Life Isn’t Always How We Plan

So I’ll elaborate more about my car accident from Monday.  Like I mentioned, I was not hurt what so ever, but I was left a bit shaken!

Unexpected Snow Storm

I was driving home from Cincinnati to Cleveland, which is typically a 4-hour drive.  The weather called for some flurries in Cleveland so I was not too worried about bad weather.  That is until I got past Columbus, OH.

Snow + Ice + Rain = Disaster

When I got just outside of Columbus (which is about an hour and a half from Cincinnati), the weather was horrendous.  It was a total ice storm.  It was raining, sleeting, hailing and snowing all at the same time.  I had no clue this would be happening!

As I began to slow my car from a cruising pace of 70mph I saw an accident to my right.  I got over to the far left hand lane to make room for semi trucks to get over as well.  My car slowed down to around 50mph and I said out loud to myself “I need to really slow down, it looks crazy out here”.

Just as I was slowing down a semi was to my right.  I decided that once I passed up the semi I would get over to the far right (as I was in the passing lane in the left) to drive slow.   But I was unable to pass the semi.  My car went out of control as I slipped on the ice and straight into a metal guard rail and into a grass ditch.  I was terrified!

I wasn’t so much scared that I crashed, but more so I was afraid that another car would do the same thing and just plow into me.   After several minutes of panicking and calls to my family and Andy, I managed to drive my car out of the ditch.

After driving back into the road something didn’t feel right. My car was wobbling and my steering wheel felt strange.  I pulled over to the right and called a tow truck.  My car was not going to make it!

And I Waited

Unfortunately there were many accidents and it took hours for a tow truck to come.  I sat and waited for 3 hours in my car on the side of the road as the snow piled up.   I would like to say I was calm, but patience is not my best quality. Truthfully, I was a bit panicked.  I didn’t like being on the side of the road alone.  Plus it got dark and scary outside.

The tow truck came and I decided that the weather was too dangerous for Andy to come get me (that was the original plan).  Plus I was still 2 hours from home.  It would take him much longer with the weather to even get there then we’d have to drive all the way back.   I had the tow truck guy drop me off at a Comfort Inn hotel.  And I waited again.

Still Waiting

Many other people had the same idea to stay at a hotel that night.  And the Comfort Inn was not expecting this storm…so they had very few clean rooms.  There were about 30 of us waiting for a room and the house keepers had to clean them all.  I waited 4 hours for a room in the lobby.  It was pretty boring and I was getting pretty cranky.  Luckily I had a book and stayed occupied.  But Andy and my parents would tell you that I was a baby.  I complained to them and wanted their pity.  Not my finest moment!

I got to bed around 11:30pm and woke up around 7am.  I had some continental breakfast (best part of the whole ordeal I must say!) and waited some more.  My car wasn’t ready until 3:30pm.   So all day I watched TV and read my book “An Unquiet Mind”, which is about bipolar disorder (side note: very good book, I recommend it).

Cheez-Its and Combos = My Food Groups

My diet consisted of mainly vending machine eats since I was not in walking distance of restaurants.  Cheese Combos, Cheez-Its and candy were a major staple the past couple of days!



I was glad to get home yesterday to see Andy and the pups.  I feel safe and secure once more.  I thanked God that I was safe and that my accident was not serious and that I was OK.

Lessons Learned

To be honest, I had a feeling that day something was not going to go right so I had some prior warning. Strange how intuition is always right! But I had to get home and I would not have had the opportunity to leave later…unless the storm had been predicted to be really bad.

I guess this accident was a test of my patience and how I handle tough situations…and I failed miserably! One thing I learned is that I need to remain calm in these situations.  Life is not always going to go as planned and panicking is not going to help.  I needed to stop and take a minute to think instead of getting all crazy.  Looking back on the situation, yes it was scary, but I was not hurt and I needed to calm down and think things through.  Lesson learned!

5 Hot Guys

On a totally unrelated note, part of the 30-day challenge (which in reality is taking me about 90!) the topic is to post up 5 celebrity guys that I think are hot.  Here we go!







Do you  have a celebrity crush?

7 responses to “Life Isn’t Always How We Plan

  1. I like ryan reynolds:)
    so glad you are ok!

  2. What a test on your sanity, hey? You made it through!! Don’t be so hard on yourself… it’s got to be impossible to stay totally calm when you’re going through such a horrible ordeal alone!

  3. Wow, what an experience. I’m glad you’re ok!! Car accidents are terrible 😦 And in a snow storm, no less. Don’t be too hard on yourself girl, no one is perfect in extreme unexpected situations like that. We do what we can. I just hope you had a blanket in your car for that 3 hour wait!! In the winter I always have a blanket and some filled water bottles in my car…just in case!!

    I hope everyone stays safe this week and always! Take care!! Remember: you survived this. Someone up there wants you around still. Keep offering your goodness to the world! 🙂

  4. yikes – what a crappy adventure! Glad you are okay though and your car wasn’t totaled! I am surprised no one stopped and asked if you were okay

  5. oh goodness that’s so crazy! I had something kinda similar when I was driving home from FL, when my alternator died in the middle of a huge thunder/rain storm and things were flooding. I was having a hard time with the patience too. glad you’re ok though!

  6. Wow, what a day 😦 I can’t believe the hotel was booked up too! That is pretty crazy. I’m so glad you were able to get your car fixed in a short amount of time & you made it home!

  7. Leonardo di Caprio. Just was watching Titanic the other day. The lines in the movie are corny, but…Sighhhh.

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