Putting my Party Pants Away

Day 3’s topic in the 30-Day Challenge is: My views on drugs and alcohol. This is quite the broad topic, so let me do my best in portraying my views.


When I was a young girl I was told that drugs and alcohol were bad and I should absolutely stay away from them.   I never had the urge to drink, smoke or do drugs as a kid, but that all changed when I was 16.

For the longest time I swore I would never get drunk or do drugs.  When I told one of my best friends this she said “Just wait. You will”.   My friend had older siblings and had already experienced drinking and she thought it was “fun”.  I, on the other hand, also had an older sibling, but he was always getting into trouble and that made me not want to do ‘bad’ things.

Let the Drinking Begin

One spring while vacationing in Florida with a friend, I decided to get drunk.  I had 3 wine coolers and was completely loaded out of my mind.  My sober body had no clue what was going on when the wine coolers entered my blood stream.  I was a drunk mess. I remember specifically screaming “I’m dying!” over and over.  I’m almost positive neighbors thought they were witnessing a murder because I was screaming so loud.  And no, I was not dying. I was simply experiencing what it’s like when you drink too much.   I was intoxicated.

I woke up with probably the worst hangover I’ve had to date.  I swore “I’ll never drink again!”.   But I did.   And soon began my high school party days of drinking.

House Party

And that lead to 4 years of excessive drinking in college.  Weekend after weekend we drank.   And as many hangovers that I had, I kept doing it.  I loved to drink and I loved to party with my friends.

College Party

I had a wonderful college experience.  Was it all because of the alcohol? No.  I made lasting friendships and really enjoyed living on my own and becoming an adult.  But I have to say that partying was a big part of my college experience and I wouldn’t change it.  Could I have stood to drink less? Sure, it’s not healthy.  And there were plenty of instances I made a complete fool of myself.  But overall, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Sorority Party

Putting the Party Pants Away

After college, my drinking habits changed.  For one, I was no longer attending frat parties or hosting theme parties with my sorority.  I was attending Graduate school and working.  I had to grow up and put my party pants away.

Don’t get me wrong, my party pants still came out after college (and still do!) but it’s just not a regular thing.  Sometimes I  like to relax with a glass of wine or a beer after a long week of working.  And other times I like to knock a few back with my friends for a special girls night.  But I don’t do it every day nor every weekend.  My drinking now is more moderate and I am comfortable with including alcohol in my diet.

I don’t have  a problem with alcohol in the sense that I feel I absolutely need it.  I don’t crave it and I can take it or leave it.  I think that people who are similar can include alcohol moderately in their life with no problems.  It becomes a problem when you use alcohol as a way to cope and it becomes something you feel you need daily.  It becomes an addiction.  Then of course, other means of coping need to be addressed and professional help is needed and strongly encouraged.

To summarize, I feel alcohol can be used moderately and otherwise healthy individuals can incorporate it into their diet and can still be considered “healthy”.


I’ve done little experimenting in this area and it honestly is something that I have just “lightly dabbled” in.  I don’t like taking huge risks and drugs to me are a big risk.   Some may view alcohol the same way, but for me, drugs are scary.

I personally choose not do drugs because I don’t want to feel something “fake”.  I don’t want to feel incredible bliss or euphoria only to come back to reality when the drug wears off and feel depressed.  I’d rather find other forms of bliss (like exercising!) that bring me that sense of joy and accomplishment.

Many I’m sure would disagree and say that drugs, much like alcohol, can be used moderately.  And while I’m sure there are people out there who feel they successfully do that. But for my life, they don’t have a permanent place.

Now there are many levels to “drugs” that we could dive into (prescription drugs and mental illness for one), but I don’t want this post to be a novel!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s topic!

5 responses to “Putting my Party Pants Away

  1. I have to type with one hand so I’ll just say ditto.

  2. I partied through a couple years of highschool and a couple years of college. Loved every minute of it. Simply can’t keep up with that anymore!

    As far as the drugs go…I’ve tried pot and that’s it. I feel the exact same way you do.

  3. For me, alcohol, like food, is fine in moderation.

    Drugs, personally, or a no go for me. But I have close friends who frequently use them. I can’t judge a person based on that.

  4. Meant to say ‘are’ after personally…promise I’m not on drugs : )

  5. I have never wanted to do drugs. Going out and drinking on the other hand was many nights a week for a few years. I have my grown up panties on now and have for a few years. I only drink now when the occasion arises and only then it is typically one drink.

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