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What I eat for a Week and a New Challenge

I don’t showcase what I eat every day on my blog simply because I don’t find what I eat particularly interesting.  I eat a lot of the same things.

But, I love seeing what other bloggers eat.  Even if they eat repetitive meals, I still like to see em’!

I thought I’d challenge myself and let you all in for a week to see what I eat and how I navigate my week with food.   Stay tuned because I will be starting tomorrow! Who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it so much I’ll keep posting my meals? 😉

Blog give away alert!

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New 30-Day Challenge

One of my New Years Resolutions is to blog more and this new challenge will allow me to do just that! I want my readers to get to know me better and I also want to get to know YOU better so feel free to do this on your blog or simply share your opinion in the comment section.

I saw this challenge on Jess’s and Janetha’s blogs and thought it was a great idea!  You simply discuss the topic of that day.

30-Day Challenge

Here we go…

Day 1: My Current Relationship

I’m dating Andy, who has been my boyfriend for over 4 years.    We met the summer  before our senior year of college began.  We were neighbors.  I lived with 5 other roommates, my sorority sisters, and he lived with some friends. It was one of the best summers of my life!


College Roomies

I first laid eyes on Andy while riding my bike home from class one morning.  This was before I knew he was my neighbor. I had never seen him before.  But when I rode by him and made eye contact with him I instantly fell in love.  Sounds crazy, but it was love at first sight. Before we even spoke words, I knew he was special! The best way I can describe the feeling I got was that someone slapped me across my face and said “pay attention!” It was wild!

Andy and I

Shortly after seeing Andy on my bike I discovered that we were neighbors and his friends and my friends began to hang out socially.  I’m sure my amazing charm and wit won him over instantly 😉  The rest is history!  We now live together with our two pups Sophia and Boo.  We are one happy little family!

Being with Andy has shown me what a real loving relationship is.  It has shown me what it is truly like to be loved, respected, and appreciated.   He loves me for me and I love him for him.  My previous relationships before Andy make me sad to think about simply because I was with people who did not truly have my best interest.  If I knew then what I know now I would have never wasted my time being with people who I knew were not right.

Andy is not only my boyfriend, but he has become my best friend.   I could not ask for anyone better and I feel truly blessed to have him.  He’s the most genuine, caring individual and for some reason he puts up with me and my crazy OCD cleaning habits and PMS mood swings…it’s love, what can I say 😉


Tell me about your significant other…if single, tell me something you enjoy about being single!