Vitamins and Rest Days

Good Morning!

I hope you had a great weekend.  I really didn’t do much, but I’m always a big fan of weekends like that! I spent time relaxing with Andy, watching movies, eating (I had two Dairy Queen blizzards this weekend!), and getting some errands done.  All and all, a good weekend!  Now, it’s back to the grind!


Today’s workout was a mix of cardio and weights.  Ever since I saw Elizabeth Hasselback’s workout, I’ve been wanting to get more creative with my own exercise routine.

Unfortunately, time for my own workouts is limited due to my teaching schedule at work, but I can make due! Tuesdays and Thursdays are when I take about an hour for myself to exercise before or after work.  I only teach one class on these days (and both days are non-cardio classes), so it makes it easier to do my own thing.

Last week’s workout looked like this.  Today’s workout included the following:

Cardio and Stretching:

  • Stretched Legs: 15 minutes (See this site for stretching ideas for hips/legs stretches.  Great for runners!)
  • 1.5 mile run: 15 minutes, speed varying from 5.5-8.0 MPH

Weight Circuit #1, repeated 2x

  • Pull Ups: 10 reps
  • Push Ups: 10, on toes
  • Kettle bell one-leg dead lift: 10 reps on each leg


  • AMT, level 4: 5 minutes

Weight Circuit #2, repeated 2x

  • See Saw Shoulder Press: 15 each arm
  • Two arm row for upper back (machine): 10 reps
  • Walking Lunges with Overhead Shoulder lift (holding a medicine ball): 20 reps

This workout took 55 minutes (including my 15 minutes of stretching).  The workout was nice, but I was a bit tired today.  I see a good couple of days of rest from exercise in my future! Plus, I need new running shoes, I can tell that mine are quite worn.

Rest Days

What I’ve come to realize about exercise is that not every day is going to be the best workout. That’s why it’s important to listen to your body, especially when you feel more tired than usual.

Sure, there will be some days when you just feel like being lazy and not working out (and that’s ok!), but other times it’s a different kind of tired.  A tired where your body could benefit from some good rest.  I will most likely take the weekend off, depending on how I feel the rest of the week.  I most always take at least one day off though.

How often do you take rest days?

Vitamins and Supplements

Andy and I stocked up on some vitamins and supplements this weekend.  I take my vitamins and supplements pretty much every day.  I rarely forget.  It’s become a habit of mine, like eating breakfast (which I also rarely forget! My stomach won’t let me 😉 )

I honestly do feel better when I take my vitamins regularly.  Now, my feeling good could be from a number of things, such as getting enough sleep (I almost always get 8 hours), eating nutritious foods, and exercise.  But I also feel like the vitamins do play a role.

Here are the vitamins and supplements I take daily:

  • Multivitamin, I use a brand called Alive by Nature’s Made


  • Vitamin D, 1,000 I.U (I use a generic brand of this right now, but I’ve also used these gummies by Rainbow Light, which are fun!)
  • Fish Oil, at least 1,000g of EPA/DHA combined, which is 3 capsules in the brand that I use, which is Barleans.  I love this brand!


Occasionally I take a greens supplement. Andy and I just stocked up on Amazing Grass this past weekend.  I love the chocolate flavor.  It’s not sweet by any means, more of a natural cocoa flavor, but I enjoy it. I drink it with water or I’ve mixed it in yogurt.

Amazing Grass

Alright, time to get to work! Have a great day everyone!


Do you take any vitamins or supplements daily? If so, what kind?

Non-fitness related question: Did you watch the Bachelor? What did you think of his choice? I was all for Emily, but I’m second guessing the chemistry they have…but I wish them the best! I see Ashely is the new bachelorette though! I think that’s a great choice!

Ashley the new Bachelorette!

14 responses to “Vitamins and Rest Days

  1. I take two rest days, and one of my five workouts a week is a little “lame.”

  2. I love Elisabeth’s workout! OMG- she is freakin’ hard core!! 10.5 is SO fast…I am huffing & puffing after .25- I’m just trying to figure out how long she rests between each sprint..?
    I try to take one rest day a week- big improvement for me from taking 0 rest days. My body really enjoys it’s rest though 😉

    • I know, I wish they would have showed the rest period! It looked like she fully stopped though, as she stepped onto the sides of the treadmill. I did 1 minute rests (running 9 to 9.5), but could have used more!

  3. I never got into the Bachelor…I just sorta missed the boat when it started and never caught up!

    I take rest days for at least 2 consecutive days every 7 days. BUT yesterday I had an unscheduled rest day because I was set to do biceps and triceps and my tris were still sore from my chest workout, so I just did light cardio and am hitting up that workout today!!

    I looove the Opti-Women Multi from Optimum Nutrition 🙂

  4. I definitely take at least 1 rest day a week, but it’s randomly chosen depending on how I feel or if I just really don’t have time for a workout.

    The only vitamin I take is D. Wish we got more sun here in Washington so I wouldn’t have to! I can definitely feel my energy dragging a bit when I forget to take it.

  5. I really love how your workouts involve such a variation! I do take supplements when I remember.. I have one of those huge old people pill keepers and I STILL forget. Doh!

  6. (When I remember) I take 3: multivitamin, iron, and vitamin d.

    Usually I take rest days as I need them but right now I’m doing a half marathon training plan and only taking one a week. I can’t say I love it, but it’s only for another month!

  7. I eat two gummy multi vitamins each day. I’ve done this for about 2 years, having never been a regular vitamin taker before. I believe they help keep me in good health, though it could be a placebo effect.

  8. I take 2 rest days a week. Essential, now that I am 1/2 marathon training.
    I do a prenatal vitamin, fish oil, Amazing grass(in my oatmeal) and Fenugreek. I take these religiously!

  9. I usually take two rest days.

    I have vitamins that I need to take, but I always forget! I need to remember them.

  10. Running at 10.5?! I’m pretty sure if I attempted that I would fly off the treadmill! Wouldn’t that be a sight haha

    This was a great time for me to read this post because I get major anxiety whenever I take a rest day. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I did…. I am taking one tomorrow and listening to my body 🙂

  11. i take supplements from the advanced nutrition programme! They’re excellent quality and quantity and in a great absorbable form for your body. Only the best! 🙂 love your blog!

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