Consistency is Key

Typically on Wednesdays, I weigh myself.  It keeps me in check.  Sometimes I’ll skip a week every so often, but generally, I am consistent with my weekly weigh ins.

Before I go into why weekly weigh-ins particularly work for me, I need to say this first: This is what works for me.  If you have or have had an eating disorder and the scale is something you can not use, then DON’T.  This is not a one-size-fits-all method to weight maintenance.  It’s just something that I have found to work for me and I would like to share it with the general, healthy public.  If scales and numbers are something you don’t like to read about, then skip this post please.

Consistency is Key

It started at the end of my sophomore year of college.  I was 20 years old. I was always a generally thin person and never really was concerned of my weight.  I figured, “I workout, I can eat anything and everything”. And I did!

Sophomore Year

Sorority Days = FOOD OVERLOAD

At this time I lived in a sorority house and had an abundance of food available to me.  We had a cook who grocery shopped and cooked for us daily.  It was great! But I was eating way to many brownies and took to many late night trips down to the kitchen (especially after a night of drinking).

Sorority Days


That summer after college I had a doctor’s appointment.  I was asked to step on the scale to get my weight.  So I did.  And the number 146lbs popped up.  I had never seen that high of a number and the last time I had checked (probably a good year!) I was 138lbs.  That was an 8lb difference and I was shocked.  I didn’t feel heavier.

But then I began to look back at my year and realized all the changes I made, especially when it came to my diet and drinking habits.  I was plain overdoing it and logically, that equals weight gain.  I just didn’t think it could happen to me.

Overdoing it? Who me?! 😉

Healthy Habits

That summer, I lived in North Carolina with my mom (the glorious Summer of 2005).   I was able to detox, for lack of a better term.  No, I didn’t do anything crazy, but I literally detoxed from alcohol and too much junk food.

I was eating more fresh food and just more nutrients.  I was working out and began hitting the weights (I believe heavy lifting really shaped my body for the better).  My body was normalizing again. I lost the extra weight I had gained during my sophomore year and from there on out, my body weight stays right around 140lbs (+ or – 3lbs, as I do fluctuate during the month).

I was even able to still enjoy college for the next two years, but was just a bit more mindful of my eating habits.

Junior Year

Since then, I have always weighed myself at least weekly.  Sometimes more, but really once or twice a week is all you need.   Ever since picking up this habit, my weight is never a surprise when I step on the scale.

Reining Myself In

There are times when I step on the scale and I am either at the high end of my healthy weight or just outside of it.  And it’s usually after a good few days of eating crappy.

Today is one of those times. I stepped on the scale and I am at my higher end (And I am not during that ‘time of the month’, so it’s not that!)

What does this mean? It means I have to rein myself in. And I admit, since Friday, I’ve been eating too much junky food.  The food itself is not bad, but it’s the amount I’ve been eating and I know this.

Seeing the number on the scale is just more proof that I need to be more mindful of what I am eating.  Within a day or two, my body will normalize.  It was always does.  But only because I am deciding to stop the pattern of overeating.

To be  honest,  I don’t feel any heavier (sometimes I can feel it), so I could have just decided not to weigh myself and this could keep going on.  And this is how significant weight gain could happen.  It’s when we ignore our bodies.

It Works for Me

Now, some of us can naturally regulate our body weight without a scale.  I have gone more than a couple of weeks without weighing myself, so I know I probably could too.  But I still like to use it simply as a tool and a reminder each week. I’m not a slave to it and it doesn’t dictate how I feel about myself. I am not in a sour mood today just because my weight is on the higher end of my happy weight.  So this method works for me.


What are your thoughts on the scale?


19 responses to “Consistency is Key

  1. I was just discussing this with another friend- I jump on the scale every once in a while, but try not to put too much emphasis on the number. I prefer to use a tape measure and watch how my clothes are fitting. Plus, I’m in training for a half right now, so my weight goes up and down about a 6 or 7 lb range while I’m doing the training plan…

  2. I tend to weigh weekly, and almost always on a Wednesday. If I’m not weighing weekly, I know I’m guilty of eating junk/ overeating (junk!).

