Killer Curls and Early Memories

Luckily by noon time my Monday Blues went away.  I teach a 45-minute Step and Sculpt class at work and it definitely gave me a burst of energy, which was what I was looking for!

Today I did another circuit style workout, except with more cardio movements.  I did periods of cardio on the step and various drill and then we’d switch to some weight training.   It was a good class and I think that all of us started off the week on the right foot with a nice, heart pumping workout 🙂


I taught my second class at 4pm (I do two-a-day classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and sometimes on other days when I am filling in for a co-worker).  My second class is called Cardio Pilates. The first half of the class we do cardio for 30 minutes.  Today we did some step and various cardio drills on the floor.  For the second half of class, which is 25 minutes long, we focus on core exercises.  I worked a lot with the stability ball today, which was a nice change from regular Mat Pilates exercises.  It’s good to change it up!

My favorite exercise on the ball are hamstring curls:

Killer Curls!

These are great for the entire core area, as you are constantly engaging the abs, low back, and glutes.  Killer curls are what I call em’!

30-Day Challenge Topic x 2

I didn’t post last night so today I will be discussing two topics from the 30-Day Challenge.  My answers for both are quite short, so that actually works out!

Where I’d Like to Move to or Visit

The first topic for today asks where I’d like to move to or visit. As far as moving, I don’t have a desire to go anywhere where my family is not.  I moved away to Georgia for a job last summer (my posts from April through June 2010 are when I was in Georgia). I moved by myself and was completely home sick. I came to the realization that family is number one for me.

I only lasted a year there (but was able to meet up with the wonderful Tina a number of times which was a great perk to being in GA!)

I want to be close by to my loved ones.  So home is where my immediate family is.  Right now it’s Ohio!

If I had to pick a place to visit it would be my parent’s beach home in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  I just love it there! Even though I’ve been there plenty of times, it’s still one of my favorite places to be.

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Me, my mom, and my cousin in NC

Also, I don’t have a huge desire to travel the world, so I’m not really itching to go anywhere that I have not been. 

My First Memory

The second topic for today is to talk about my first memory. Now, I don’t know if this is my exact first memory, but it has to be one of them since I was only three years old.  It’s not even interesting at all and makes me wonder why I remember a random conversation?

The memory is of me in preschool talking to my friend Rachel. She asked me how I old I was and I responded “Three”.  Then I asked her how old she was and she said “Four”.  That’s it.  Interesting conversations of a three year old right there!


What place would you most like to visit?


2 responses to “Killer Curls and Early Memories

  1. I really want to visit Rome!

  2. now you have me scratching my mind trying to search for what my first memory was hehe. hmmm i want to try to remember which ones came first hmm- i’ll remember sooner or later.

    killer curls = killer abs. i always have to tell myself when doing ab work that “it will be worth it.. just fight through this uncomfortable burn” lol. its not easy thats for sure!! i like how these fire up the hamstrings too!!

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