A Very Long Day

Hi guys! This post will be quick as I want to get some much needed sleep, but wanted to make sure I updated.  I was in a car accident yesterday coming home from Cincinnati (and just got home tonight!) and had one of the longest days of my life! I am completely fine and not hurt whatsover, just exhausted.  More about that tomorrow as I get settled in.

Here are some pictures from over the weekend until I come back and write up a real post 😉

Saturday I ran in the Chili Bowl 5K run in downtown Cleveland…

The Start

I ran with some co-workers and my good friend Lindsay

My Co-Workers and I

Lindsay and I

My offical run time was 28:08. I felt great the whole time running, it was a nice race.

After the race they had some post race chili.  Chili did not sound good to me whatsover, but Lindsay definitely enjoyed it!  I was kind of regretting not grabbing some later on though when my appetite kicked in!

Luckily I grabbed a couple of granola bars to munch on during my drive to Cincinnati for the rest of the weekend.

Post Race Chili

Post Race Snacks

After the race I headed home to Cincinnati to spend time with my family.  I had Monday off for President’s day so I had a nice long weekend (until the crash!)

I spent some time hanging out with my parents, my brother Mike and my high school friends.  It was great to be home! I also spent some time reading, which I rarely do.  I read for nearly 6 hours on Sunday!

My brother Mike and I

Mom and Dad

Lunch with friends

It was a great weekend back home and even though things got a bit hectic yesterday with my car crash (I’ll talk about it more this week) , I made it home safe today. 

Well I am exhausted and heading off to bed! Have a great night!

8 responses to “A Very Long Day

  1. Nice race! I do have to say, chili is an odd thing to have at the finish. I watched a “Chilly Chili 5k” and they fed that at the end. I ate because I didn’t run it. But if I had, I think I may have passed…

  2. Sorry about the car accident! I know how exhausting that can be, even if you are physically OK!

  3. Eeek… glad to hear you’re okay! Congrats on a great pace! It looks like it was COLD down at that race… I don’t think I’d want chili after either, but if the bowls were warm I’d probably hold some, haha.

  4. Sorry about the accident. I hope the rest of your time was OK though.

  5. i love that they had chili post race!!!

    I am sorry about the accident. they are awful, I hope you are doing okay

  6. Glad you’re okay! Car accidents are always so scary though!

  7. SO glad you are ok! & I’m glad you finally made it home. What a scary experience 😦
    I’m glad that the race went well though.

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