Ahhh, Young Love

The sun is out, which is great, I love the sunshine.  But how I wish I could be snowed in again!  Snow days as a grown-up are amazing!

This morning started out with me literally picking away at my car. It was covered in ice! It took me 15 minutes to pick off the ice on my wind shield and release my wind shield wipers.  Not the most fun thing to do at 6:20am! However, it did wake me up!


I got into work at about 7:10am and hit the AMT for some cardio.  After 10 minutes, I stretched out my hips then hit the treadmill for a 25-minute run.  I am running a 5K on February 19th, so I gotta keep my running endurance somewhat decent.  I’d like to make it onto the road before then, but with all the ice I’m not sure I will.  I guess we’ll see!  For now the treadmill is my training buddy.

After my cardio, I sat down at my desk for some cereal (A mix of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and those jazzed up Cheerios), a banana, and milk.  Now I’m sipping my coffee with low fat half and half about to plow through a ton of emails.

First Love

Day 10 of the 30-Day Challenge asks about your first love and first kiss.  To be honest, Andy is the first person I have every really been in love with.   I dated guys before hand, but didn’t love them.  Andy is the only person I’ve been truly in love with.  I feel lucky that he came into my life pretty early on (I was 21) and that I didn’t have to spend much time searching.

Andy and I

But don’t get me wrong, I did date around and I did date some not-so-great guys.  I guess you need to find out what you don’t like to find out what it is you do like and what you deserve.

First Kiss

I was 12 years old and was dreaming about kissing this guy that I went to school with.  I was border-line obsessed. Andy may be the only guy I’ve truly loved, but I’ve crushed hard on some boys as a young girl!  One Halloween night while trick-or-treating with my friends (including the boy I liked), he kissed me! It was an innocent peck, but one I’ll remember forever.  I was the happiest girl that night! Too bad he ended up “going out” with my other friend.  Ahhh, young love 😉


When was your first kiss?


7 responses to “Ahhh, Young Love

  1. you and andy are very cute:) my first kiss was when I was 13, I think:)

  2. Mine first real kiss–which I consider to be with tongue–was when I was 15! It was my best friend’s cousin! haha

  3. I was 14… there were hockey provincials going on in our small town and my girlfriends and I were such arena rats! We ended up making friends with one of the visiting teams and I got my first kiss on the last night they were there. Never saw him again but I liked it that way because it meant he had no chance to ever ruin the perfect memory!

  4. My husband was also the first person I have ever really been in love with. I dated some guys before him and I went through an endless supply of losers. So glad that they didn’t work out because my husband is the best! 🙂

  5. My first non-real kiss was when I was seven, early starter over here lol. I was playing a computer coloring game with my friend, and he bet me if I lost he got to kiss me, and I lost and he gave me a quick peck. I was so horrified, boys had cooties! lol

  6. My boyfriend at 4-5 years old told me that we kissed in his bedroom in the early 80s! 🙂 I don’t even remember it…how sad.

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