Dumbbell Circuit Workout

I teach a Total Body Toning class every Thursday at 11am at work.  I love teaching  this class because it gives me a break from teaching straight choreography (like Turbo Kick or Step) and allows me to get creative without worrying about staying on a 32-count!

Getting ready to teach step

I change up the workout in this class every week for the participants to keep it interesting and fun.

Today we did a circuit style workout where we would do an exercise for 1 minute then switch to another exercise for another minute.  I split up the circuits into 4 groups.  At the end of each group, we rested for about a minute.

Today’s Class looked like this:

Equipment: Dumbbells and a Mat

Warm up: 5 minutes (doing a series of light aerobic movements, like step touches, some body weight moves, like squats, and dynamic stretching)

Circuit 1: 1 minute of each movement

Rest and repeat this circuit

Circuit 2: 1 minute of each movement

Rest and repeat this circuit

Circuit 3: 1 minute of each movement

Rest and repeat this circuit

Circuit 4: 1 minute of each movement

Cool Down: 5 minutes: Various stretches

I liked the workout a lot.  I felt it made the class go by quickly and kept us moving.   Plus, it was more cardio in nature today so the participants got both some strength training and heart pumping cardio in their workout.


  • Do you ever do circuit style workouts?
  • What are some of your favorite exercises to include in your circuit workouts?

6 responses to “Dumbbell Circuit Workout

  1. Looks like a great workout! How heavy are the dumbbells you use?

  2. This looks awesome–I wish I were snowed in today so I could try it!
    I usually teach circuit-style and I love doing total body moves…more bang for your buck!

  3. That is an insane workout! Just seen your Sugar Cookies and love it! 🙂

    I vote for a snow-day too!

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  5. I tried this workout yesterday and it was great! I am surely feelin it today, especially in my arms, and bum, and err shoulders, okay everywhere! haha

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