Weekend Eating

Who watched the Grammy Awards? I loved the show! I didn’t watch all of it (I fell asleep around 10:15pm), but did catch a lot of the performances.   I loved Lady Gaga…she is seriously so fun to watch! I love her voice and I think she is so entertaining.  Loved the whole egg thing too 🙂


While watching, Andy and I dined on someChipotle burrito bowls. Mmm Mm, I love Chipotle! I especially love their guacamole, it’s amazing!

Burritos as big as a baby!

In my bowl I always get the vegetarian with all the fixins’!

  • Black beans
  • Pepper and onions
  • Corn Salsa
  • Tomato Salsa
  • Sour Cream
  • Cheese
  • Guacamole
  • Lettuce
  • Chips and hot salsa on the side

I usually eat about half and save the rest for the next day….easily two large meals from one bowl! I love it!

Weekend Fun

Friday night was Pizza Friday in the “Lindsey and Andy” household.  We’re so predictable!  I can’t help it, I love to relax on Friday evenings after a long week of work! And in my mind, pizza and a homemade margarita is a nice way to unwind 🙂


Margaritas seemed to be the theme this weekend, as well as Mexican food!


Saturday night Andy and I went out on a date to a local Mexican Restaurant.  We ordered up some margs and some yummy eats.  I had a “vegetarian B” combo, which included a bean burrito and a cheese quesadilla.  We also shared a ton of chips and salsa and a guacamole dip.  It was all so delicious!



Picture taking at the dinner table

Andy should start his own blog with his sweet photography skills at the dinner table 😉

Way too excited for my marg!

Weekend = More Indulgent Eating

I definitely tend to eat more on weekends than I do during the week.  I go out to eat more often and I generally just have more time during the day and I like to spend that time eating the foods I don’t normally eat during the week.

During the week I am much more scheduled with work that I rarely eat out.  I pack my lunch daily, as I only get a 30-minute lunch so I don’t have the luxury to leave. By the time the weekend comes, I want to get out!

I find that I am able to maintain my happy weight even with eating more indulgently due to the fact that during the week I eat more “normally” and more fruits and vegetable-filled meals.  If I see the scale start to go in the upward direction more than I would like, I just watch my portions of the indulgent foods and up my intake of healthier, nutrient-dense meals.

Blog Update

Just a quick note that I am going to be pretty busy with work the next couple of weeks, but I will try my best to blog as often as I can!  I am in charge of a fitness incentive program and we are at the 6-week mark and so my time will be filled with pinching fat…with skin calipers of course 😉

Have a great night and Happy Valentine’s Day! Andy is making me dinner tonight…and I have no clue what he’s making.  I love surprises!


Do you tend to eat more indulgent foods on the weekend?

7 responses to “Weekend Eating

  1. Lady Gaga’s so funny! I like a lot of her songs though.

  2. I definitely eat a little more indulgently on weekends! I have more time to play with recipes I’ve daydreamed up, and sometimes I go out which DEFINITELY increases my caloric intake 😉

  3. Hope work goes well for you when things get hectic in the next 6 weeks!

    I definitely fall out of line of weekends and often eat the wrong foods at the wrong times… I wish chocolate was an acceptable breakfast because it pairs all too well with coffee.

    I thought the Grammys were good too, but Drake & Rihanna were my fave. They need to date!

  4. yup I do! but it all really evens out so i don’t gain weight. I am indulgent- but not NUTS over food on the weekend

  5. it depends I guess. Some weeks I’ll eat out a night or two, or have people over for dinner.. when I have company I put more effort (and more butter!) into my cooking. And some weekends I wont eat out at all, or will wake up so late I end up eating less than a weekday. I’ll eat sweets etc. whenever the mood strikes, weekday or weekend.

    I love mexican food!

  6. I LOVE Mexican food 🙂 (although it doesn’t much like me! lol!! Sorry if tmi! ) I CANNOT drink margaritas though- got REALLY sick off of tequila a few years ago & now I can’t even smell it…I will literally get sick right on the spot! ahhh!
    I hope Andy made you a fabulous dinner last night 🙂

  7. I do eat more indulgently on the weekends, but nothing too out of the ordinary and like you I balance it all out throughout the week. It is nice to be able to truly enjoy food that way!
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

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