    Totally understand where you’re coming from!

  3. I love your approach to it. Its very healthy and the same type of approach I plan to use while losing weight.

  4. I have a rough relationship with the scale. I want to lose a few pounds (10 at the most), and I can’t really do anymore in terms of eating/exercise- so I think it just makes me obsessive. But glad something works for you!

  5. I don’t weigh myself much any more. I was allowing it to affect how I felt about myself, and I didn’t think that was very healthy. Now I get weighed at the doctors, the last two times it was pretty much the same so I imagine I must regulate pretty well I suppose.

  6. I agree that the scale can be an accountability partner. It does keep me on the straight and narrow. I do know that when I start weighing more than once or twice a week I have to step back and not weigh for a week or two so my brain doesn’t become obsessed witht the number. Been there done that!

  7. CrashlyConquers

    I used to weigh myself weekly but then I noticed that not only can weight fluctuate a lot (up to 7 pounds in a day) but it heavily affected my mood. I haven’t weighed myself in six months and instead go by how my clothes fit and honestly, I think i’m personally better for it.

    • Weight does fluctuate, but as long as you are aware of your ‘range’ then I think you’re OK! Weighing isn’t for everyone, so I’m glad you have a method that works for you!

  8. I agree, the scale should just be used to keep ourselves in check. Not to obsess over a number. I don’t weigh myself often. I do it probably once a month just to see how I’m staying. I don’t let the scale be a big part of my healthy life.

  9. I’ve never had a scale in my whole life! My Mom refused to bring one into the house… no one in my family was overweight or trying to lose weight but didn’t want it to be come an issue for me as I got older. I couldn’t imagine weighing myself on a regular basis… that said, I can understand why other people do. It sounds like you have a really good attitude about it and you know what makes you feel your best! I think that’s half the battle!

  10. I thinks that a lot better than weighing yourself all of the time. Everyone fluctuates. I always weigh more at doctors appointments at night or in the afternoon than ones in the morning. The numbers aren’t everything. Sometimes I weigh myself 2-3 times a week and sometimes I don’t weigh myself for a month. It really just depends on how I am feeling and whether or not I am over-eating.

  11. I honestly cannot weigh myself. The number is never what I want it to be or hope it will be. I know that I am not fat or too skinny, I am at the perfect weight for my height. It’s just that it never feels thin enough, especially after I read that celebrities who share my height (5’8) are about 110 pounds. I just can’t do it. I avoid the scale to keep peace of mind. I just have to.

    I love your blog, by the way. Cute dogs.

    • I bet half the weights reported about celebrities are made up. And even if they aren’t, remember, you don’t know what they do to maintain their weight. They could have an eating disorder, take drugs, or just be plain miserable with food. Or for some, it’s their genetics. Either way, it’s nothing to beat yourself up about….you can only worry about your body. And you’re tall….110lbs for your height is for the majority of people very unhealthy.

  12. I hate the scale. But I weigh myself a lot to make sure I do not go up.

    What sorority were you in?

  13. The scale is an important tool in my opinion! I weigh myself weekly too… it gives me a guideline.
    I think so many things about health and fitness are NOT one-size-fits-all; we each have to find what works for us.

  14. decibelbelownormal

    Sometimes me and the scale meet every morning. I try not to freak out if I go up a few pounds but it’s very hard to stop the negative thoughts. If I eat and drink a lot over a weekend I can gain 5 lbs (eek) but then after eating normally for a few days I will go back to my previous weight no restricting needed. It’s only in the past year I’ve learned not to freak out so much. Before it would have ruined my day. The longest I’ve gone without a scale is 6 months. I didn’t miss it but I think I prefer having that number on the scale as a guideline.

  15. this is such a great post! Since starting my new job i KNOW i have put weight on but i’m too scared to weigh myself. However, i think it will help me see how much i’ve put on so i can lose it again, in a healthy way. Weighing once a week is great to keep your weight in check! 🙂

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