The Summer of 2005

Today’s topic for the 30-Day challenge is to talk about a moment in time you felt completely satisfied in life.

I want to talk about a specific time, but first want to say that I am completely content in my life as it is now.  I love my life, family and friends, my job, and of course being with Andy.  I am very happy! But I believe this specific moment in time brought me to where I am today.

If I could pick a specific time when I felt completely content, satisfied and at peace, it would be the summer of 2005.  I learned a lot about myself that summer.

I went to college in 2003.  I went to college with a boyfriend (18 year old girls out there: DONT DO THIS!)  My then boyfriend just enlisted in the army and had to go to bootcamp.  For 3 months we communicated through letters.  Sounds all sweet and cute (and I thought it was back then) but that was short lived.   After he graduated, things were great.  I could see him daily.  I was very happy.  But a couple of months later he dumped me out of no where.  He had been seeing someone else.  I was devestated and heartbroken.

Luckily I had joined a sorority and had made a lot of good girlfriends.  These friends really helped me through this tough time.   I did go a bit over board with the partying for a while and did use booze to cope a little too much.  Eventually I got over it…or so I thought. A run-in on New Years Eve months after the break up proved me wrong.  I felt those hurt feelings come back.  I could not seem to shake this!

Too Much to Drink...

This brings me to the summer of 2005.

During my summer break in 2005 my mom suggested that her and I go to North Carolina for the summer.  My parents have a beach house there and my mom is a professor and also had the summer off.  I thought it sounded like a great idea.  So off we went to North Carolina.

North Carolina

I got a job working at small local pizza place (my life has always been full of pizza!) and I also taught some aerobics classes at a local recreation center.  Most of the ladies who took my class were 50 years of age or older.  I loved working with them and I loved my time there.

When I wasn’t working I was walking and running on the beach, working out, or dining with my mom.  I got in great shape and it was then that I discovered my love for lifting heavy weights.  I felt really confident about myself that summer. I also started doing Yoga and this really helped give me a sense of clarity.  I felt truly connected with myself and I hadn’t felt that way in so long.

The Beach

This summer was so special because I got to get away from things in my normal every day life.  I got a much needed break from college (and drinking!) and actually barely touched any alcohol the entire time that summer.  For one, I felt physically better (and sober) and two, I was able to think clearly.  I couldn’t hide behind the booze and parties. I had to face my feelings.

The summer of 2005 was simple, yet brought me the most clarity and peace I had ever felt.  I lived right by the ocean and the water to me is so calming and lovely.  It was amazing to be able to walk by the water every day and have great conversation with my mom.  This summer also allowed us to bond.   We both still talk about just how nice that summer was.

Summer 2005

That summer I realized just how much I was hurting from that break up and how much I was letting it take over my life and my thoughts.  Being away from all of that allowed me to take time to focus on myself and put things in perspective.  I decided then and there I would not let another guy treat me like that again.  I would not stand for it.  And I didn’t.  I stopped allowing myself to be treated poorly by men (I think this is how I was able to land Andy, who is the most caring and generous guy I know!)

I grew up that summer.  At 20 years old I was beginning to find myself and who I really was.  It was a magical summer and I think about it often.  These days I only get to go to the beach house for a week at a time.  And although it’s great to do that, nothing will compare to the summer of 2005.


Do you have a specific moment in time where you felt completely satisfied and content?


3 responses to “The Summer of 2005

  1. This is a great question. I can’t think up a time off the top of my head, but am taking this question as a challenge to figure out a specific moment when I have felt completely content. I am now, but as far as a moment so defined like the one in your blog, I can’t think of.

  2. That sounds like an amazing summer!

    Nothing comes to mind right away, but I have to say, I am completely happy right now. I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing!

  3. I LOVE this post and the memories you shared! If I had to write the same one for myself, it would be about my Grade 10 year. Best ever, hands down!

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