soon!  I did the entire DVD which was about an hour long.   It was a great Saturday morning workout.

For breakfast I made myself a big bowl of cereal with mixed berries and 1% milk and coffee to drink.  Being the nice girlfriend that I am, I decided to cook Andy up some breakfast as he got out of bed (he slept in until 11am! I was up by 8am).

On the menu:

  • 2 eggs, scrambled
  • 1 slice of American cheese (Kraft singles)
  • 1 tangerine
  • 1 Everything bagel thin with butter
  • Coffee with half and half


Eggs, fruit and a bagel thin

This breakfast smelled so good and I craved it by lunch time, so a couple of hours later I made myself the same thing.

Saturday Night

My two girlfriends Linday and Morgan from college came to visit my neck of the woods.  Cleveland is divided into the “east” and the “west”.  I live on the East side of downtown Cleveland and they both live on the West side.  This was their first time seeing Andy and I’s place!

We decided to go out for some Mexican food and enjoy some margaritas. For dinner I enjoyed the ‘vegetarian B’ selection which was a bean enchilada, a bean chalupa and rice and beans on the side.  I also had plenty of chips and salsa!

Morgan and I

After dinner, we headed to a local bar to meet up with Andy and some other friends for the night.

To drink, I enjoyed a delicious martini (or two!)

Lindsay and I

Morgan, me and Lindsay

Andy with our friend Alex

It was a great night and I’m glad they got to experience life on the East side of Cleveland!

Sunday morning Andy and I enjoyed breakfast at a local diner.   It was great food after a night out with friends.  I had a mushroom and cheese omelet with home fries and rye toast.  Totally hit the spot! The rest of the day I cleaned and relaxed!

Today I’m getting ready for work at 11am.  I teach two cardio classes today, so that is my workout.

Off to eat breakfast!  Have a great Monday!


3 responses to “Life on the East Side

  1. Oh that margarita calls to me! LOL

    I love Turbokick. I bet it would be so fun to teach.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Mmm Mexican is my favorite food.
    Great pictures, glad you had fun with your friends 🙂

  3. You are so lucky that you work for the government and get extra holidays. An extra day off during the week would indeed be great.

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