Enjoying a Sunday

Friday I had an unexpected snow day! I guess I just didn’t pay attention to the weather predictions because I had no idea this much snow was coming our way! It was nice to stay in and not have to venture out into the horrible weather conditions.

During my snow day I did an at-home workout.  My workout of choice at home is doing workout DVDs or using the elliptical that Andy and I have.  Lately I’ve been craving Turbo Kick workouts so that is what I did!

Ready to sweat!

Can you tell the sun has not been in Cleveland for some time? My skin is literally almost the color of my shirt! Vitamin D…I need you! Spring can’t come soon enough!

Aside from being distracted by my paleness, I had a nice workout! I did a Turbo Sport DVD, which I am liking more and more each time I do the workout. 

Turbo Kickin' it in the living room!

My Turbo Kick workout took about 45 minutes.  Then I had to assist Andy with his car.  It was stuck in the snow halfway in our driveway and half way in the road.  It took us a while and with the help of two strangers in tow trucks, we all got it out.  I was thankful they stopped to help!

Chipping away at the snow and ice

I think my camera is about done…see that black spot that shows up? I don’t know how to get rid of it.  This poor camera has been dropped one too many times unfortately. 

 Good thing I have an old digital camera that I dug out of storage, although it looks like the Zack Morris “cell phone” of digital cameras…it’s quite the dinosaur!  But it works and that is all that matters until I get a new one.

"Cell Phone" of the 90s

Enjoying a Sunday

The rest of my snow day was spent cleaning the house.  I decided to get it out of the way so I can spend Saturday and Sunday relaxing.  Typically I leave all of my errands and cleaning to do for Sundays…and I wonder why I tend to dislike Sundays! It’s a day of work! Now I feel like I will acutally be able to enjoy my Sunday. 

Andy and I also had our typical “Pizza Friday”.  This time we got a pan pizza from Pizza Hut with all veggies.  It was a really good pizza but they forgot our cheesy breadsticks! The driver said he would bring them right back, but after an hour of waiting we called to find out what happened to our breadsticks.  They ran out! Well thanks for the heads up! Luckily we called and they issued us a credit.  Good thing I order pizza a lot and will use up that credit in no time!

Weekend Plans

I have no real plans this weekend and as of right now I’m catching up on some shows I’ve recorded during the week (Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, all the trash stuff!) I may make a trip to TJ Maxx to use some Christmas gift cards.

Have a great weekend!


When you can’t get to the gym or go outside for a run due to weather, what is your go-to at-home workout?

11 responses to “Enjoying a Sunday

  1. Turbo or Cathe are my go tos. And funnily enough…I thought you had intentionally blurred out one of the strangers’ faces or something. LOL

  2. Since I do predominantly strength training, if I can’t get to the gym usually I’ll move an off day — ie instead of having one on Sunday as usual I’ll move it to the snow day.

    I HATE getting stuck in the snow. I drive a Camry, in Montana, and you can only imagine how many times a winter I get stuck. I’ve even been TOWED out of a snow bank. Ugh.

  3. I usually turn to Turbo Jam or a Jackie Warner DVD. I don’t mind home work-outs it is a nice change from time to time!

  4. jillian michaels dvds are my go to home workout!
    i ordered pizza friday too, it was great!

  5. Hey Lindsey!
    I love your blog, such an inspiration!
    I’m looking to drop 12 pounds through exercise and intuitive eating…however I’m fairly new at doing this a healthy way. In the past I would always use stupid diets. I started intuitive eating and lost 2 pounds (in 2 months) right away, but since then have plummeted. I went to the gym the other day and got tested for body fat- i am 30.5 % body fat (height 5 feet 6 and weight is about 144 pounds)
    My goal is to get down to 13o pounds and be about 20% body fat.
    Could you give me any advice? I’m going to step up the game with intuitive eating and making sure that I’m not eating for other reasons. I thought I would ask you about exercise, since you seem to be an expert on that!
    I’m going to try and aim to burn 500 cal at the gym, 6 days a week. Is this reasonable? My goal is to lose 12 pounds in 3 months… or 4 pounds a month.
    Also, I’ve noticed that when I exercise I just get hungrier.. which defeats the point… how do you deal with this?
    Thanks for the tips/

    • Hey Lisa! I think I will do a post on weight loss and my personal advice and opinions on what works….stay tuned! I will do my best to answer those questions to the best of my knowledge.

  6. I have on-demand which is pretty awesome. I’m debating about purchasing a cheepie treadmill for occasions like that.

  7. My at home workouts are either yoga, or I’ll do cardio on the elliptical and then do weights at home for my arms, legs and core!

  8. hey linds!
    i worked out a lot at home this winter due to all the snow..luckily i have a treadmill and some light dumbbells at home so i was able to use those, plus some on-demand workouts (jillian michaels and jackie warner=awesome!) and circuits i found searching the internet! i used to think i couldn’t get a good workout without hitting the gym but this winter proved me wrong 🙂

  9. I just drive to the gym (it’s only a mile away) and hop on the treadmill or ARC trainer when it’s snowy. I’m really jealous that you can do your workouts at home…I’ve done a couple DVDs and some yoga, but I’m never motivated enough to do them more than once. I have an awesome strength training DVD by Bob from BL…I should break that out again, it was really really good!

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