The Looks of a Sweaty Bum

My day started out with a sweaty cardio session before work.  I did 10 minutes on the AMT followed by some stretching and then did a 30 minute jog.  Felt good!

Conveniently I workout at my place of employment, so the transition from workout to work is hassle free.  It’s one of the best perks to being a Fitness Specialist!

Another great perk to the job is the fact that I can literally look like a sweaty bum daily:

Exhibit A:

Work "Attire"

Exhibit B:

Work "Uniform"

And Exhibit C:

Ready for Work!

After I teach or workout, I do freshen up with some deodorant and if I’m lucky, I’ll wash my face.  I’ll throw on some warm up pants and a fleece zip up jacket and I’m good to go.

Now don’t get me wrong, I swear, I do shower! It’s just typically at home in the evenings 🙂

But sometimes the class I teach gets me so sweaty that I have to shower, which actually just happened last Friday after Turbo Kick. That class is super high intensity!

Enough about sweat and my lack o’ showering, let’s move on to today’s topic in the 30-Day Challenge!

Mainstream Music

Today’s topic asks about my thoughts on mainstream music.  I really, really enjoy mainstream and pop music.  I think it’s fun, usually has a great beat, and often times puts me in a great mood!

I love anything by Britney Spears (life long fan right here!), Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Usher,  Katy Perry, and the list goes on.

B Spears Fan for Life!

Love me some Gaga!

Does Talent = Singing?

Some may argue that many pop artists lack actual real singing talent. An example of that would be (in my opinion) Miley Cirus.


Now, God love her, she’s adorable and does have some catchy songs, but she is not a great singer.  Her voice is not really that great to listen to.  Compare her to someone who can actually belt out a serious note and she really lacks in the singing department.  But I do think she has talent as an overall performer and pop star.

Does that mean I won’t listen to her music? No. I love a good dance song and something that amps me up.  If I wanted to listen to a soulful ballad, I’d play a Josh Groban song (what a voice!)

Josh Groban

My point is that I don’t mind if someone doesn’t have the best voice when it comes to pop music.  I enjoy the whole aspect of a song and how it can make me feel. Pop music is especially good during workouts.  My energy can go from zero to hero with the help from an upbeat song! I love that!

Bottom line: I’m a sucker for a catchy pop song 🙂


What’s your take on Pop Music?

6 responses to “The Looks of a Sweaty Bum

  1. i love pop music to workout to- but it’s not necessarily my “favorite.” i just kinda use it to pump me up:)

  2. I need to come up there and take a class from you!! I like pop music for the fun factor, for the fact that it can get me moving. But as for depth or talent….typically it’s lacking. But that doesn’t make it “bad” necessarily.

  3. CrashlyConquers

    I love pop music to workout and to dance too, I love me some Britney is the dance club. Agreed though that it’s not what I listen to when I want something soulful. It’s more like cotton candy, fun, fluffy and you don’t expect much from it.

  4. I think Miley Ctrus is so annoying! I heard her singing live and she is absolutely tone deaf!

  5. i love Britney Spears! KFED ruined everything. She is a little off these days and her music is a little too much dance club for me but I will always love “oops I did it again!”

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