Jazzed up Cheerios and 30 Random Facts

Here we are at Day 6 of What I Eat for a Week!


Today I tried a new cereal:


This was like a jazzed up Honey Nut Cheerio….which I loved!  I also mixed in some Kashi Berry Go Lean Crunch for some added fiber.

I sliced up a banana and topped with 2% milk and breakfast was served! I also had a mug of hot coffee with low fat half and half.

Cereal + Banana + Milk

Monday's Breakfast


Last night I packed up my lunch to have today at work.  I packed some leftover Mexican Potato Frittata and a side of fruit salad.


For snacks to have through out the day I packed a whole wheat tortilla with string cheese (to make a quesadilla), an orange, and some cocoa roasted almonds.


30 Interesting Facts about Me

Today’s topic in the 30-Day Challenge is to list some interesting things about myself.  Here we go!

1. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA but currently reside in Cleveland, OH

2. I’ve only had two boyfriends and found the right one the second go around 🙂

3. I played soccer from ages 6 to 13

4. I can do the splits

5. I am really go at doing the limbo

6. My favorite movie is “A League of their Own”

7. My second favorite movie is “Forest Gump”

8. I’ve never broken a bone

9. The furthest I’ve run at once is 7 miles

10. I’ve completed two 185-mile bike rides for charity

11. I’m a Libra

12. I am a clean freak and like things very organized

13. My favorite food is really good crab cake with a creamy lobster bisque soup

14. I was a vegetarian for two years

15.  When I added meat back in my diet, I felt much better.  I was always tired when I ate vegetarian

16. I love Talk Shows! My favorite is Regis and Kelly

17. I’ve been exercising regularly since I was 18

18. I don’t eat red meat

19. My finger nails grow extremely fast

20. I have not had a hair cut since July!

21. I used to deliver pizza

22. I was almost always the tallest girl in my class growing up

23. The beach is my favorite place to be

24. I crave alone time and always take time for myself

25. I don’t like to be busy all of the time.  I need a lot of down time.

26. I love reality tv! My favorite shows right now are the Bachelor and the Real Housewives

27. Right now I like cardio more than weight training…but it always changes!

28. Lifting heavy weights increases my confidence in my self.  I feel very strong and accomplished.

29. I am not attracted to guys with big muscles.

30.  Fall is my favorite time of year.


Tell me an interesting fact about YOU!


4 responses to “Jazzed up Cheerios and 30 Random Facts

  1. Those Cheerios look great. Never seen them before.

    And its so hard coming up with random facts. I’m impressed you got that many.

  2. Are you said that Regis is leaving??

  3. I love reading random facts! That’s actually my favorite part of Us Weekly-reading the random facts about celebrities, lol.

    Random fact about me…I have a cd player in my bathroom and must sing when I have showers. I don’t sing solo; I need a cd on to drown out my awful voice. I love to sing but I’m sure the AI judges would hate me, lol.

    Btw, I’m a huge fan of Regis and Kelly too. So sad he’s leaving 😦

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